History of Blogging Platforms [Infographic]

 History of Blogging Platforms? Sounds interesting for every blogger, right ? Blogging is a very popular word today. But there was no such popularity before some decades. Even the word BLOG was not in the dictionary. Yes. you heard correctly.  There was no such word in dictionary before 2003.

Today the Internet consists of a millions of Blog. And a lot of  Blogging Platforms are being used to create them.  The term “Blogging”  has emerged from many stages and a lot of platforms are created for personal as well as commercial use.

 Some popular platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, Tumblr, Live Journal which has their own signs in the history! Today I have summed up a little and brief history of some popular blogging platform that are playing a major role in the building of the web.

Let’s dive into the history with the following Infographic.

History of Blogging Platforms

Ravi Verma Founder of NeoBlogWriter .He is CS Engineer and devotes to Blogging. He is graphic Designer as well and showcases his work at Copy Wallpapers. He writes on Blogging, SEO, How To Guides , Gadgets Specifications and reviews.

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  • Hi Zainil
    Infograph is Awesome and well Written by Ravi Verma. I Know him very Well he is my Friend and like a Bro For me.He is Fully Devotes to Blogging. There is Lots of Blogging Platform about which I Know Today after watching this infograph. Another Superb Article By Ravi Bro 🙂
    Sahil garg recently posted…Hrithik – Katrina Starrer Big Bang to Release Next YearMy Profile

    • Hi Sahil… Thanks for the support and counting me as your bro. 🙂

      Yes.. A blogger should know about the history of Blogging. . And Specially the platfroms that he is using to for the blog. 🙂

  • Hello Ravi,

    First of all I must say you create an awesome Info graphic !! Neat, clean, easy to read and Understandable!

    Great Job Buddy! 🙂

    Well about Blogging Platforms, I was very much Not aware of all these blogging platforms.

    Few days back Atish Bhai told me while chatting on facebook about some of these platforms and that day I got to know that platform won’t decide about the blog.

    It’s the hardwork of a blogger which tell us about the blog and it’s popularity Platform won’t decide anything!

    As I always see people use to compare between WordPress and Blogger Platform !! That’s just to demotivate them who are doing blogging on blogger platform or I don’t know what they are going to show!

    #No_Offence_Just_saying_My_Views and BTW, My blog is also on WP PLATFORM!

    Correct Me If I’m wrong.!!

    Well, A Nice Article with an awesome presentation !!

    Sugandha Agarwal recently posted…Samsung Announces Two Galaxies: Galaxy Mega 6.3 and Galaxy Mega 5.8My Profile

    • Hey Sugandha … !!! thanks for your appreciation on my work.

      I am agree with your point that platform doesn’t matter for a successful blog. All depends on the hard work as well as the smart work of the Blogger.

      But I would like to high light Some thing.. When we talk about smart work.. It means we need to choose platform that is easy to use and possess a lot of automated functionalities.

      If either platform gives you the environment that you want to have then you must choose that one.

      I am also using wordpress. It is the most used platform in blogging till date and very flexible , easy to use platform.

      By the way thanks for droping the comment 😉

      Happy Blogging 🙂
      Ravi Verma recently posted…7 Reasons Why You are not a Productive Blogger ?My Profile

  • Very nice and neat work by you Ravi!

    Its really good, quite interesting and every blogger should know this history of blogging platform.

    Thanks for presenting this unique information for the bloggers and readers with your creative work.

    Am always curious to see you infographs, keep doing it 🙂
    Nirmala recently posted…Experts tips – Simple Discussion With Atish Ranjan from TechtricksworldMy Profile

  • Great InfoGraphic Bro. Except Open Diary & Dead Journal, I have used all those platforms and I can say, WordPress is the Best.
    Saurabh Saha recently posted…Amazing Secret Key Combinations of Windows for Special Characters / SymbolsMy Profile

    • Thanks for appereciation Bro.

