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Happy 44th Birthday, Email!

Email!!! This has entirely changed the way we communicate. We no longer write personal letters in paper or post greetings for festivals and holidays. Hence I’d say that the Email invention permanently changed our formal communication methods.

Sometimes, you might puzzle with the questions “When was the Email invented?” and “Who invented Email?” and so on. This year 2015, Email celebrates its 44th Anniversary! So, I thought to share the mail history through this post in a brief manner. Let’s use a beautiful infographic from Reachmail, email marketing provider to look at the growth of Email.


Significant undertakings of Email from 1971 to 1981

Did you know when was the first Email sent and from whom? Even though some research organizations have written the programs to swap over the text messages in 1960, the first Email was sent in the year 1971 by Ray Tomlinson, computer engineer who was working on ARPANET.

Next memorable thing in the mail history happened in the year 1976. Yes, while taking part in the network technology demonstration, Queen Elizabeth sent her first Email and thus she considered the first head of state who used electronic mail.

Now, you may get wonder if I say that the spam mails was sent to 393 people by Gary Thuerk, marketing manager of Digital Equipment Corporation as he wanted to publicize the company’s latest computers.

Have you heard about Scott Fahlman? He is a computer scientist who invented smiley and emoticons and they were used in the Email in 1982. After occurrence of smiley in Email, voice messages like “Welcome”, “Good Bye”, “You’ve Got Mail” ingrained in it by an American voice over actor, Elwood Edwards in 1989.

Here comes interesting Email news! Yeah, Microsoft Outlook was released in 1997 after buying Hotmail for $400 million.

Exciting Email happenings between the years 1998 – 2003

No one can forget “You’ve got mail”, a romantic comedy drama film distributed by Warner Bros in the year 1998 which topped $250 million at the domestic box office and the word “Spam” was added to the Oxford English dictionary at the same year.

Next interesting incident of mail history in 1999 was due to a false Email stated that “Bill Gates will give $5000 to everyone who shares his image on Facebook”. This fake mail was forwarded by millions of people.

Homer Simpson, safety inspector at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant was revealed his Email as “[email protected] in 2003. As soon as he publicized this Email, his inbox was flooded with mail responses and he had reacted to each mail. In the same year, the CAN-SPAM Act was signed into law by George W. Bush to send commercial Email.

Main Events of Email from 2004

Email spam laws were codified by the FTC in the year 2004 and some other U.S federal agencies have also exercised the rules. In the same year, LOL and other Internet acronyms were included in the English Oxford dictionary. Not only these, mobile phone providers were brought together by the MMS World Congress in Vienna and thus the multimedia Emails were also introduced in 2004. This made the internet users to easily share the laughing baby’s funny video.

Technology which verifies the identities of the Email senders named SPF was established in 2005. I hope that you well aware that the Google has made Gmail available to the public worldwide in the year 2007. Moreover, the Internet Engineering Taste Force had adopted the anti-phishing security protocol DKIM in the same year.

An appealing Email event was taken place in the year 2008 and it is nothing but the database compilation over 13 million email addresses by Barack Obama for his campaign. Another interesting thing was that the slight name change from E-mail to Email in 2011 by Associated Press Stylebook. Also, a profound study in 2011 illustrated that the most easily broken Email passwords are “Password” “123456” and “qwerty”.

As the technology is evolving in mobile devices, the access of Emails slowly transformed from desktop to mobiles. Thus in 2012, no. of Americans accessed email on mobile device had reached about 90 million and the reports revealed that 64% of them are checking emails through their phone on daily basis.

One of the fascinating stuffs which occurred in mail history 2013 was the accessibility of smart Gmail without overloading. Yes, Google rolled out the Gmail tabs with smart Email sorting options and less mail burden. Last year, Sony Entertainment was slashed by hackers and so hundreds of sensitive emails were revealed. When the U.S government blamed North Korea for this hewed activity, the country denied responsibility.

Final Words

If you look back over 44 years, it is crystal clear that the mail history has so many unforgettable matters. I’d say that it becomes a daily part of our life even though email is an oldest technology. It would be tough to predict the future of Email and let’s wait for some remarkable accomplishments in the upcoming years too.

What do you think about this mail history infograph? Have you well engaged with the history of Email discussed in this post? Feel free to leave your thoughts in comment section.

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  • Good, unique post Atish 🙂

    Its quite interesting to read the mail history and great that the smileys had introduced in Email for a long time before.

    I knew very few mail happenings which you’ve listed here but now grabbed all information through your post.

    Thanks for sharing this nice email history infograph with us.

  • Hi Atish,

    You remind me many factors about emails. Previously the emailing process was quite different and now various development and changes have become our part of life.

    Thanks for such nice article and happy bday email..

  • Hi Atish,

    Awesome post. Great collection of Information

    Additional Information about Email Founder :-

    Founder of Email, Shiva Ayyadurai, the Indian Tamil NRI from Bombay living in the US was invited to India with an appointment as Scientist in the “Council of Scientific and Industrial Research” (CSIR) and honoured with the post of Additional Secretary in the Indian government and was tasked with new ways to spin

  • yeah u’re right! an oldest technology but unforgettable
    Email will remain the best of internet but unfortunately Spammers will always missuse it.

  • Hi Atish,

    I liked the infographic which you have shared. It perfectly depicts various stages of life email have lived so far. Certainly, E-mails have lost their charm lately with the advent of quick services such as Skype where business conversations and conferences can be carried out quickly.

    Thanks for sharing this. And have a relaxing Sunday.

    Rohan Chaubey.

  • Mind blowing work Atish,

    You just wrote the whole story of Email in a single post. Email brought lot’s of new opportunities for us along with some disadvantages. After all we can’t ignore it as it has become an essential part of our life.
    We must be careful in case of submitting our Email to stay safe.

    Thanks again Atish. Have a nice day.

  • WOW, has it really been 44 years? It doesn’t seem too long ago when we were all using dial-up modems and AOL. Anyway, technology is amazing. I’m still looking forward to the day that we have high-functioning artificial intelligence.

    Great article!

  • Hello, Atish,

    Wow, what a history email has! I absolutely love the graphic following along from year-to-year. I got my first computer in 1992, and it was a monstrosity. LOL I paid over $3000 for it, It took up half the table, but I was thrilled when I was able to send email and be on bulletin boards. 🙂

    So much has changed, and I’m thankful for technology advancements.

    Yeah, I remember the “You’ve got mail!” message being an exciting thing. Now it’s almost a burden to most folks when they see they’ve got a lot of email in their Inbox.

    Thank you so much for the history lesson and for the trip you encouraged me to take down memory lane. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll be talking with you soon.


    • Omg! you are using computer since long. I have started using computer after 2006 and also started using email sending and other Internet features.

      Yes, technology has reached to a greater level it will amaze us more in near future. Thanks for coming by Carol. Keep visiting to my blog. 🙂

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