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Why Should You help the Newbie Bloggers?

Blogging circle (or blogosphere) is like a family where we should welcome and help new bloggers. Most of them need a mentor who can give them good support and help them nurture their skills.

If someone asks me why do you help someone?

My answer is “because I love doing it”.

I help others because I like doing it!
You must be wondering why you should be helping someone without any benefit?.


Now, allow me to share a few benefits which you will be getting SIMPLY by helping other bloggers or needy ones. Here we go:-

Personal Point of View

You get great friends

Friendship is one of the best relationships on the earth. Finding good and true friends is not so easy but if you try helping others (newbie bloggers or anyone) and spend time to solve their issues then naturally you start building a relationship with them.
I have examples for it. When I came to blogging there was no one with whom I could discuss anything about blogging but gradually I started making friends by getting help from others and helping others.

However I got lesser number of guys(Durgesh and Zainil) from whom I got help but got a lot of guys whom I helped. This way now I am having a huge number of good blogger friends such as Amit Shaw, Praveen Rajarao, Sugandha Agrawal, Ambika Mahajan, Nirmala Santhakumar, Ravi verma, Madhvi Priya, Sue Neal, Adrienne smith, Peter Lee, Olawale Daniel[these are really talented bloggers] and Many more.
Helping others

Having like minded friends has so many benefits. You can share and discuss on particular topics with them. And as you know discussions are always good, they give so much to learn.

Apart from friendship, you get respect from the guys whom you have helped. Yes, when you are too nice with everyone and try to help them in every condition then you can see respect and love in them for you. [Not everyone is good enough to remember your help but still there are nice people across the world who remember what you did for them]

Believe me it gives a great feeling and confidence when a huge number of people give you love and respect.

!Help everyone as much as you can!

You Get Knowledge

First of all for helping anyone you need some knowledge and to have helping nature. Once you start doing the same, you come to face so many different kinds of issues which you need to solve in order to help someone. If you try to solve those issues and get success then there happens 2 good things atleast. The first is you find solution for the issue which helped the needy and other thing is you learn something new.

Hence, If you keep on helping others you will be having a treasure of knowledge which will be growing day by day.

Its my personal experience as I am a great believer of helping others and in order to help I faced so many peculiar issues which I tried to solve. Few got solved, few were not but whatever happened gave me new things to learn. I still try to help the needy ones and growing my knowledge practically.

Not every time you get something new to learn but still you get more experience which is helpful for future endeavours.

!do help, get knowledge!

Business Point Of view


To grow your business you need to build your brand and reach out to a number of potential customers. For branding you may use social media marketing, Offline promotions etc, these techniques are really good but they take a lot of money. However the money is worth spending but if you can do it without money then why not to try along with these stuffs?

Yes, I am talking about helping others. As I already mentioned above that when you help someone, he/she will remember that and sometimes he/she keeps on mentioning your name in social media, sometimes on his/her website or sometimes recommending to others. These mentions help a lot to build your brand naturally. All it takes is Time; yes you need to spend some time to help others.

!Help others and get more visibility on web!

Natural Links

Natural Links are always beneficial for your website’s SEO. I wrote earlier in this post that you get mentions by those bloggers whom you have helped, In those mentions most of the time you get a dofollow backlink to your blog.

You can see these kind of mentions(Your name) From (your blog name with link).

!Get more trust In SEs!

Note:- I have written here the benefits of helping newbies and others but I am not recommending that you should help only for getting something back. Just do it because helping the needy ones is a very good and noble cause. Benefits will come naturally.

What I wrote in this post is completely based on my personal experiences. Want to hear from you about this topic.

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  • Thanks for the mention, bro!!
    Not everyone is as thoughtful and helping as you are.
    Let me add another thing to the list: FEEL GOOD factor!
    You always feel good when you do something for others. And you go to bed a much happier person when you see or know that you have been able to put a smile on another person’s face by helping him/ her out.
    Thanks again for the numerous smiles you give me, Atish! 🙂
    God bless you, always.