      Wow. nice to know. I have used only three yet, Blogger , Tubmlr and wordpress 😀

      But I will also try others 😉

      As you said WordPress is best .. I agree 😀

      Thanks for the comment

  • Hey Ravi,
    The Infography is outstanding as usual your made on neoblogwriter, I am a user WP and Blogger and i found WP is better that Blogger (In my view). I am personal a very big fan of Matt Mullenweg, who has created this wonderful software at the age of just 22. I am away from the rest of blogging platforms but hope I will try them soon because your inforgarphy has increase my interest in them.

    This inforgraphy is good but it think you need to include Joomla and durpla too. Because now a day they are also very popular. Any way I enjoyed your infography. God bless you. Keep Blogging 🙂

    • Hi Davinder Glad to see you on my post 🙂 Yeah Matt Mullenweg is great person who gave us a wonderfull platfrom to blog.

      Yeah defnitely you should try other platforms to grab the knowledge :D.

      By the way thanks for dropping your comment 🙂

      • Hey Ravi,
        Thanks for your reply pal, As this is a CMS based post then I have a question can you please answer me. From last 2-3 days I am facing an image uploader issue with my CMS. It is showing http error and I am not able to upload any image right now. Can you tell me what are the possible reasons for this. I am using WP 3.5.
        Davinder recently posted…Go Goa Gone – Khushamdeed Song Official Video (HD) | Saif Ali Khan & Kunal KhemuMy Profile

        • Since the WordPress 3.5 has launched. many bloggers faced such problems.

          Even I also face some time these error. Probably it due to the script , that helps to uploading the Images. We were having 3.4.2 as the most stable, but there were also some problems with that version.

          Now WordPress 3.6 is in beta version and soon going to be released to overcome such problems. 😀

          You should weight for it or else u should use stable version .. with security measures . As Hacker can find the lowered version more vulnerable…

          Hope my answer would give you some solution 😀
          Ravi Verma recently posted…All in One SEO Pack Gets A Major UpdateMy Profile

  • Hey Ravi,

    You have created a good infographic. I’ve not found any infographic on this topic in the Internet. So this is UNIQUE!!

    I’ve used different blogging platforms, but for me WordPress is the best one. I’m enjoying every minute on WordPress.

    Good Luck
    Cheers 🙂
    Thejas Kamath
    Thejas Kamath recently posted…Help Me to Win Guest Blogging Contest at BloggingcageMy Profile

    • Hey Thejas !!! Here you have got one you want i think 😀

      WordPress is most flexible platfrom for blogging. The unlimited templates and plugins are

      here to use with on’e requirement 🙂

      Thanks for the support 🙂

      Happy Blogging

  • Creative Stuff Ravi. Keep polishing your skill and one day you will be an expert. Good luck!
    Atish Ranjan recently posted…4 Ways to Increase Domain Authority of your Blog My Profile

  • really nice post .. awesome post
    i really like it ….

  • Wow, this was quite unique info graphic Ravi. As Thejas said, I’ve never seen the same in blogosphere. As every blogger, I too like WP and recommend it for everyone who wish to take their Blog to the next level. Again, well presented Ravi, hats off. 😀

    • [History of Blogging Platform] . I guess this is the first infograph I have created. And If its true , It should be a proud moment for me that I created it First 😉

      The post regrading the same thing has already been published. But I just created the Infograph to make it differ and unique 😀

      By the thanks for the valuable comment

  • Nice article Mr. Ravi verma
    it is new informaiton to me. Yes, you are right you have to keep knowledge of history of your profession. But i have one query, you didn’t mention Joomla here?
    Rajesh Jhamb recently posted…Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S specificationMy Profile

    • Yes The Question should be arised here. Why I haven’t mentioned Joomla here.

      Before that a Little story.

      I have mentioned only Popular Blog Platform . Though Joomla is also a Blog CMS, but there are lack of flexibility. The above mentioned platforms are very easy to use. No special tectics required and You can learn very easily each of them.

