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20 Great Websites That Built On WordPress

I would say that WordPress is a top CMS platform to build a website and it is silently serving a lot of popular websites. It is highly optimized for search engines and it is excellent to boost interaction with the readers.  I have been blogging in WordPress platform for the past 3 years and I feel very comfortable with its features. My eagerness on WordPress have nudged me to write posts on it and I recently published a blog post under the topic “Essential things to do after setting up a WordPress blog”  in my personal blog.


This post is also related to WordPress but it is quite different.   Yes, as I used to get splendid response for the list posts, I have decided to display some websites built with WordPress for my adored readers. Before looking into those astonishing websites, I would like to spell out some great benefits of using WordPress domain.

Benefits of using WordPress

WordPress website offers much more benefits and here are the significant paybacks:

  1. Great accessibility and social networking friendly.
  2. Improved security and SEO friendly.
  3. Inspires repeat visitors and enables two-way communication with them.
  4. Additional brand awareness and automated syndication.
  5. Free upgrades with multi-user capability.
  6. Great communication speed and hence better time management
  7. Low cost and fit for mobile viewers.

Awesome Websites That Built With WordPress

WordPress is a full-featured content management system (CMS) which is easy to customize. Here are my favourite websites built with WordPress.

1. Today.ttu.edu

Texas Tech Today is the leading teaching and research institution in Lubbock, Texas and this website was started in the 2005 as an e-newsletter for alumni and friends of the university. It acts as a convenient news source for Texas Tech University which contains stories on research, classroom study, role of university in the community and other topics of general interest.

2. Ford Social

This awesome website belongs to the company “Ford” to hear the experiences, stories, ideas and questions from their customers. It is a good place to learn, share and chat with the Ford insiders and other Ford owners. Moreover, people could get the details of upcoming cars, technology used etc. and some great articles have been written and gathered on this site for the Ford fans.

3 . Digital Photography school

Digital Photography School was formed by Darren Rowse, founder of problogger.net to help the digital camera owners by providing simple tips so that they could get the most out of their camera. As he operated a digital camera review site, he had been asked by the readers to give tips on how to use their cameras and hence he started this site for them with How to tips.

4. Reader’s digest

Reader Digest is a website that features health news, real-life stories, current event articles, funny jokes, family games etc. for the visitors. They could also take part in the contests, send their own jokes to RD laughs channel, get special offers for music & books and upload their media files here. It gets updated throughout the day and the readers will find curated and original content according to their needs.

5. Time

Time is the leading online magazine that offers breaking news, analysis, tech reviews, health, science, entertainment news and much more. Its head office is in New York, US which currently has millions of readership. As it gets updated daily, the readers could update themselves with the recent trendy stuffs.

6. Sony Music

Sony Music is the official website of Sony Music Entertainment to display the recent corporate news, featured artists and career details. It is also headquartered at New York and has thousands of daily visitors.

7. Metro

Metro.co.uk is a London free newspaper which brings the latest news headlines from Britain and it was designed as a concise read to engage millions of more urbanites.  It is a forward thinking brand with a mobile first strategy for their customers. This free national morning commuter newspaper also brings the music & film reviews, football headlines and celebrity gossip.

8. hMAG

hMAG is the high-end lifestyle magazine for the Hoboken market, New Jersey  that print 15,000 copies to distribute in Hotels, doorsteps in town and retail establishments. This high interactive website has wide variety of content like events, classified ads, contests, music, video and much more stuffs and hence acts as an active social landscape for the people in that area.

9.The New York Times

Nytco is a treasured website which publishes two national and 16 regional newspapers.   Moreover, it owns eight network-affiliated TV stations, two Radio stations in New York and more than 40 websites of US to provide high-quality journalism. The readers could read, watch and engage with the rich, interactive multimedia storytelling of “The New York Times”.

