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HideIPVPN Lets You Ensure Online Privacy and Anonymity in Seconds

Despite being somewhat a difficult task, keeping your online identity anonymous has become a necessity, at least in some particular instances! And, among the ways that are available in Internet World, Virtual Private Networks, which are commonly popular as VPNs, are the best solution to depend upon. Having that said, it has to be noted that there are a number of VPN Tunneling solutions available in market and choosing an effective one will be an equally difficult task! Nevertheless, it was quite recently that we found one of the best VPN Tunneling solutions out there in market — HideIPVPN. Indeed, as its name says, HideIPVPN can act as a Virtual Private Network Tunneling solution as well as an IP-hiding solution. In this post, however, we shall have a detailed review of HideIPVPN in such a way that you will have no sorts of doubts when it comes to purchasing HideIPVPN for your professional or personal purposes.

An Introduction to HideIPVPN

With number of noticeable advantages, such as support for multiple VPN protocols, absence of records & logs, truly affordable plans and pricing, IP addresses from different locations etc, HideIPVPN provides an all-in-one solution for all those who need to keep his or her online identity anonymous, especially from so-called surveillance agencies that countries have set up for citizens (and, after all, internet is global, isn’t it?). One of the most noticeable features that attracted us to HideIPVPN is its unlimited data transfer feature, which means you can use your VPN account without being tensed about crossing bandwidth limits. Now, as we hope you have basic information about HideIPVPN, we’ll move on to various aspects of HideIPVPN as a VPN Tunneling solution for normal users.

Installing & Connecting

When compared to that of other VPN Solutions in market, process of installation & connection in HideIPVPN is really simple that anyone would be able to do that regardless his or her previous experience with VPN Tunneling solutions. For instance, if you want to use HideIPVPN in your Windows-based computer, you can download the dedicated VPN connection tool for Windows-based PCs that weighs a few Megabytes. After installation, you will be asked to provide your VPN account credentials, providing which you can see the Connection section of HideIPVPN for Windows. Now, you have to select the VPN Protocol, the country you want to wear a mask of and desired server. Once you are done with these, you can hit ‘Connect’ and you will be connected to VPN servers of HideIPVPN in a few seconds / minutes. Altogether, this process is simple enough, indeed. On the other hand, if you want to use HideIPVPN in other devices, you can follow tutorials to set up HideIPVPN using manual method.


User Interface

While judging User Interface of HideIPVPN for Windows, we’ve to consider, how simple is its connection procedure! In light of all these, we will say that HideIPVPN has a truly impressive User Interface that makes connection as well as management of your VPN connection easier. For instance, window of HideIPVPN for Windows includes four sections that help you manage Connection, Settings, Application Killer and Info. Using these, you can have a deeper glance to each aspect of the connection that has been established with HideIPVPN servers around the globe. Every section has arranged its control buttons in a fruitful way that creates as less confusion as possible.


Plans & Pricing

As we said earlier, HideIPVPN puts an affordable set of pricing plans forward and you will be able to choose the most suitable plan according to your convenience and requirement. For instance, if you like to access VPN servers in many countries, such as United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands etc, you can go for the multipurpose plan that wants you to pay $4.99 per month. On the other hand, if you want a solution to download torrent files anonymously, you’ll find the P2P/BitTorrent VPN plan of HideIPVPN to be the best and it has a monthly charge of $3.45. Also, you have a freedom to choose single-server VPN plans as well. Furthermore, regardless the plan you have, HideIPVPN gives you access to free proxy. Altogether, Plans and Pricing section of HideIPVPN is something great, indeed.

In addition to these, HideIPVPN offers a standalone service named SmartDNS that lets you unblock a number of sites and web-based services that are restricted to certain countries. By changing your DNS server, you will be able to grab access to those services — nothing sort of ‘techie’ stuff involved! Altogether, it’s a great choice for those who do get, what is blocked.

Features We Loved

  • Application Killer feature closes certain applications when there is a problem in establishing connection with your device and VPN servers of HideIPVPN. In addition, you have an option to reopen those apps when that connection is back.
  • There are options to automatically sign in and start during startup of your computer so that you will be able to start browsing anonymously as soon as the PC is on!
  • You do not have to wait, because HideIPVPN sets up your account as soon as you finish sign up and payment. And HideIPVPN accepts most of popular payment methods along with the all-new Bitcoin.


Our Verdict

While considering all these factors, particularly its User Interface, HideIPVPN is a powerful solution to keep yourself anonymous in World Wide Web and thus to ensure privacy.

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  • Hi Atish,
    What about the upstream and downstream speeds of this VPN. I am not satisfied with its speed. I have tried connecting to multiple occasions, but still, the speed is poor. What have you to say about it?

    • Hello Alaina,

      I have used it around 3 years ago, and for a month of test I found it doing well most of the times. Moreover, VPNs slow down a bit which is natural. If you are using their services, and not getting what you expect, you can write to their support, and I am sure they will fix your issues.


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