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The Ultimate Guide to List Your Local Business Online

Well! You might be here as you are looking to be a brand and I hope this noob guide may help you to grow your business online. Now lets us discuss the term Business regarding the internet. Yeah!! You heard it right and below are some statistics which support my statement.

The Internet has been into our everyday life, and so every business is trying to go online somehow i.e. they are just trying to list some information on the internet so that people can be able to get some information regarding them.

Listen, Buddies; This Guide is not just to get a Knowledge Graph or to just list your business online, the main aim of my guide is to increase customers for your local business with some simple tweaks. Ok well! I don’t want to waste much of your time, and this guide is entirely for the people who want to grow their business online. Let’s start it with the table of contents.

Let’s start it with the table of contents.


  • Here business is referred to local business.
  • The statistics stated in the article are taken from Google webmasters

Why list your local business online?

Hope this should not be in your mind. Quality alone doesn’t help to boost your business quickly. Marketing, promotions, and services are critical factors. There is a good course here to learn online marketing. No one is going to visit your business office for some little information such as “what services do you offer?”,about working hours?” Right?

Exactly, they just Google their query.

For example, if I am running a “web designing service” in my local area (I am a resident of Guntur, and hence I am going to use Guntur as local area here) and a college of my area is looking for some professionals who can create an excellent website for them. Shit! I am not only the one who can design websites in Guntur; many can do this task.

Here comes the play, they are not going to each and every office to know about their pricings, Feedbacks, etc. They Just Google their query which might be like “web designing service in Guntur“.

This is what I got!

These are some of the web design companies in Guntur. There are more chances of choosing any one from those search results by having a look at their reviews and all. Just continue reading, I will explain it more in further sections. Hope now you are going to list your local business online.

Creating a website for your business

“Website is not a must-have thing to do your business online.”

So you had started designing a small website for your local business which provides required information for your customers. Wait a minute! Having a website for your local business helps you, but it’s not a must-have thing and not the only thing which lists your business online.


Should I create a website for my local business or not? Just go on…

Here are some cons and pros of having a website for local business:


  • You can choose your design option
  • You can display the content you need to.
  • Design options are up to you.


  • If you are not a developer, you need to invest time and money for having a website.
  • The possibility of facing security issues.
  • Someone is going to manage your website (if you are not a developer).

Oh! Hmm, I am not a developer. Don’t worry you had some more options as well. Hope there is nothing wrong in trying the below options even after having a website.

Knowing about local search results:

The direct information or the direct links to the local searches apart from their website links can be termed as local search results. It can also be stated as the group of results when someone searches for local business of particular location. Here is a small representation which clearly says about local search results and standard Google results.

The visitor is going to use information or click on the information which is clearly appeared in the local search results. Very few of the visitors will scroll down to the websites and click on their respective links. I bet most of the customers will get engaged with the local search results.

Getting into local search results is more beneficial than having a website?!

Yes exactly, you will be more beneficial if you were listed in the local search results and it’s the specific aim of the tutorial as well and here is the reason. A customer might search his query from desktop or Smartphone as per their comfort.

Anyway, The Google results will be same on any device (Lol) and here are some statistics i.e. how people searched are engaged with the local results.

  • 85% of the local searches are done from the Smartphone
  • 81% takes action from the result.
  • 40% visited in person
  • 35% called the particular business by the info displayed in the local search results.

As most of the people search from Smartphone for the local info, the screen is filled with local results, and no one is going to scroll down the local search results from mobile. It’s same on the desktop as well.

Hope you got a glimpse of the local search results and now you might be ready to bring your business online. Cheers!

Making your new local business online:


  • Use your brand name while building lists and profiles on the listed networks.
  • Use only one mail which was associated with your brand name.
  • Use same contact info and address during listings.

Don’t go away as if you are running a business from ages. These can be used for any local business (new and old). Hope you will get benefited through local results after implementing the guide.

Let’s gather some requirements at first. Here I am going to share some of the traditional web channels which make you appear in the local search results and that too without having a website (No issues if you had an existed website)

  1. Requirements:

One may just go with the local results which will be appeared on the screen, and the techies go with reviews and feedbacks. So lets me discuss a few things that are required.

  • Google+ Business page and Google+ profile on the name of your local business
  • Mark Your Business in Google Maps
  • Signup and create your pages with required information at Yelp, Trip Advisor, and urban spoon, and the list goes on as per your business.
  • An active LinkedIn profile for your business helps a lot.
  • Create an account at freebase/wiki data and list your business there.
  • Create a YouTube channel

Important: I request you to follow all the above steps, and here I am going to explain the basic step (Google+ and Google Business steps) in the procedure section as you can do the rest. The rest is all about submitting your business brand.

