Why Should You help the Newbie Bloggers?

Blogging circle (or blogosphere) is like a family where we should welcome and help new bloggers. Most of them need a mentor who can give them good support and help them nurture their skills.

If someone asks me why do you help someone?

My answer is “because I love doing it”.

I help others because I like doing it!
You must be wondering why you should be helping someone without any benefit?.


Now, allow me to share a few benefits which you will be getting SIMPLY by helping other bloggers or needy ones. Here we go:-

Personal Point of View

You get great friends

Friendship is one of the best relationships on the earth. Finding good and true friends is not so easy but if you try helping others (newbie bloggers or anyone) and spend time to solve their issues then naturally you start building a relationship with them.
I have examples for it. When I came to blogging there was no one with whom I could discuss anything about blogging but gradually I started making friends by getting help from others and helping others.

However I got lesser number of guys(Durgesh and Zainil) from whom I got help but got a lot of guys whom I helped. This way now I am having a huge number of good blogger friends such as Amit Shaw, Praveen Rajarao, Sugandha Agrawal, Ambika Mahajan, Nirmala Santhakumar, Ravi verma, Madhvi Priya, Sue Neal, Adrienne smith, Peter Lee, Olawale Daniel[these are really talented bloggers] and Many more.
Helping others

Having like minded friends has so many benefits. You can share and discuss on particular topics with them. And as you know discussions are always good, they give so much to learn.

Apart from friendship, you get respect from the guys whom you have helped. Yes, when you are too nice with everyone and try to help them in every condition then you can see respect and love in them for you. [Not everyone is good enough to remember your help but still there are nice people across the world who remember what you did for them]

Believe me it gives a great feeling and confidence when a huge number of people give you love and respect.

!Help everyone as much as you can!

You Get Knowledge

First of all for helping anyone you need some knowledge and to have helping nature. Once you start doing the same, you come to face so many different kinds of issues which you need to solve in order to help someone. If you try to solve those issues and get success then there happens 2 good things atleast. The first is you find solution for the issue which helped the needy and other thing is you learn something new.

Hence, If you keep on helping others you will be having a treasure of knowledge which will be growing day by day.

Its my personal experience as I am a great believer of helping others and in order to help I faced so many peculiar issues which I tried to solve. Few got solved, few were not but whatever happened gave me new things to learn. I still try to help the needy ones and growing my knowledge practically.

Not every time you get something new to learn but still you get more experience which is helpful for future endeavours.

!do help, get knowledge!

Business Point Of view


To grow your business you need to build your brand and reach out to a number of potential customers. For branding you may use social media marketing, Offline promotions etc, these techniques are really good but they take a lot of money. However the money is worth spending but if you can do it without money then why not to try along with these stuffs?

Yes, I am talking about helping others. As I already mentioned above that when you help someone, he/she will remember that and sometimes he/she keeps on mentioning your name in social media, sometimes on his/her website or sometimes recommending to others. These mentions help a lot to build your brand naturally. All it takes is Time; yes you need to spend some time to help others.

!Help others and get more visibility on web!

Natural Links

Natural Links are always beneficial for your website’s SEO. I wrote earlier in this post that you get mentions by those bloggers whom you have helped, In those mentions most of the time you get a dofollow backlink to your blog.

You can see these kind of mentions(Your name) From (your blog name with link).

!Get more trust In SEs!

Note:- I have written here the benefits of helping newbies and others but I am not recommending that you should help only for getting something back. Just do it because helping the needy ones is a very good and noble cause. Benefits will come naturally.

What I wrote in this post is completely based on my personal experiences. Want to hear from you about this topic.

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