How to Grow Your Blog Readership Immensely

Blogging is like a garden. The garden plot is the blog, the seeds are the articles. As the blog is promoted and given exposure, it’s like garden seeds that are watered and sprout and grow. Then comes the harvest. You may eat them all or you may share and sell to others. Blog articles ought to be shared to others, too.

The strength and usefulness of a blog depend on its online readership. Just like a garden vegetable needs buyers around to be more productive and expand. And particularly, it needs regular buyers. Blogs also ought to have a loyal following or a community of readers that regularly hangs out and takes part in discussions. A  Readership that feels at home with your blog.

Thus, you should know how to build communities on your blog. Grow your blog readership. And here are important pointers.

Establish Yourself Online as an Expert

On the Internet, nobody pays much attention to a blog writer unless the writer is recognized as an expert. Online, this is achieved first through quality content. Keep on researching and writing on a topic, stay focused on it, and gain expertise. Other writers worry about SEO and stats and do everything to stay on top. However, the trick really is to grow your blog readership through quality blog content and that takes care of SEO and stats.

SEO ranking boils down to nothing if a blog has nothing quality to offer. So what if the blog is frequented by visitors and ticks off the stats like crazy? What counts are comments and discussions triggered by content, and only quality content can do that. In fact, experts say Google now weighs site strength by the quality of comments posted there in reaction to its blog articles. So, focus on quality write-ups and don’t be in a hurry to get to the top in a twinkling of an eye. Soon, people would see your expertise in your niche and pay more attention.

Discuss with Your Community

At first the blog has 2 or 3 followers. It takes time to build a readership and community. Talk with them and participate in the posted discussions. Respond to comments and answer questions. That starts the process of how to build communities on your blog.

Then regularly post new articles and keep a schedule for it. Say, post every Wednesday or every Tuesday and Thursday. Followers later see this routine and watch out for new posts accordingly. Consistency is the key. Don’t fail your readers. They will be watching out for new info and opinion at such set times.

It also helps to see what day and time of day readers are active on the blog. That’s the time to mingle with them and post articles. For instance, if the blog is on being a mother, the proper time perhaps is after supper when most moms are free from chores to roam around the Net and visit your site. Or, if it’s on fitness, estimate the time when most exercise buffs are doing their workouts in the morning and in the afternoon. Be online when they are most likely just relaxing and checking out what’s new online.

When you regularly come in contact with your readers, it becomes a habit for them. Chances are, they’d talk about it to friends and recommend the site. The blog membership grows. Soon, that helps you build communities on your blog in the process and helps grow your blog readership.

Communities Beget Communities

A long list of comments on a blog is eye catching online. People see and ask, “What’s going on here?” Or, “What’s all the excitement about?” They get curious and enticed to join in the discussion. And these are people from other localities or countries. Imagine if they in turn talk about your site to friends and recommend it to them. Then whole new groups of followers or communities would be formed.

These communities lend more attraction to the blog so that more new communities get attracted and formed. Soon, there may be a need to hire a secretary just for monitoring daily comments and posts.

Charlie is a free lancer writer and content builder of many Technology and Web Development sites and he is sharing his experience regarding the SEO Tips.

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  • Totally agree with you treading the conventional path towards gaining blog popularity. Agreed it might take time, but it also helps us build some respect in the process. Success will come in time, and when it does, it’s bound to be huge. As we might know, success coupled with respect is a combination achieved by a select few, yet. Really like the comparison of a blog to a garden! Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for stating the important points… I guess it’ so true that never let your reader’s down from your reader’s list because they are the most important person for you in blogging fields…

  • Hi Zainil,
    You have share an interesting and informative article. I agree with you points blog is really as a garden. it should care about time to time and promote essentially. We should establish a relationship with the expert. You tips are really appreciable. Thanks for sharing us.

  • Nice post Zianil,
    Absolutely Blog is just like a Garden because it time to time we have to care it and We establish a strong relationship with the expert and take and share knowledge and grow up in to become a successful blogger. Your tips and facts are really informative.
    Thanks for sharing nice job!!

  • It’s hard building a community – so I appreciate the tips I’m able to pick up by reading helpful blog tips, like the ones offered in this post. Trying to envision your reader in as much detail as possible is definitely a great tip – we run a video game website, and as most games are released on Tuesdays, fans are likely to search reviews on or before that time. Thanks for the helpful hints!

  • I agree with the metaphor of growing a blog like a garden. It isn’t about tricks to get quick success. You need to grow something of value at the same time you plan and execute how to attract visitors to your blog.

    I don’t believe Google computes the “quality” of comments and then uses that to rank a site.

  • Hi Zainil,
    You have Convinced me through the graph that how can become number one on the web. Absolutely building a relationship on the web is so difficult but you tips did so easier. A lot thanks for sharing awesome tips!!

  • Thanks Zainil, You are the best writer and best blogger. I have read mostly all of your blogs. You always provide informative articles.

  • Comments and replying to comments are important-but majority of the times, the comments received are spammy. In many cases it is best to delete such comments since we are ‘known by the company we keep’. Nice post-very helpful and motivational.

  • Great post sir,i think blog reader ship is very great weapon in blogging.If you have a nice and good audience then you can earn good name in blogging field.Anyway good article.Keep it up
    sunil recently posted…Top 5 Best Samsung Android Phones In India With PriceMy Profile


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