Note: A few days back, I tried to join Yelp to list my local business there. Unfortunately, it is officially not available for the Indian business (Yelp is limited to particular nations). You can check it’s for more information. If you had tried yelp with some Indian address, then let me know via the comments section, and so we will update the article for our visitors.

Google+: It’s one of the best Google service available through which you can exhibit your business online. A strong Google+ page and profile helps you in search results.

  • It reaches Google searches.
  • Customers can review it by logging into their Google accounts.
  • It serves as light weight home page for business.
  • You can post videos, photos and scope of interactions with the customers are really great here.

Google Business: It’s one of the Google products which support your business online. So you have to sign up at Google business where you are asked to mark your address with directions. This section appears as contact info in the search results.

Yelp and similar sites: They accept reviews and business owners are allowed to list working hours, contact info and all.

LinkedIn Profile: LinkedIn is a must include a social network for connecting the like-minded people in no time. Let me dig it out for you, the professionals mostly used it, and so your business is exposed to the more professionals which result in many things.

Freebase/wiki data: It’s one of the largest databases which was acquired by Google in 2010. Freebase is renamed as wiki data. Google collects the data from the trusted databases, and so I push you to create an account at wiki data and to list your business here.

YouTube: I had done this and it relay helps me in getting a knowledge graph. Don’t worry; you don’t need any number of views or something. Just create a YouTube channel with your brand name and upload 3-5 unique videos. That’s enough.

  1. How the local results and knowledge graph work?

Ok! Let me say about knowledge graph. Knowledge graph is one of the Google search feature introduced in 2012 which was aimed to display the information of famous persons, brands, Business, etc. (Let’s say, It shows popular things with a knowledge graph. Not every popular thing is displayed in knowledge graph. It’s well explained below). Knowledge graph works with the concept of semantic search.

Semantic search is all about search accuracy i.e. it understands the intention of the user and meaning of the search terms to generate more accurate results. Below is a snap of knowledge graph for my brand, Backbenchideas.

Wait!!We need to know about the local results too. There are more chances of getting to the top of the local search results with knowledge graph as most of the local results are dragged from knowledge graph and other Google products (such as wiki data, Google+, etc.). So I suggest you work for both KG (Knowledge Graph) and local results as well.

  1. Procedure:

Let’s start.

  • Create a Google+ Business page for your brand and with your brand name.
  • Add main keywords in Bio section (Most important). Complete each and every portfolio.
  • Manage it with relevant posts.
  • Now it’s time to sign up for Google business using the same mail address.

Address verification and listing business on Google maps:

**These are the main steps in getting a Knowledge graph for your business as well**

  • Signup to Google Business with your Gmail. The screen will appear like the following.

  • Fill each and everything accurately in the form.
  • Once done filling all the details, click Continue, it will ask to mark the particular location on the map.

  • Click on “Set marker Location” and set your location accurately.
  • Google sends you a code to the listed address via postcard in 5-7 working days. You need to verify it.

  • Now add each and everything i.e. a cover photo, Display picture, Working hours and this was the last step with Google business.
  • Add info accurately as it will be displayed in knowledge graph and local search results as well.

  • You are done with Google+ and Google Business.

Best Practices:

First of all, you must sure about targeting type of audience and here are some tweaks you must be followed.

  • First of all, let the customers know that you are online.
  • Never copy and don’t write reviews yourself. Duplication will hurt you
  • 24*7 Help
  • Don’t confuse Google By stuffing your categories. Add the exact categories you are targeting.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by publishing articles updating Google+ page and blog (If it exists).
  • Don’t forget to provide location, directions, working hours, contact info and some working still from your place.
  • Update once or twice for a week on your Google+ business pages, and it helps.


According to me, making your business online is a must thing in this digital world. OK! If you are the one who had listed your business everywhere and was facing issues with local results then just be patient because sometimes it might take 3-4 months(You might try to fool Google somewhere)to get into Google local search results. Hope you share this long noob guide with your local business owners and do let me know your issues via the comment section.

If you had been in the local results with some other different methods, let me know, and we will update the methods for our beloved visitors.

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Thandava Krishna

I am s.Thandava Krishna who loves money and internet and I make hell lot of it.My interests include blogging, Browsing, Cricket Etc. I am 20 years old blogger who loves to work on computers. I love Risks and Challenges.C currently I am building a blog network under backbenchideas.


