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How Much Does TikTok Pay You For 1 Million Views?

As social media takes the job market by storm, many folks including you and your friends want to make it big in the social media space. And that’s not a bad thing and very much possible. Many platforms have come up that wanted to make the social media space transcend from testimonials to give an aspiring teenager like you a good sustainable monthly income. So, the fad for these social media platforms stems from views. 

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Among all the platforms with the initiation of reels and story features initiated by Snapchat, which is pretty much followed by all social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc now. In this writeup I will address the most controversial question that people have: How much does TikTok pay you for 1 million views?

How Much Does TikTok Pay Per 1,000 Views?

TikTok is a preferred platform for social media youth. It allows one to act in 15-30 seconds songs/dialogues and scenes of their own choice. From conventional reports, for every 1000 views, you get 2-4 cents on Tiktok. That means at best if you have viral content which is considered once your short-form video reaches 10,000,000 views you will earn $20-$40 off of that video

Hearing about this might have surprised you. But yes this is the truth, TikTokers at best get checks from affiliate marketing partners or if they partner with any company to promote a product. They can do some marketing as well to get some extra funding,

Which Pays More TikTok vs Youtube on 1 Million Views

 As compared to TikTok Youtube pays a lot more. There is more variation in youtube’s payment compared to that of TikTok. As you should know the range in which you will receive any ad revenue, depends on the geography, niche, location, and also video length on youtube. For instance, if you have a demographic filled with an American audience, there is a pretty good reason that you will be paid the best rates as the ad revenue is a lot more there. Comparatively in India or other Asian countries, people might have less earning potential as the returns from the ad revenue are less.

TikTok also faces this discrepancy, but the range of variation is a lot less and tends to remain in the (2-4 cent) range. But with youtube, it’s a lot different. If you are in the USA or western European Nations, for instance, even 1000 views on youtube can give you $43 or $39 compared to Cambodia’s $0.52. It all depends upon the demography, in high-income countries it is much easier to earn more. So, a million views account for $500 and $43000 depending on your demographic. Also, certain terminologies are often at play, irrespective of what Youtube and TikTok intrinsically offer you can also do brand deals. This can be affiliate links, digital sponsorship, and promotion of products.

It’s a far better deal on Youtube as it pays more compared to TikTok. Some terms that are part of youtube and TikTok’s payments include the Creator’s fund of TikTok which is usually the revenue returned from the content or the product. Youtube has three major terms, CPC, CPM, and RPM, it expands as Cost Per Click, Cost Per Mille, and Revenue per Mille. It means CPC is what the ad company will pay, CPM is the share that youtube shall keep and RPM is your share which is spread from $0.50-$43, etc depending on your geography, etc.

How to Get More Views on TikTok?

There are so many people that can make an account on a social media platform at any given time. But what’s the reason that some do better while others don’t? See you need to catch people’s attention and hold that attention for 3 seconds at least to get videos on everyone’s screens.

Here are key pointers that you can keep in your mind while aiming for views:

  • Try to use relevant hashtags. Often you get these hashtags from the internet. Just copy some and then paste it on your description.
  • Always post things that are relevant to the internet. Keep yourself updated. See, what trends are going on. Work on that content.
  • Try to make your video more creative by using zooms of various kinds, boomerangs, etc. It can hold people’s attention.
  • Select a niche that’s high in demand. For instance, the entrepreneurial niche pays a lot more than other niches.
  • Make videos on trending topics.
  • Do something new and interesting.

Is 1 million views on TikTok viral?

Getting 1 million views ensures that a lot of eyeballs have turned to watch your short video. It will lead to videos going viral. However, the emphasis has to be on the question of what leads to that level of penetration in social media on TikTok. And, it’s quite on a similar note of How bettering your content gets more attentive eyeballs. For viral content specifically one has to know How one can reach a wider audience. Always make videos on current news of your niche. Make sure to integrate all your social media profiles with TikTok, considerably helping the content to spread more. The best way to get it viral is to share the content as many people share it, there will be a high chance of it being your good video.


Q. How much does TikTok pay per 1 million views?

Tiktok pays anywhere between $20-$40/month for revenue receipts to creators which is part of the Creators Fund. It is quiet on the lower bar compared to YouTube.

Q. How to get a million views on TikTok?

The logic and the answer is simple, you just need to have your content right, well edited, and try to ask for suggestions from friends. Content has to be creative, you need to interact more. Show your more human side. Use hashtags, and share it with influential people.

Q. How much money can you make on TikTok from likes?

Not only TikTok, literally no other app with a social media space awards money in the form of likes. In both Youtube and TikTok, you earn money through views on your video clips.

Disclaimer: Amounts may vary. The numbers used are just based on research of a small number of Tiktokers and YouTubers. So, per million views earnings may be different too. It all depends on where your content is being watched, and many other stuff as well.


In this new age of social media, you and your friends will be curious to know How a creator in TikTok earns? I have covered all these aspects in the discussion. Just scroll a read and all your doubts will get clear.

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