    • Ambika ji @ either newbie or experienced one of us is not perfect in all sectors as we know that blogging is a vast chapter , so every one needs help where a newbie can help an experienced one . Actually ATISH is one of such young star who never claims as a pro but more better and excellent then many more so called pro blogger.

  • I am a new blogger and many experienced bloggers helping me out…This article address the advantage they gain by helping beginners.

    By helping beginners they become Mentors which can get them Great feeling as mentioned by Ambika in above comment.

  • Hi Atish,
    I Have a suggestion for you, you should start a new blog for these kinds of great posts, because this blog is generally related to technology and social media and you should start a new blog to help bloggers.

    its true that if you help anyone that person will never forget you, and helping people gives you a pure pleasure in life.

    And I really like your helping nature Atish, and you inspired me to help others that’s why I focus more in helping new bloggers, when many bloggers trying to impress Pro bloggers.

    Thank you for the Post!!

    • Thank you so much for your suggestion Nishant. I am already having 3 blogs which I find difficult to manage but I will surely think about your suggestion soon. 🙂
      Impressing pro bloggers will not give you anything. Just learn from them but try helping to whom who really in need. 🙂

      Thanks for your kind words Nishant.

  • HI Atish

    My Name is missing from the list, but absolutely no issues.
    Whether they are bloggers or for that matter non-bloggers, when we really help a needy person a sense of satisfaction is always there.

    Thanks Atish for sharing this.


  • Thanks a lot Atish for your kind words. I do not remember myself now how much time I have been mentioned on the sites in your network.

    It really gives me a lot of pleasure on seeing my name mentioned. Thanks again.

    • You deserve this Durgesh Bhai. Wherever I stand now in blogosphere is just because of you. you are not being mentioned only in online, you are being mentioned in my offline life too. Thanks bro for everything.

  • Really It gives a pleasure when we help the new bloggers. All thing has been covered in above comments :).. (Don’t want to repeat that).

    And Thanks Atish Bro for putting me in this post. I.m really pleased to have a friend like you.. :), who has a kind [ actually very kind 🙂 ] heart .

  • Hi Atish I agree with your post that newbie needs lots of motivation and need to post lost of article to get quick ranking and indexing the blog. Newbie should keep regular updating their site. It help to increase the SEPR.

    Thanks for sharing

  • wow nice article Atish bro..Keep helping newbies bloggers.I didn’t see any helping person and blogger like you.You are the great person with great behaviour and attitude

  • Hello Atish ,
    Really good to know there are some people who do care about new bloggers and are happy to help them… Great article…When I started I did not have anyone to teach me….But I am still a newbie and would love to ask for help from you…..

  • Hello Atish, I am also an aspiring blogger and the blogging tips and tricks you share are very useful…
    Thank You.

  • Hello Atish Bhaiya,

    First off all, Thanks for the mention! Such an honor for me! It’s always a pleasure to talk with you..about blogging and life! 🙂

    You are right it always a pleasure to help some one. I don’t know much about blogging now so I can’t help on that but yes in my real life also I help the needy once. Whatever I can do I do.. for them and seriously that was really good moment when we see smile on some one face because of us.

    It’s true In Blogging world we can’t live without helping each other!

    I have learned this thing “SHARING AND CARING” in blogging really works!

    Awesome post totally based on your personal experience! 🙂

    Happy Blogging!

