How to be Recognized as Desirable Blogger by Sharing Other’s Content

I have been blogging from quite long and I’ve heard from many bloggers that they don’t want to share content of experts in their niche because they feel it is traffic loss to their blogs and the experts would get more visitors than them. I would say “it is completely wrong” and you might ask “How?” Read the post further to know the exact reasons for their immoral thoughts in sharing other’s content.

If you’ll be the one in your niche, who share the treasured information for your fans, you’ll be recognized as a desirable blogger for various reasons. Your regularity in sharing the useful information would let you to become a knowledgeable resource for your followers. Also, have it in mind that what you provide to others may come back to you in some form.


Before getting into the discussion, I want to say to all bloggers “Don’t afraid of blogging competition, instead squeeze it”. Yeah, you could do it with your smart work and clever thoughts. 

Let’s speak about the ways on how you’ll be recognised as a desirable blogger by sharing the content of others.

6 Ways with which you’ll be recognized as a desirable blogger:-

Following are some of the ways with which the people could recognize you as a desirable blogger which in turn helps to reach the blogging success easily.

1. You know your niche very well

If you continue to share a wide range of useful information related to your niche, then your followers would trust you that you’ve good familiarity in your niche. Moreover, your awareness gets improved and would let you to apply the concepts/ideas in your blog in a different way. Finally, content curation would certainly help you to build authority in your niche.   

2. You’re modernize

If you share the latest updates & trends associated to your field, the people would understand that you’re modernize in nature and with your brainstorming ability, they could conclude that you’re thinking sensibly than others.

 3. You’ve connected with influential people

In every filed, some big players would play their intelligent games, right? Do share some blog posts of influential people to get connected to them. While doing it, they might respond to you in some way. If your followers perceive such conversation, they decide that you’ve got connected with influential people and they might feel good to follow you.

4. You’re excellent in using advanced tools

If you’re interested in sharing the content of others or content curation, then you might search some latest social tools to do so. It is the virtuous opportunity for you to learn about some beneficial content curation tools like Hootsuite, buffer, scoop.it etc and using such tools would increase your credibility among the readers. 

5. You’re attentive to help others

I would definitely say, if you’ve started to share other’s content, then the people would recognize that you’re attentive to help others. I came across many bloggers who speaking about themselves to stand out from the crowd, but I feel it is totally an impractical concept and even it would ruin their reputation. Instead of speaking own valour and offering some helpful information to the people would distinguish from other bloggers.

6. You’re focusing in social justice

With your sharing quality, the people would easily understand that you’re focusing in social justice. I.e your followers could identify that your wish is to integrate people by sharing the worthy content in an unbiased way.


I hope, now you understood “how you’ll be recognized as a desirable blogger by sharing the other’s content”. If you share some splendid content of others, then the readers/followers might discriminate you very well and stay connected with you forever. As a result of having grown community for your blog, it is easy to get succeed in your blogging career.

Quora, triberr, Inbound.org, stumbleuopn are some of the remarkable places where you could find the great content to share.

“the often you share the worthy content on your network, the more trust and loyalty would be made for your blog”   

These are my own thoughts/recommendations in related to sharing other’s content. It might have some negative effects and I’ve ask you to share, if you know any such thing. Also I would like to hear your opinions/suggestions in this matter, so do speak with me through comments.

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  • Avatar

    Very nice post Atish 🙂

    I am wondering how you got the ideas to write these types of blogging post.

    I feel that this post is for me as I love to share other’s content on my network.

    I just do the share, but I really don’t know the benefits which you’ve listed here.

    Yeah, I do agree with your views and will continue to do my sharing work.

    Thanks for writing such a nice posts for the bloggers, I wish you to do the same forever 🙂
    Nirmala recently posted…Dosplash – A lively blogging communityMy Profile

  • Avatar

    Hi Atish,

    Well, let me officially congratulate you first on your wedding and the first post I’m reading after that – may God Bless both of you 🙂

    Coming to the post, I couldn’t agree more with all that you’ve written. I don’t know much about what makes a desirable blogger, but I do know I love sharing content of others. Yes, I agree with what you mentioned about certain bloggers who refrain from doing it because it brings their blog down, which is mere assumption I think.

