Hardware Inventory Software. When Do You Need It?

So you have got a company which is expanding day by day, and you want to know the hardware and all assets used in your company? Well, if that’s the case then you are at the right place as we will be introducing you to the thing called hardware inventory software. We will be covering the stuff in detail, so you get a good understanding. We will also be suggesting you at hardware inventory software to use in 2017.

When you own a business, you have to be aware of all the details about your enterprise. For instance, you should know the number of objects that make up your corporate network. This must be done to check their performance and plan the company’s expenses.

Preparing a hardware inventory list is a job for the network manager. He may do this either manually or by using a special program for this purpose. If done manually, it will be backbreaking work: the manager has to find the device on the network and note the essential details about it. The probability that this work won’t be done properly is very high, and you may dislike collecting the information about your network manually.

Some Reasons to Use Hardware Inventory Software

Hardware inventory software gives you a nice opportunity to automatize this process. Here are several reasons why these software products should be used for hardware inventory:

  • They discover and reveal devices on the network;
  • You may specify the location, model, and client assignment of a particular device with the help of it;
  • You are able to track and control devices throughout their life cycle;
  • You can improve your technical support and store the service requests for the devices in your network.
  • You can manage your software statistics.
  • You also get chance to manage licenses of your software
  • It also gives you gain reports by filtering on the basis of memory, manufacturers, different hardware types, etc.

Total Network Inventory: How to Use It for Hardware Inventory

Total Network Inventory (TNI), designed by Softinventive Lab, is a network inventory software created for scanning computers operating on various OSes and servers, including Microsoft Windows, Apple OS, Linux, etc. This program doesn’t require – however, such an option is available – the installation of separate agents: you need to know the password to initiate the scanning process. You can just set up the software on a single computer, and you are good to go!

The TNI has got some great features like a really smart scanner, in which you just need to instruct the software what are the things which you want to get scanned. Now, this where the process starts, the search in your network. After the search is done on your network, you will be able to see all your nodes present in your IP area, the list of workgroup computers, and your domain structure will also be extracted. This is an important part, here you can choose your nodes, and now just select login and password for your assets and start your scan. If you want you can also use the scheduler scanner, which enables you to scan the assets later on a specific date, as specified by you. You can also set in different triggers for every scan.  When you use TNI, you may configure the process the way you actually need it. For instance, you may specify the number of objects to be investigated on the network be saved and repeated as many times it’s necessary and determine the date when this procedure should be conducted. The selections may as it’s necessary.

Now talking about the TNI 3 storage! Well, this folder will be stored on hard drive. If you take a look, you can easily spot your computer represented by a file which measures approx 35 KB. If you want to manage the assets from another computer, you can also share the files or take backup of them. Sounds interesting right?

This software is very cool to use, and it makes your hardware inventory very stylish and easy. All of your data, like notes, texts, data fields, are very easy to access as they all are stored in one place. There’s also this network tree, which can help you display data; IP address, the Operating system (OS), your network name, etc. all at a glance. It has also got the feature to detect the virtual systems and marking all of them automatically.

After the scanning is over, you can generate a complete report about the hardware and software objects on the network with various data categories. You may copy, export or print this report and then search it for information.
Using a special software for the hardware inventory sounds quite beneficial: give TNI a try as it has got support for various major Operating Systems and see how well this product works.

So, that’s the end of our post! We hope that from now on you will use hardware inventory software to manage all the tech assets in your organization, instead of doing manual work, as already that it not only has the risk of mistakes but also costly.

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