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Host1Plus Cloud Servers: An Honest Review

Shared hosting is one of the most popular hosting server bloggers are using because it is affordable and fits everyone’s pocket. In shared hosting resources are shared among multiple sites, and that makes sites load a bit slow. On the other hand, VPS is recommended nowadays as every website on the server gets separate resources that make every website secure and load faster.

But, nowadays, Cloud Server hosting is leaving VPS behind because of its features, security, and many extended features.

These days, online businesses are starting to choose the cloud servers. The reason is simple. There is no limit to set to the resources. In cloud hosting, a cluster of servers is formed which improves the performance of the sites hosted on it. With better performance, comes more reliability. And when the entire online business depends on the hosting server, who would not want more reliability?

Host1Plus is one such company that deals in Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting primarily. The Host1Plus cloud servers are different than the rest of cloud hosting companies. These days, you have to be very picky when deciding a cloud server. Your online business will be affected if you make the wrong choice. Here we present an honest review of the Host1Plus Cloud Servers. Read on to know why it is the best!

Apart from the reliability and performance, Cloud Server costs more than shared and VPS hosting, and that’s one of the reasons you need to be very choosy to select a cloud server hosting for you.

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Key Features of the Host1Plus Cloud Servers                       

  1. This international hosting provider is quite flexible. Whether you are a blogger or you own a business, they would make sure that your needs are met.
  2. Once you approach them and explain your requirements, they would provide you a plan tailor-made as per your requirements. So, you can be sure that you are getting exactly what you want and paying only for that.
  3. When it comes to customer satisfaction, Host1Plus has the edge over the other cloud servers in the market. They provide excellent customer care and hence, they have a reliable customer base.
  4. They use the latest hardware infrastructure. And to further boost up their hosting, they make use of the fastest networks. The biggest fear of the website owners is downtime. And with such features, Host1Plus would make sure that you do not stress about this anymore.
  5. With Host1Plus, you would have better control over the Cloud Server because they are working on an API which would make it possible. Please note that this is going to be their in-house API. So, you would definitely have something extra when you go for Host1Plus.

Why the new API of Host1Plus Cloud Servers would Change the Game?


When you switch to Host1Plus, you would feel the difference yourself. The customers of Host1Plus are quite happy with their services. Some of the reasons why this new API would benefit the customers’ right after its launch are given below.

  1. The in-house API that the Host1Plus team is developing would give you total control over the server. So, you would be able to Start, Stop and Upgrade as per your requirement. Using the API is also very easy as it is going to be a user-friendly one. The team is taking special care that it is possible to integrate the new API with existing monitoring systems.
  2. The team would also provide various code samples so as to make it easy for the users to adapt to the new API. It would come with proper documentation as well so that you do not face any problems.
  3. Since most of the users prefer either Windows or Linux OS servers, the API will come with a few templates already built. And if the users want any other OS, they would have the option to install that too.

Technical Aspects of Host1Plus Cloud Servers

  1. The servers are powered by KVM. KVM means Kernel-based Virtual Machine. Since it is an excellent hypervisor, you can expect better performance and scalability.
  2. A choice between Linux and Windows servers.
  3. A dedicated IPv4 address to your website. This means that you would be able to access the website at any hour of the day. This will also prevent you, as a user, from the abuse consequences when you would be sending out emails.
  4. Your customers would have more faith in you when you would use IPv4 because it will keep their data secure. When they make transactions, they would not worry about their data getting leaked.

With such technical aspects, developers are going to benefit a lot. They would get high-value services and choose from the flexible frameworks provided.

Why would it be a Good Idea to Go for Host1Plus Cloud Servers?


Host1Plus has many other exclusive features apart from this API which is really beneficial for the customer. They want your website to get unmatched success. And hence, they have deployed below features on their servers.

  1. They have the best-in-the-industry infrastructure. They provide better protection to your online business as well.
  2. They employ the up-to-date resources and periodically update their existing resources. In simple words, they follow the market trends and make sure you get the best, no matter which day of the year it is.
  3. Since they provide full control, you are allowed to upgrade and downgrade the resources. Also, you can change the configuration of the server to what suits you best.
  4. When your demand grows, Host1Plus has the option to provide you upgrade resources as well.
  5. The control panel of the Host1Plus cloud servers is user-friendly. Even if you are not from a technical background, you will find it very easy to learn and control it.
  6. Host1Plus provides regular maintenance of its resources. So, you do not have to stress about the maintenance at all.
  7. They also provide resources on demand. So, you do not need to pay extra for the resources you do not need. Whenever you need them, you can put up a request.

Right now, they have their cloud servers in Frankfurt, Germany. And they have plans to setup their cloud servers in various locations such as including Chicago, Illinois and Sao Paulo, Brazil by the end of this year. They are also planning to reach newer markets very soon, such as China and Asia.

How was my experience using Host1plus Cloud Server?

I had the 10 days access to their Cloud Server, and I really enjoyed working with it. Everything was so smooth and easy. I could access the Virtual Machine just from the Host1plus dashboard, and since it was Linux based, I enjoyed working with the CUI and installed Cpanel on it which took pretty lesser time than what it supposed to take. Yes, I was able to install whole Cpanel in quite less time, and setting up the WHM, and then creating Cpanel account were so easy and fun.

Things were very smooth, and installation process was pretty faster. I stuck somewhere and tried asking for help to support. I got the reply within a few minutes, and they solved my query quickly.

I would recommend Host1Plus Cloud Server to everyone who is planning to go for Cloud Server Hosting.

Another good thing about Host1Plus is that their prices are also very reasonable as you can see below:


For more cost saving you can go for longer billing cycles, and save up to 20% which is quite good.

You can contact them if you are looking for Cloud Server hosting and enjoy the benefits.

I hope you enjoyed my review!

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  • Hey Atish,

    I have been searching for a reliable hosting for many days. Every hosting company promises to provide the best service.

    I have noticed the downtime with every hosting. I have used quite a few. I am sure Host1Plus would be much better.

    Thanks for letting me know.

  • Hello Atish,

    I have read about Host1Plus from different sources. They are offering very good packages for users. Thanks so much for sharing it.


    Moumita Ghosh

  • Thank you for the review of Host1Plus Atish! I am using it from past 3 months. The service of Host1Plus are the great.

  • Hi Atish,

    I agree with your statements previously bloggers used to take shared hosting from well-known service providers but now bloggers are preferring cloud hosting which is equivalent to shared hosting.

    I am using DigitalOcean cloud hosting for some of my blogs, Host1Plus is giving much more space and bandwidth compared to DigitalOcean, next time I will definitely use this cloud hosting for my future blogs, thanks for sharing the inforamtion.

  • Hello Atish,

    The review about host1plus is satisfactory and for weeks I was looking for an cloud hosting service. This review gave the answer. I have bought the basic plan to give it try.

  • Hello, Atish. Nice sharing. I have enjoyed your article very much. This is really an interesting review. I think Bluehost is the best for all the bloggers. Thank you for sharing with us.

  • Hello Atish, I was looking for this host’s review to check if its worth using or not. Now, after reading your detailed article, I can say Host1Plus worth a try.
    Thanks for sharing.

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