    I would say, the more you give others, the more you receive, and even if you don’t, you are playing your part and paying it forward. I am sure your followers and fans would appreciate all that you share.

    I think if you come across a blog that you know is going to help others, there is no harm in sharing it on the various social networks. You really don’t have to keep other thoughts in your mind. Just give and share!! I just wonder so often as to why bloggers don’t do that when they are such a small community 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, and I do hope the thoughts of others would change after reading this post of yours, and they start sharing more. Have a nice week ahead 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…30 Top Men Bloggers of Aha!NOWMy Profile

  • Avatar

    Hello atish
    Great article buddy. Sharing other bloggers articles is good idea. It also shows how much you interact with others. Thanka for sharing this article 🙂

  • Avatar

    Hi Atish Ranjan

    I like the statement ‘Don’t afraid of competition, Squeez it’ the most.
    You have shared a very important concern of new blogger and its really inspiring.

    Sunidhi recently posted…Heer Full Song with Lyrical Video – Singh Saab the GreatMy Profile

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    Blogging is a social thing, we need to share useful information with others.The more we share other people´s good articles and videos on the web, they will do the same for us.Everyone wins.
    Selfish bloggers don´t do well online.
    Tom recently posted…5 Things You Can Do To Give Your Blog Fresh New ContentMy Profile

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    Great brother, You divulge the pattern of being desirable blogger tips is really helpful for me. I am not saying only but definitely follow your points.

  • Avatar

    Great Post dude, Completely Agreed, but one thing to mention.

    Over sharing can also result in decrease of authority. “Dude this guy shares every post on his timeline, he’s stupid”

    so don’t just share any content by fellow bloggers, only share what we call…. EPIC SHIT.

  • Avatar

    Good post, Atish, making an excellent point. I spend a lot of time sharing other people’s content on social media and always feel it’s time well spent. It’s a good way of rewarding and helping other bloggers out, and it’s also giving my followers valuable information. I occasionally also share stuff that’s outside my own niche, if I think it might be of interest.

    If you don’t share other people’s stuff, I don’t see how you can expect anyone to share yours!
    Susan Neal recently posted…How To Write Tutorial Blog Posts That Go ViralMy Profile

  • Avatar

    Hello Sir,
    if we do share others content then others will also do same for us.
    if Other Blogger’s Content is Good and valuable then We should share this.
    It Means we are providing Fresh content to our readers
    Rajesh Jhamb recently posted…Top 5 Online Backup SolutionsMy Profile

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    Sharing others content gives you recognition among a lot of people and also you get reshares on your posts too in return. People who think that its waste of time are fool because sooner or later good work always pays off.

  • Avatar

    Yes .. by sharing others content in social network, it shows you respect others site. It helps mutual understanding. So others also share your content in response & it helps both to get traffic as well as improve blogging network.

    Have a nice day
    Ahsan recently posted…Enjoy New Facebook Chat View Where You See Mobile Or Web StatusMy Profile

  • Avatar

    Hello Atish,

    We may not be able to often write topics on different subjects, but that doesn’t mean we are not interested in other areas. Sharing useful blog posts not only shows that you are diversified but also reveals your true intent to share your knowledge with your readers. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice day.
    Sri Varshan R Y recently posted…Is Your Password As Strong As You Think?My Profile

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    Being a new blogger I agree that sharing is a great way to provide your readers with content that they will find useful. What I have worried about is how to share another blogs article the right way and not look like I am trying to benefit from their work . Would I post a portion of the article and then place a link back to the main article or do I write an article and then incorporate the original article inside of mine ? Would love to provide my readers with interesting articles but want to do it the right way .

  • Avatar

    Very nice article Atish,
    I think sharing the other’s content is the good strategy to increase your followers and traffic. In addition you can help each other in this community and you can spread your reputation easier also.
    Thanks for your sharing your ideas.

    Stephan recently posted…Arcu: Responsive OpenCart template for your online storeMy Profile


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