      You can use Joomla in blogging , but you can’t use it efficiently for Blogging. Because the modules are very typical to learn and if you want to upgrade your CMS from older version to a newer version, you might have some problems . Also a Problem for developers of it.

      That’s why I have just shown in those platforms which were initially created for efficient use in Blogging.

      I Just told What I know about it 😀
      For more details you can Google it Why wordpress is better instead Joomla 🙂

  • Amazing infographic, Ravi!
    Brilliant! I had seen one by you earlier when you interviewed Atish Ranjan.
    But this one is even better!
    Ambika Choudhary Mahajan recently posted…Cheaper/ Budget iPhones Might Soon be a RealityMy Profile

    • Thanks Ambika Ma’am.

      That was my first infrograph , i made for Atish ‘ interview. Practising more gave me some more creatives and here is result. Near futureYou will see some more attrative infoggraph 😀

      Thanks for you comment 🙂

  • A very informative and even interesting article to read.I had never gone through this brief history of blogging so that is really new and very informative for me.Blogging was just almost nothing for me until i started my own blog and got to know that this is keeping the whole world in it.

    • Hi Pooja

      Denitely its informative for who are doing Blogging. and don’t know about the history. There was no infograph regarding this topic . So I created one.

      I agree with you point in a single blog we can put most of the things from the world. 😀

      by the way thanks for the comment 🙂

  • You are right Mr. Ravi Verma
    Joomla is far difficult than other blogging platforms. Before starting WordPress I have bee used Joomla. Its too difficult to operate. Thanks for providing me such useful information…:D
    Rajesh Jhamb recently posted…HTC Desire L full specificationMy Profile

    • Most Welcome Rajesh..

      As You can See what is the difference between the two. Now you are on wordpress.
      In my Opinion WordPress is better CMS for Blogging today. 😀

  • Blogger is everyone’s favorite at beginning, but overtime WordPress dominates them. WordPress is the best and will remain so forever, thanks to open source.

    • Hi Kuldeep. iI agree that WordPress is the best blogging platform due to the use of ease of it.
      Thanks for the comment

  • Excellent infrograph dear.Very interesting, looks like blogging has a long and beautiful future.

    Thanks for sharing

  • Hi Ravi,
    I must admit that this is the very informative and clean post that is very easy to understand… Really you have done a great job…
    Best of luck for this give away…

    • hi Ajay… yes this is the useful post I have created in the form the Infographic. And I am gald that You liked it.

      Thanks the wishing 🙂

  • Hey Ravi,
    Nice infography pal. I must say it is really an unique piece of information you take in front of us. Before this I was not familier with when it was started and how many blogging platforms are there. once again must say great post. keep blogging.. god bless you.

    • Hey Satender… nice to see you here on my guest post. :). Hmmm. this is one of the unique info I found and converted into the Infograph.

      By the way thanks for being here and for blessings 🙂
      Happy Blogging.
      Ravi Verma recently posted…5 Must Have Things for a BlogMy Profile

  • Hi Ravi,

    Really Informative Post and ravi you are to Genious. as you have told about the history of blogging plateform. Actually we need to know more about it before start the blogging. and i know this information will improove your skill in the blogging. and damn sure as you are new infomative posting one day you will make best blogger. well i must say thanks for this post.

  • Hi John… Glad to know my Infograph was informative for you.

    And yes one should know about the history if he is going for Blogging. I must say not only for the Blogging, any work a person starts , should know about it’s past story. i just did the same work 🙂

    And here we are with a nice Infograph of platform’s history 😉

    By the way thanks fro the comment and adding the value to it.

  • Hi Ravi,

    Its very nice. Am impressed. You shared everything in an interesting manner, Most probably It is due to infographics.

    I really liked this. Can you submit another infographics at my site (MakeMeNoise).

    All the Best



  • Hi Avinash… Glad to see you here. But I have now to say now beside the Thanks 🙂

    I will try some new infographs that could be shared by other sites. You could have them for your Blog too. 😀

    Thanks again for wishing 🙂


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