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How To Host Multiple Websites Without Any Digital Footprints?

In order to get a high enough Google ranking, a lot of online businesses opt for building an arsenal of websites that point back to their money site.

This technique, although excellent at improving SEO rankings relating to certain keywords, can also lead to Google discovering and deindexing your entire network if not done properly.

However, if you manage to get rid of any footprints leading back to you, building your own private blog network can be a very lucrative investment. Below are the things need to be considered to hide footprints:

  1. Using Unique Name Servers

One of the first traps that many digital novices stumble into is not factoring in what effect similar name servers can have on their private blog network. Remember, one of the primary jobs of any nameserver is to reveal the domain IP address that you are connecting to which also points to the web host provider.

So if you have a lot of domains on a nameserver that points to the same web host, even if they have different IP addresses, Google can become suspicious. To combat this problem, you can go to different popular hosting providers and purchase new accounts for all your new sites.

Although the managerial and financial aspects to this hosting solution can be somewhat bothersome to navigate, if done right it will leave absolutely no footprints leading back to your PBN.

  1. Masking Your IP Through A CDN

Another way of masking your server’s IP address is by making use of a content delivery network service provider, such as LaunchCDN. These networks make use of servers distributed all over the world to deliver internet content in a much faster and safer way.

However, improved website loading speeds and are not the primary reason CDNs are popular with PBN hosts. Content delivery networks mask origin server IP addresses by routing all domain requests to the different IPs of your CDN provider.

This means that even if you use the same server to host all your websites, Googlebots will be crawling over to your CDN’s IP addresses which will keep the site protected.

  1. Distinct Website Design & Structure

By making use of the same themes, links, and articles on all your websites, you will definitely be leaving multiple digital footprints. In order to make all your PBN sites look more authentic, you will have to choose the design, structure, and layout of each site very carefully.

Be sure to invest in premium themes, quality logos, and original content for all your websites. Furthermore, do not choose standard layouts even if it is a lot less work to build and maintain. And when inserting links, make sure you change up how you link back to your money site.

Developing a footprint-free private blog network can be an ambitious goal. However, once you have your foot in the door you will be able to boost your SEO rankings through the roof which could translate into higher sales and overall more brand recognition.

  1. Hosting Footprints

What a lot of people do to host multiple websites is use add-on domains but this is very bad, it’s very easy to see an add-on domain and this will surely get your websites penalised. Even though this is the most cost-efficient way, it’s always better to invest extra to make sure your websites will last long term.

If you have multiple money sites, for example, if you are running an SEO agency then the most recommended method would be to get around 20 separate hosting accounts on different hosts. Then you can host 1 domain on each, in this case, you can host up to 20 PBNs for up to 20 clients. You share your hosting costs across each of the accounts so it becomes a lot easier to manage.

One issue with this method is that it can be a footprint in itself to have the same 20 clients have 20 links being built from the same 20 IPs. If you are worried about this kind of footprint then we’d recommend keeping the overlap below 50%, meaning your clients will have around 50% of websites having the same IPs. It’s very rare that this would ever cause any issues but it’s good to be on the safe side.

  1. Quality Hosting Is Key

When setting up a private blog network, a lot of people go for the cheapest option which leads them to SEO Hosting services. You should stay away from these at all costs, as you can see in this deindexation summary, SEO hosting has a deindexation rate of 16-32% compared to a 0% deindexation rate for premium hosting.

Another issue with SEO hosting is that even if you do get a quality provider with low deindexation rate, the servers that they host you on only include other PBNs. This means that the IP you are hosted on could have 15-20 other PBNs on it. Which in itself might be fine, but if Google finds this pattern across a number of different servers the whole server could get penalised. Essentially SEO hosting is a ticking time bomb and not worth the risk.

  1. Picking Your Domains

Something that often gets overlooked is picking the domains for your network, this is the most important stage. If all the domains you are buying are low quality with a spammy history then it doesn’t matter if you follow all the steps above, your website will provide no value. When looking at domains you want to look at their metrics on SEO tools like Moz if it has strong metrics you want to look at a few other aspects:

  • The Domain History: How many owners have it had? How old is it?
  • Past Websites: What past websites have been on this domain? Are they at all related to the niche you are focusing on?
  • Bad Backlinks: Does the website have bad backlinks of its own? A lot of domains have been spammed which is why they have been abandoned.

Once you’ve gone through and vetted a few domains then you’ll start seeing patterns in what you should be looking for.

With these tips, you should be on your way to creating a great network of sites without any footprints!

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