    ~Sugandha! 🙂

  • I’m starting a new blog and already receiving comments and support from other pro bloggers. That is really nice and encouraging. Thanks for mentioning the gains they achieve by helping out newbies like me. Keep up the good work @Atish Ranjan

  • Hi Atish,
    I am glad to say that in this Blogosphere ” Help Is Provided When We Need It ” Because i came across many Friends who has helped me in my Blogging!! Stay Now also i will seek Help from my Friends,,I Have many Friends like Saikumar Crunchyhub,,ExeIdeas admin ,Sumit Hood,Trickiezone.com,Techbappa.com Admin is Lokesh sir,Sandeep kumar Dan(Btechshouter) ,,and many more are helping me in my blogging!! I Want to Thank them Sincerely From my heart!! and even i wil help my friends who seek my Help !! Thanks For the post Bro.Really remembered by Friends !! Thanks to all !! 🙂 🙂

  • Hello atish
    Really nice post , n good thinking some of bloggers thinks against it .
    But there is many of my frnds who always ready to help new bloggers…

  • Atish – This is true and you have been a great help for me as well, in times when I needed some motivation to start a new blog and also by being a regular contributor to TechIVY. You really take time off to help others and I am glad we met and could nurture this relationship.

    Thanks for the mention and am happy for you to have such a long list of wonderful blogger friends. Keep up the good work.

  • Wonderful post Atish! It is in natural language with your style.

    Many thanks for mentioning me, really am feeling proud to be your friend.

    Yeah, agree with your benefits of helping the newbies. I never forget your help n support for me to do better blogging. You motivated me in the right path and hope am going well in the same way. Many times I stumbled with your helping trends as you helped and cleared the doubts even in the early morning (2 n 3 am).

    You not only helped me the stuffs related to blogging, your personal advices, concept of taking the time out, Hindi doubts for my daughter (As I don’t know Hindi) and cleared my great hesitation while choosing the domain name are unforgettable.

    Sometimes I staggered with your multiple references for my doubts. I cannot forget the day when I did the first chat with you in Facebook and the same day chat ended in changing the blogger template for my blogspot blog with some alterations in the HTML code.

    I learned a lot in blogging and SEO from you and now with a self-hosted blog. I happy that you are like a LADDER for many newbies to climb up to a great height in blogging. But the most sad thing is “you are not taking care of yourself”. My wish is ” you should help more people in the blogosphere, so you must take care of you.

    If I continued to write about your talent and helping attitude, then my comment would become a post. Again thanking for your great support in blogging and kind mention here.

    Hope I will get these types of posts in TTW with your personal touch. Thanks for writing and sharing, keep doing it forever!!!

  • Hey Atish,

    Ah, thank you for the mention and you’re right. Who doesn’t love seeing their name in other people’s posts!

    I worked with a very successful online marketer for awhile who also just happens to be a millionaire. He got that way from building his own business online. He told me that you’ll never get far in this industry if you don’t care about people.

    I think for people like yourself and me, that comes naturally. We want others to be successful because to me this isn’t a competition. It’s not who has the better product or site. It’s about who connects with who.

    All of the other benefits you listed here are spot one of course but that’s the bottom line for me. If you help enough people get what they want, it will come much easier for you.

    Wonderful share and thank you again. Now, you enjoy your week okay!


    • Adrienne – So much thank you for stopping by. Yes connecting with others and getting help from , helping them makes the blogosphere like a family. I am lucky to be a member of this family. Your friend is right on his point. Success comes when you care about the audience. you should care about people in order to reach the heights. 🙂

  • I just want to give credit to Atish Ranjan for creating this post. I agree that helping newbie bloggers are good not only to your reputation as a professional blogger, but also in the industry. You will never know when this newbie blogger will have a great blog soon and for sure they will provide you a good credit for helping them.

  • I’m flattered when I see my name mentioned in TTW and even more so that you treat me as a buddy 🙂 Although you are a very knowledgeable blogger, it was your kindness and sincerity in helping me during my initial blogging journey that really impressed me the most. Thanks for everything, Atish!

  • Couldn’t agree more with you Atish!

    To be able to help newbies or just about anyone is what every blogger should aim for, though sadly this isn’t the case in most cases – I wonder why?

    It really costs you nothing other than a little of your time if you are able to reach out and help another person, and you only become richer by giving – isn’t it? Sharing IS caring and the only thing that really works. Besides branding, it helps build relationships, and the friends you make along the way are always the ones who will stay with you for years to come.