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  • Hey Thandava,

    Listing your local business to Google is the first and the most important step to building your personal brand.

    Having a GooglePlus profile will make you more discoverable. People strive to get some attention from the search engine which can be embraced using the websites like LinkedIn, Medium, Yelp, and more.

    Glad to read this article.

  • Listing your local business online could have been a great idea. It will surely help you to get some enormous amount of traffic from local areas. If your business is established in accordance to local market, than must employ fully optimized SEO strategies. SEO is now the major part of any organization overall growth, that has to be carried out in a proficient fashion.

    • Hai Mark,

      I am glad as you are good at local business stuff and I hope you loved the article as well.

      Coming to the point,
      Seo is a must thing for online branding.But I penned the basics to just make your brand online ,let’s call it as basic seo for local business.

      Give it a try on your blog network too 😉

      Good day 🙂
      Keep visiting 🙂

    • Hai chibuzor,

      Yes listing your brand on the above free data listings will boost your local brand in search results because they are the most trusted Google data bases. 🙂

      Hope you are going to list your business soon

      Thank you for your words 🙂
      Keep visiting 🙂

    • Hai Minh Ta,

      It’s really a valid question.This guide is to list your brand online and never keyword stuff your brand by adding some more extra tags as it confuses the search engine.If you are going to list use the same keyword to list.

      You can use supporting keywords in the bio’s section that is Google + bio and the list goes on.Getting exact results for supporting keywords may take time because local results are displayed with sematic search principle.

      I never tried listing the multiple keywords for a single brand.Hope the above works.let me know the results too and we will update the article as well.

      Thank you 🙂
      Keep visiting 🙂

  • Hi Thandava,

    What a great comprehensive article. You covered everything one needs to know to put together an online presence of a business.

    I’ve done a few myself but not this elaborate. Now I’m keeping this post because people often ask me when I’m out and about what I do. I’m so used to online that I sometimes forget those offline people needing a website.

    After reading this I did get an AHA moment because you have covered everything needed to know.

    Thanks so much,


    • Hai Donna mam,
      This large comment made my day.I almost tried to include everything.I am glad that you are going to suggest this long article to your customers.

      If you failed to list your business,then i suggest to to try this and share results with us as well 🙂

      Anyway A big Thanks for your words 😉
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  • Hello Thandava,

    This is the second time today I have read a blog about listing our business online, so I think we really need to take it up seriously 🙂

    Lot of interesting points and a detailed explanation of how one can get listed and go about establishing their online presence.


    • Hai Praveen,

      yes listing your business online is a must thing and need to take a serious action as well 🙂 because you need to give your maximum presence to your local customers in this digital world.
      and i am glad as you are going to list your business online with this guide 😉
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  • thank you for this amazing article, i have registers my business with google and other portals. and i got really amazing response, getting calls from other countries also.

    • Hai Tanisha,

      Wow it’s really cool that you are getting calls from other countries!! I suggest you to target those particular countries as well and it helps you to bank from your brand from that particular country.

      Keep visiting 🙂

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  • Localeze will distribute your information, but it will most likely be buried by better optimized & paid listings. Follow Tony’s advice and claim your free listings online in as many places as you can.

  • Hi Thandava,

    Adding your business to the Google listing is very important as nowadays we do Google search for everything. For example, if I have to find chicken in my area, I would go try search on Google “chicken in (area name)”, and if some chicken houses have listed their shops on Google places, I would find that, and most probably I will call one of them to get the chicken delivered at my place.

    Good post. Keep it up.

  • Hi,

    Great article for local business listing. it is best important for any business owner. according to my opinion, generate maximum leads from Google local listing.

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    Having a strong online web presence has evolved from being a great marketing tool to a make-or-break business must-have. When it comes to designing and building a business website, you basically have to do it yourself from scratch and it will minimize the cost.

    LinkedIn is really a healthy source for our business when we use it wisely – it definitely show positive results. We can publish content on our LinkedIn profile, then we have a powerful way to ensure that our contacts see our latest content. Eventually, thanks for sharing your valuable thought with us.

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    Amar kumar

    • Hai Amar,

      LinkedIn is a must option to list your business online as we can drive some real business traffic with it.I prefer Google+ and Google maps are the basic things to start and the same was penned above.Any way your idea about making business online was cool.

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  • Hey Thandava,

    Listing your business is the great idea!!!

    Mobile friendly website design and listing your business online is the first thing before go elsewhere like SEO.

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      Thank you for your words.
      keep visiting 🙂

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