10. Best Buy Mobile

Best Buy Mobile is a specialty store websites which offers the inviting shopping experience featuring the recent phones, tablets and accessories. Their highly trained and non-commissioned mobile specialists would help the visitors to find the exact device and plan according to their specific needs. They work hard to offer the best value for their products and so the visitors can shop with confidence.

11. Sweden

Sweden.se is the official site of Sweden to discover the facts and stories of that country. It is publically funded with four organizations and it is being operated by Swedish institute. The visitors could get all the information of Sweden related to their society, culture, traditions, business etc here with this active website.

12. BBCAmerica

BBCAmerica is the best and latest British TV in US which presents the best shows and ground-breaking Americal originals for the people. Comedy, reality, drama, movies, documentary etc. all the programs are delivered in their unique British voice and 60% of the programming on this US channel is original to the American market when the rest are British cult classics that loves by everyone.

13. Bata

Bata is the website acts as an online shopping place and store finder for the people to look & buy the stylish footwear by Bata. The reach of the Bata is worldwide and it facilitates around the globe to respond to the unique needs. The visitors could get the various brand details, world of shoes, show reviews, recent news, history & sustainability of the company etc. through this website.

14. MP3

MP3 is an international digital music source to listen and download music from the favourite artists for free. Not only music, the visitors could download VEVO videos, lyrics, radio songs, artist info and much more from this famous website. Moreover, they could keep updated with new and future bands and upload their own music to share with the MP3 community.

15. How to draw app

Howtodrawapp is an awesome website that contains mobile applications to draw better like a professional. It gives drawing ideas & tips, free online step-by-step lessons & tutorials and best drawing lessons for everyone to draw cartoon characters, animals etc. People could get best drawing apps for IOS and Android devices to draw on screen or on paper.

16. Platinum Games

PlatinimumGames is a Japanese games website which was created to make the high-quality, next generation games for a range of hardware platforms. It has the most talented creators in the gaming industry to stay as an independent entertainment developer. It engages in the businesses like online video games production, home video game production & interface design, computer graphics and some products related to video games.

 17. 99U

99U delivers action-oriented insights from leading researchers and visionary creative tips to help people to push their creative ideas forward. As it provides on how to make ideas through its in-depth articles, interviews and videos, it has been awarded “Best cultural blog” twice and they want to empower their readers to make good on the ones they’ve got.

 18. Variety

Variety is the premier source of entertainment news to contribute timely, credible and straightforward news and analysis for the people. It is also the most comprehensive online resource to the global entertainment business since 1905 that gives breaking industry news, reviews, original videos and box office rankings for the innovative readers.

19. Van Heusan

Everyone knows that the VanHeusan is the No.1 dress shirt brand in America as it has been associated with stylish, affordable and high-quality shirts since 1921. Through this website, people could get a wide range of product categories and threads to improve their design and style. Besides, corporation news and information and beautiful showroom with full-sized photos of their products get presented here.

20. Broadshorts

Broadshorts was founded in the year 2012 for those who are looking for the best apparel to buy online. This website has large selection of broad shorts with easy search functionality to help the customers to evaluate and choose the suitable products for their needs. Their main mission is to offer the affordable, fashionable and high-quality apparel through in-depth descriptions and reviews.   

How to check if a website is built using WordPress?

Here are the two tools for you to check any website that it is built with WordPress or not.

  1. www.isitwp.com
  2. builtwith.com

Final Words

Some businesses think that the WordPress is not suitable for the serious projects due to some drivel reasons. I hope that the websites using WordPress in this post would tell them that it is perfect for thoughtful tasks. Furthermore, the advantages of WordPess which I listed above will state that it can be used to create corporate websites.  There are plenty of supportive plugins and thousands of free & premium WordPress themes available for the webmasters and these would reinforce the reputation of WordPress.

What do you think about these websites powered by WordPress? Did you engaged well with the listed WordPress websites? Are they exciting? Do you know any famous website built on WordPress? Discuss with me on all about WordPress through your comments.

About the author

Atish Ranjan

Atish Ranjan is an established and independent voice dedicated to providing you unique, well researched and original information from the field of technology, SEO, social media, and blogging.


