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Things to know before hiring an SEO Company

SEO is the popular term among every website owner because this is what helps you ensure search traffic to your website. Search traffic is the traffic that converts the most, and without it, it is tough for any website to make good profits.

SEO has been changing in recent years due to a lot of changes in Google’s search algorithms. The things that worked in early days are now not working effectively. That is the reason, the SEO strategies should be upgraded too to get the benefit otherwise if you keep doing older kind of SEO, your site may not get the benefits that it could get. In fact, older techniques may result in penalty or ban.

Therefore, you need to know the current trend of SEO. If you are a person with no knowledge of SEO, and ready to hire an SEO company for your website, you must need to know few things that are important to know before hiring. It is important because I have seen a few SEO companies are still sticking with the old techniques which are not enough for getting ranking for your website. Thus, you will lose your time and money if your SEO Company is doing those old stuff.

Things to know before Hiring an SEO Company

  1. Know about the company’s existing clients and Ranking

It is tough to know about a company just by talking to them because every company will say they are the best in the industry but it is your job to find out whether their work is result oriented or not. And, for this, you can ask about their existing clients, and check their ranking on various keywords. It will surely give you an idea about the company’s strength whether they are able to rank for tough keywords or not.

  1. Ask for full Proposal

Before hiring, do get a detailed proposal from them so that you will be able to know what all they will do to SEO optimize your website. It will give you a fair idea about the process, and you can question on each to get better insights. For example, if you ask for a proposal, and a company lists directory submissions and article submissions, then you can question that how they are going to help your website since Google is not giving much weight to such directory or article submission sites.

You must read a lot about SEO first to know what is in the trend and what is working so that you can question their proposal. This way, you can get a fair idea whether the company has some innovative plans to employ or just the thing that every other person is doing.

  1. Research About SEO

Before hiring an SEO company, do research a lot about SEO, and read the theories so that you will have some good ideas what to ask and where to question. This way, any SEO company won’t be able to fool you since you know the stuff.

  1. Ask the Budget they want you to spend every month and the result

Always ask the company how much they want you to spend on the SEO so that you will be clear about the investment. Along with this, do ask the results you can notice against the investment are.

These questions will surely help you understand your ROI better, and hiring a company will be easier. You might want to hire a company that can bring good results on minimum investment. However, SEO is costly, don’t hesitate to spend!

  1. Discuss About Communication

Many a time, it is difficult for you to reach out to your SEO company. Therefore, it is important to fix the communication medium and a direct contact person, and most importantly the availability. So, that you can contact them whenever there is a need.

I would recommend hiring the company which is available through all communication medium such as call, instant messaging, Skype, emails, video call, and others.

If a company restricts you for communication mediums, you shouldn’t hire them.

  1. How they build Backlinks?

Link Building is the most important part of an SEO strategy which must be done carefully in a way that it doesn’t violate the Google Webmaster quality guidelines. Google’s Penguin Algorithm is there to fight with link spam. Therefore, link building must be done naturally.

Hence, it is important to know what type of link building strategies they employ to rank the websites. If their link building techniques are suspicious, stay away from them because if your site is banned due to unnatural backlinks, your business can suffer a lot.

To educate yourself about the link building strategies you can read the article by clicking here so that you will have a fair idea, and you can ask the company.

  1. Ask whether they Guarantee to rank

No one can guarantee the ranking, so it is important to ask this question. If the answer from the company is direct “Yes”, this is a red flag. I would say they are just telling you “Yes” to be hired. If a company details you about everything in a natural way and say that it is impossible for anyone to give a guarantee for ranking. It means they are honest guys; you can then inquire further.

  1. Ask them whether they have worked for a business like yours

Different websites have different SEO strategies so that it is important for you to know if the company you are going to hire ever worked with for a business like yours or not.

For example, your business is e-commerce, and you are looking for the SEO Company that can do SEO for your online store. Then do ask if they have worked on any e-commerce website’s SEO or not. If they haven’t worked for such website, you better don’t hire them because different types of websites need different SEO treatment.

  1. Know about the company’s SEO knowledge

You must test the SEO knowledge of company because nowadays SEO has been changing every month. In such situation, it is important to know if the company is well-versed with the latest changes and advancements in the search algorithms.

If they are good at it, you can go ahead otherwise, don’t hire them.

You can read our SEO related blog posts to educate yourself more so that while hiring you can ask as many questions to hire the best. Below are some good posts to check out:

Final Words

There are thousands of SEO companies around you, but you need to find the one that fits well as per your budget and requirement. One such company is bluehatmarketing.com about which I have heard some really good reviews from some of my friends and colleagues as they did work out with them, and got results

Moreover, you must take the time to interview a lot of SEO companies before you hire one for you. I am sure above content will help you question the SEO companies in more detail to find the best one for your website’s SEO.

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  • im beginner in SEO Marketing, thank you for sharing about your knowledge of SEO. Its very helpfull for me.

  • Hey Atish,

    Everyone is after the good SEO companies but there are a few companies which really give the output.

    People should check the current status of the company. It would be great to have a look on their portfolio.

    You have listed some essential things.


  • Thanks Atish for this post, but am not going to hire any seo company. But now I can understand as the SEO what others actually expecting. This article is useful for SEO and Customer both.

  • Hi Atish,
    Amazing post. And I am sure that while hiring an SEO company if they give a guarantee then its a fake but if they are ready to give a refund then we must go for it.
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  • Hi nice article Atish,

    Since most companies are after organic search, The importance of SEO is growing up. The biggest challenge is that most SEO companies are not able to drive a chunk of relevant traffic to websites. Most companies still give importance to Boolean search. Which is not a good strategy. They have to be cognizant of semantic search.
    Altogether it was a good read.

  • The nine tips are an amazing idea, and you have mentioned all the significant things needed to follow before hiring an SEO company. Though everyone has known the concept of SEO and new trends in SEO but still some of the companies only can bring up the final output what the business owner are expecting. Maybe they have known the right way and the current status. So my king suggestion is SEO is a big concept, it’s a challenge. We need a clear goal and marketing strategies to achieve that.Anyway, an excellent article.

  • Yes, I completely agree with you.
    You must have a basic knowledge of SEO before hiring a SEO comapany, otherwise they will make you fool.

  • yes while hiring a company you should take care of these things because there are a lot companies who are fraud in seo and earning money by making fool out of people so you should aware of it.

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    Those are some very important tips and points before hiring a company for SEO. A great SEO campaign can definitely have a very positive affect on your business.

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    Atish handled the topic very well. Good work !

    Have a good day !

  • Hiring an SEO is a difficult task.There are many fake companies nowadays who are posing as SEOs but they have little knowledge on SEO.I got myself cheated by a person. Since then I am working on my SEO myslef

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