    This is one point I strongly believe in and follow on my blog, which was made just for helping as many people as I could – in whatever way I could, and am just glad for being able to do that, though sometimes feel I should be doing more. 🙂

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us. Have a nice day ahead 🙂

    • Thanks for reading Harleena. Yes there are people who even don’t want give a single minute for anyone but this is a wrong attitude. Helping needy ones is a very pleasurable thing. I love doing it.This helps building great relationships even staying far.

      love to see you here reading and sharing your own thoughts on this. 🙂

  • Thanks ! i was thinking to launch new blog for my website aasthatbeauty.com and i am also new in the world of blogging so i will share your this article on my social networks

  • I just love helper people and connecting with newbies allows me to do that. I also learn along the way too as they ask questions I may not yet have the answers for.
    I remember the feeling when you first start and no one comments on your blog and you feel invisible. Or the feeling when big name bloggers still ignore you.
    We all were once newbies in this blogosphere.

  • Such a nice friendly post Atish. helping the needy person is a noble cause. Good to know that you are doing great with this. 🙂

  • One always keeps in mind when somebody helps and Helping Newbies also Give us Some better Experienct to Improve ourselves. It also helps to create a Community or Group which can be utilized to Get a Good traffic through it. Also they will recommend us to the other newbies which will be another Advantage for us.

  • Can it get more perfect and precise than this!!! Not just you socialize via a blog, but also create a cyber presence and individual identity by gaining knowledge and links. Would love to see more of these kind of post in future.

  • That’s a great point of view.

    I needed so much help when I started out and didn’t really find it from other bloggers – but I guess that’s because i hadn’t found CommentLuv back then, so didn’t even know how to get help.

    Anyway, now I have the plugin I have learned so much more!

    And although I have more experience now than before, I’ve been really surprised by the kindness and helpfulness of many bloggers: Adrienne, Rob and Pauline Bennett spring to mind, but I’m sure there’s tons more!


  • Hi Atish,

    Great Post Atish!

    I think that those who don’t enjoy helping people then this industry probably isn’t for them. No matter what they’re doing online. This industry is about helping others and caring about others. It makes you feel good and satisfied. When we help enough people get what they want, we will get what we want as well.

    Thanks Atish for a great share and I admire your spirit of help to others. God Bless You.

    Be Blessed,


    • Thanks Neamat for appreciating my efforts. You are right if you cannot help others then blogging is absolutely not for you. “Helping others” lets blogging stand out of the crowd other businesses.

  • Great post Artish,
    I think this is my first visit here and I’ve already fallen in love with your blog.

    I quite agree with you that on this post. Friends are one of the best investment/assets one can have in life and helping others is one of the best way to get good friends.

    I remembered when Amit wrote his end of the year report, he mentioned you as the person that made him what he today in the blogoshere.

    That’s why it it said that…… You will get whatever you want in life if you can help enough other people get what they want.

    I can’t agree more Artish.

    Let’s keep on helping each other.

    • Thanks Theodore for stopping by here and giving time to write a valuable comment. I really appreciate it. Helping others is nice and good thing. I love to do it as its giving me good friends, more knowledge and many more thing.

  • It truly is a circle where new bloggers will come and we can achieve so much by helping others. The most important is that we make friends and build up trusting relationships. Nice post on building relations with new bloggers.

  • its great post i am agree with you newbie bloggers are hard worker and we get more backlinks so we will help to newbie thanks for sharing..

  • Really great post.
    Its really heart warming and lovely too see fellow blogger like you posting this. Helping a newbie blogger, that is a very generous thought. You are actually building great deeds for yourself by helping others. Respect you for that. When I started with my blog, I never old bloggers will help, but going here and there, I have seen bloggers like you all always ready to help, that is it I am adding you at Facebook. Please also visit me. My link is there, comment luv courtesy. And yes, been a reader on TTT from a year.

  • Hi Atish,

    I’m highly honoured to be mentioned along with all those other awesome bloggers – thank you!

