How Important is it to Have 300+ Words in Your Blog Post ?

Thanks to Google Panda update. Many bloggers are now focusing on writing posts that has good number of words. They are writing sentences in way to have the maximum word count. Some are even writing the same thing multiple times in their posts by rephrasing the same sentences. If you are using wordpress plugins like WordPress SEO by yoast, you must have noticed that it insist on having 300+ words in the post.
If you have worked on panda recovery measures you must have heard the term ‘thin content’. Lots of SEO blogs have wrote many things on thin content but none of them have provided exact definition of thin content. In Google’s eyes thin content is just low quality content. Is it really important to have 300 plus words in the body copy of a page? This is what Google says on this issue:-

One of the most important steps in improving your site’s ranking in Google search results is to ensure that it contains plenty of rich information that includes relevant keywords, used appropriately, that indicate the subject matter of your content.

However, some webmasters attempt to improve their pages’ ranking and attract visitors by creating pages with many words but little or no authentic content. Google will take action against domains that try to rank more highly by just showing scraped or other cookie-cutter pages that don’t add substantial value to users.

So Google here says both the things, it says to have rich information content and also says that it penalize sites with more words but less authentic content.

importance of content

Is it necessary to have 300+ words ?

Google does not says anything about the ideal word count or keyword density in the post. Spammers are always ahead in using the so called black hat SEO tactics. If having more words in the post is the criteria of better ranking in Google, then all the spammers and auto bloggers should be leading the search engine results. Because spammers are the one who care the most about such things. There are lots of auto blogging tools that can generate post with desired keyword density and word count. So it shouldn’t be difficult for spammers to rank well. But the Google search results are still very clean and spam free. This shows that more word count is not the ideal factor responsible for high search engine ranking. Even some video and photo blogs ranks well in Google web search results despite having the minimum number of words.

Why it is recommended to have 300+ words ?

The reason for the 300+ word recommendation is that you need to have enough content on a page for a search engine to think it to be worth sending a visitor to it. 300 word factor was chosen as a guideline to prevent people from writing a sentence or two , then thinking they should show up for searches – it is not a hard and fast rule by any means. Just don’t expect to write one sentence then dominate your niche with it.

How Google decide if it’s enough content?

Google aims to provide user with the results that can give him sufficient details about the thing one is looking for. Few lines can’t provide in depth details, so Google prefers the pages that can provide sufficient details. Also Google does not wants to deliver ebook like pages to the user, so too much information contents are also not preferred in the search results. Google prefers pages with moderate contents. So avoid writing articles that are of thousand plus words.

How I can decide if the content is enough?

You can easily check if your content is sufficient or not by by doing a quick search in Google. Search for your targeted keyword in Google and find out how many words the top 20 sites have on average. If most of them only have 150 words, then you would be fine with about 150 well chosen words. Don’t worry about the 300 words recommendation of yoast or any such plugin. Even a 100 word post can rank well, it depends on the keyword competition and other SEO factors.


Always write for your readers not for the search engines. Provide sufficient details in your article, but those details should not be like phd thesis report. Best practice is to write what you need to write first, then check your competition to make sure it’s not grossly out of line with them. Write legitimate content let it be as long as it needs to be. You can have as many words as it takes to be normal for the keyword you are targetting in your post.

Author Bio: Abhishek Shukla is a blogger and stock market trader who blogs at where he writes about gadgets, wordpress plugins and apps.

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  • would you please elaborate the concept of keyword competition.

  • Hi Abhishek nice info i was concern about this matter and was looking for such info but didn’t find it in one pace, thanks for sharing such details in one post and keep up the good work…
    jawad zaib recently posted…Kogan Agora cheapest Phablet in the worldMy Profile

  • Nice article.

