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How Can You Stay Safe on a Public Wifi Network?

The world today belongs to the internet, and one of the best options that can be quite practical in this context can be to use the free WiFi connectivity available at several restaurants and other joints. However, it would be quite advisable to focus on a few prime options to ensure that your data is quite safer. 


Today, public WiFi is available at several venues, and a few good options that you would find quite interesting can include shopping malls, airports, restaurants, coffee shops, libraries, public transport, hotel rooms, and much more than that. 

Here are a few of the options that you would find quite impressive. 

How Can You Stay Safe on a Public Wifi Network?

Verify the network and turn off sharing 

Surfing and playing smart is one of the best options that can prove to be handy. Make sure that you have read the network name quite carefully. You can also ask an employee at the venue to find if the link is legitimate. 

Turn off the sharing preferences. You should also make sure that you would need to turn off the file sharing as well. Verifying the network and configuring it properly can prove to be a great option that you would find much impressive. 

Use a VPN

A VPN is one of the most secure options to ensure better usability. That can be the secure option for surfing while on public networks. It should be your best bet for enjoying one of the unique, useful tools to achieve positive results. 

Download and use a VPN only after checking its authenticity and ensuring that it is in tune with the security protocols. VPN will encrypt the data and stop the hackers from getting access to your credentials and other sensitive information. Any data that passes through the VPN service is never visible to the hackers and makes your communication safer and secure. 

Keep Your Firewall Updated and enabled

It is also quite essential to keep your Firewall service enabled and updated to the latest version. The firewall will act as a barrier that would protect your device from data breaches. It can also prevent your data from being accessed by malware attacks. 

Based on which device or operating system you are on, it would be advisable to enable and update your Firewall services. 

Use an antivirus solution

An antivirus solution would be a great option for ensuring that all your data is protected and you are not accidentally accessing any unwanted website or app. It can also help you get rid of viruses of any nature. The antivirus can protect your computer or device from any suspicious activity, malicious attack, or malware gets into your system

If you are using a shared network, it is always advised to avoid turning off Antivirus. Also, it would be a good idea to keep your antivirus updated at all times. 

A few other options to help you use the Public WiFi with the best possible data protection

Some other options that you would find it one of the most unique options can be to ensure that you need to use the public WiFi for ensuring that your data is secure and perfect in every possible manner. 

Some of the options that you would find quite enhancing and a great option can include:


  • Never share  any sort of personal or financial information 
  • Log in to your accounts and other personal information only when you are sure that the network is fully encrypted. 
  • Never stay signed in to your accounts. Instead, sign in only when needed and sign out when you no longer need to stay connected
  • Never make use of the same password on every website or service. 
  • Make sure that your computer does not connect to a public WiFi automatically. Connect to a network only when you need an internet connection

Why is Public WiFi not secure?

There are several obvious reasons to help you understand why public WiFi is not secure and safe. The prime reason is that while you can configure your home network with the best security measures, it is not the case with public WiFi connections. You do not have control over the settings. 

When a public WiFi is not secure, you are likely to find that your connection and the data can be accessed by other users. They would be able to hijack your details and even your credentials. The hackers on the public WiFi networks can play havoc with your security. That way, you would find it a risky affair, and that is exactly why we recommend you to use the best VPN service ever. Without it, anyone with the sophisticated tools can access your data, and this would include every type of data that would include Your personal information, private documents, contacts, family photos, and even your login credentials. 

Digital security is one of the most unique options, and that would provide you with one of the most unique experiences ever. So make sure that you understand the essence and importance of using a public WiFi. That way, you would be able to achieve the most important options ever.

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