    I couldn’t agree with you more – it’s so important to make real connections with other bloggers. Apart from anything else, it makes you feel less alone on the journey and, as you say, it’s a ‘win-win’ strategy, because we can all help each other out.

    Your book reminds me of that great little book the Go-Giver – at the end of the day, I believe the more you give, the more you get – but you should give freely, not just for ulterior motives. The rewards will come – and, if nothing else, you always have the priceless reward of the pleasure you get from just knowing you’ve helped someone out.

    You’ve certainly helped me out a lot, Atish – like recently, when you tipped me off about the links on my blog – I’m very grateful to you for that and for all your support – thank you!


    • Thanks Sue for reading here and commenting. I always feel very nice when I get a chance to moderate your comment. :). Good to know about the book. Yes if don’t get anything, however we always have the pleasure of helping others. Let me know if you need my help anytime. 🙂

  • Hi ranjan….Nice attitude.I like your attitude on newbies.i am a new blogger and your post was give some boost to me because of your attitude about helping new bloggers. Thank you.

  • Like what Adrienne said, everyone would love to have their names mentioned especially in posts like this. It helps build a great identity for us.

    But the issue is, are we really ready for the challenge?

    Are we truly ready to help others?

    Are we, under any circumstances ready to go beyond our comfort zone to help others reach their aims?

    Helping others has so many benefits for the ones who’s getting the help and the person who’s lending hands to other.

    I personally believes in sharing what I care most about with everyone so far it would have one or two benefits to their lifestyle, so I can authoritatively say it is part of me.

    Thanks Atish for engaging once more in your blog post.

    ~ Olawale Daniel

  • You are the man, Atish. You are a real helper of the newbie bloggers. Occasionally, you also helped me many times in the past, I’m really grateful about that. Keep helping others, Atish. You really have become an inspiration for many fellow bloggers. Keep up the good work bhai :D.

  • It is a circle. I remember the days when I started blogging and got the help of other bloggers. The new bloggers expect same from us and it will go a long way in building relations and trust.

  • This is a great lesson, I can see helping people is a way to build trusted and consistent traffic. They will become your permanent readers and probably follow you on twitter. That make you great. But helping people for the love of it not for what you stand to benefit.
    Thanks bro.

  • You have nice thinking, I agree with you that helping new bloggers give us valuable friends in Blogging world, more friends mean relation with more bloggers and you better now the importance of relations with other business minded people while having a blog ( online business ).

  • Totally agree with you. We should help others and keep the knowledge free. It also help in building the social reputation and a good relationships with the same category of people.

  • Atish, Definitely we should help new bloggers to find the right path to blogging and we should not forget the day when we started our blogging career and how we struggled every step, sometimes failing in some of the plans and learning from the mistakes. Whatever we had learnt whether from long or short journey we should guide others not to repeat those mistakes. The More we help.. the more we learn..and our communication gets better and thanks to Srikanth for his kind mention.

  • Hi Atish,
    The tips are pretty helpful, especially for newbies like me. They are encouraging and instilling conviction in my ability. Thanks very much once again.

  • What Atish told is absolutely true. There is no exaggeration at all. He always stands first in the list to help and for me he is always there when ever I need help of any kind. Even motivates me if I face any issues with the blog and feeling low. I never hesitate to ask for help and he does the same. Never heard saying No from him.

    I believe in what we give is what we get. Either it be personal life or profession. This applies everywhere.

    I even came across few people who are egostic and if asked for help then they feel as if the secrets are revealed or the newbies may come up and overcome them. Initially I faced these kind of people in my blogging career. I don’t want to name them. But later I met Atish and no words the way he interacted and understood my issues one after another.

    I’m always the first one to disturb Atish atleast once daily 😛 and this continues for ever 🙂

    • Thank you Priya! I always love to discuss about blogging with you. Even you have helped me many times. This is greatness of blogosphere where you exchange the help with so many good bloggers. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and commenting here.

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