    Yes even I try to keep all my article above 500 words. Even though 300+ is important, I think myself that 500+ will be ranking batter than a 300 word article of same keyword.
    Shathyan Raja recently posted…Price of Samsung Galaxy S 4 in US, UK and IndiaMy Profile

  • Hi Atish Brother. This is first time i am visiting your blog via facebook. It is common mistake that i have done in starting but now i am writing detailed articles. google love detailed articles.
    NEERAJ recently posted…IBPS Specialist officer (CWE SPL-II) Recruitment of 2013My Profile

  • Great article explains about the word count in blog posts. Some of my posts are top on the search engines with specific keywords which are about 300 words. But i too believe like Shathyan Raja that the post with 500+ words would have better search rank than 300 words.So, I used to write blog posts n guest posts with 500+ to place in good position on searches. Thanks for sharing the nice post, hope it would help many bloggers to write the posts with adequate word count.
    Nirmala recently posted…Earn money online free through real waysMy Profile

  • Good explanation of why or why not to have at the magical 300 words. I had heard that back on the panda updates and have stuck with it for a while now. Sometimes I get near 1000 but generally most around 500. Yoast plug-in reminds me if I’m not quite there. I’ll have to check out others that are less and see how they rank as you mention at the end here. Interesting!
    Lisa recently posted…Would You Give Your Arm Up For Your Blog?My Profile

  • You are absolutely right. I try to respect 300 and more words limit but It´s not like I wont publish article that has less than 300 words… Like you´ve mentioned. It´s good to check competition on first page and do what they do and it should be just ok.

  • 300, 500 or 700 – I’ve heard all three. I think we need to be mindful that good bloggers will produce quality content which will generally hit the 500+ word mark. The bottom line is we are writing for our readers and not bots so there will be times when a concept can be explained in 300 words. How often is it that you can read an informative article / post which has less than 300 words? Wouldn’t be many I think.
    Kapil recently posted…How to Create Custom QR Code DesignsMy Profile

  • Hi Abhishek Shukla,
    I am totally agree with your points. If more than 300 words post is there, it would be taken as resource in Search engine and this way we can also get more traffics from search engines.As we all know that content is king!!

    Great post, keep sharing!
    Bhavesh Sondagar recently posted…Easyduplicatefinder – Find & Remove Duplicate Files In Windows 7My Profile

  • Excellent post and very helpful for blog writer Great explains about the word count in blog posts


  • Very nice post and very helpful information for blogger and content writer ..


  • Nice post and very helpful and i am totally agree with your points


  • Hi Atish…. Say my Thanks to your Guest blogger for this wonderful article….

    Length of article is a debatable topic and different people have different view on it.

    I am follower of content quality and length doesn’t matter to me.
    If my objective can cover by 200 words then I don’t want to make it a 500 word post un necessarily.
    Sandeep Kumar recently posted…Top 7 SEO, Google and blogging prediction for 2013My Profile

  • Google is updating its algorithm just for making it user friendly. As there are pros and cons of everything so of Google. Thanks Atish for sharing wonderful post.

  • I guess I was a bit thrown off by the 300 word limit on blog posts. For my tax preparation business I usually do blogs in the 150-300 word range, I guess I need to beef them up a bit. I hope Google takes into consideration that some blog subjects don’t warrant a wordy response and that it is the content that truly matters.

  • I always create 500+ word posts to make sure my website stays under the radar for future algorithm updates. But 300 words is enough today and if the post is too long, people will not have patience enought to read it.

  • I have this dilemma too that writing 300+ posts is necessary or not. You cleared that and I will focus on writing contents that have sufficient detail and provides info to users even though it maybe of less words.
    vicky recently posted…iPhone 6 Or Samsung Galaxy S4:The Next Big Phone?My Profile

  • Thanks for sharing your wisdom on google and SEO. It was very insightful post. Generally I never look at the number of words or care too much on SEO tactics. I focus on what the reader would need to know about the topic I am writing and usually through this angle I would use all the relevant keywords. These keywords will be them also my tag words. And usually this is enough to be found through search engines such as Google.

  • if you want to get higher rank in google then u must have 300+ post keywords

  • Thanks.. I will keep the concept of thin content while writing a post.. Thanks I am a bignner so this is helpful tips for me…

  • Hi Dude,

    Really Good Eplained, i am agree with you bro. as you have eplained about the strength of article that it should be 300+ words. and that facts if we wanna get high traffic then we will have to write 300+ words with unique for article. its necessary for our site. Well i must say thanks to you for about this Article.

    • Hi Siddhart,

      Thats Fact, And i am also agree with you, we need to write 300+ words in the Blog post which is very neccessary for our website and if we have to get more huge amount traffic on our website than its need it with Unique and origfinal content. ….Thanks


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