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  • Atish, I’ve been blogging with WordPress for the past 1 1/2 years and I feel comfortable with it. But I still have to learn a lot with that and trying to do so.

    Its really amazing to check that some of the top brand like Bata, VanHeusan and SonyMusic are using WordPress Platform for their online presence.

    You’ve provided a nice and unique information through this post and thanks for highlighting the advantages of using WordPress 😛

  • Hi Atish,
    Nice to be here again,
    This is really a new information to me,
    glad to note that these great sites are
    using WP platform. I am new to this
    platform, recently i migrated my stuff
    from blogger to here and i am still building
    it up with the help of a friend of mine.
    Nice to speak to you Atish, I took the
    screenshot of the sharebutton problem within
    your page, and later noticed that its fixed it so
    i did not send a mail. this post also showing no
    problem with the share buttons its stand still at
    the side of the post without giving any trouble to
    your readers. Thanks for fixing it up,
    Thanks again for sharing this important information
    with other links to check any website that it is built with WordPress or not. That is really interesting too.
    Best regards
    ~ Philip

  • Hi Atish,

    Thanks for sharing this post, Indeed wordpress is one of the most used CMS as it is cheap and can be easily tweaked according to user requirement. I have been working on wordpress for the past four years now and i am always amazed with its flexibility.

  • Hello Atish – I agree with you that WordPress is one of the most scalable and flexible CMS. I have briefly explored Blogger platform and Drupal but I felt WordPress was more user friendly.

  • Some really great WordPress sites there. WordPress is so much more than just a blogging platform now and it’s only going to continue to get bigger and better, exciting stuff!

  • Hey Atish,

    Good one buddy.. I never know that New York Times and BBC America these are build on WordPress. That’s really great and from where this post idea came to your mind. This is really unique topic.:)

  • Impressive research Atish, a great way to tell everyone -“WordPress??? Me too :-)” Some other’s i knew are Coca-Cola’s french site, Canadian Olympic Official website, Justin Beiber’s official page.

    WordPress is Powerful, no can deny that 🙂

  • WordPress go way beyond blogging. Actually this trend started 2-3 years ago with so called “application themes” that overwrite part of taxonomies and functionality. WordPress lack a bit of
    “content construction” capabilities, but in general is one of the most powerful CMS after Drupal and Joomla.

  • Hi Atish
    Good to see Many top level MNC websites are built upon WordPress.I was totally unaware of this fact. Since WordPress is most popular CMS,so its main popularity is now being reflected by you.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Atish brother,

    That was an awesome collection of great wordpress sites. I never noticed about these sites. Surely I fell in love with wordpress after my migration from blogger to wordpress.

    Hope there are still many things that should be listed in techtricksworld and thinking they would be soon live in this blog.

    I am impressed with your collection, and may i know how do you get thoughts to write such a great posts brother..?

  • This is really a great list, Atish. It’s pretty glad to run my blog in this platform. I was wondering once when Ubuntu Developers site was using WordPress.

  • Hi Atish,

    These are really great revelations. I never knew Reader’s Digest was on WordPress. There is of course no doubt that WordPress is indeed a prestigious platform when it comes to all CMS’s.

  • Nice list artish
    Wordpress is very effective that bloggers should not ignore, i’ve used this for years and it surprises me day by day.
    thanks for your sharing.


  • That’s a great collection.
    Really good websites, No doubt WordPress is one of best CMS system for running any site or blog.

  • Very Nice List Atish 🙂 I Like WordPress and Your Article Surprised Me.
    It’s Really Good for Me that Many of the Big Websites are Developed from the WordPress 🙂
    I Really Enjoyed your Article, Thanks for Sharing It.

  • Thanks for sharing such a great list of websites that build on wordpress. There are popular brands like SONY,FORD,TIME.
    and yes wordpress is really great for development of any kind of website .Great POst

  • Hey isitwp.com is not able to tell whether the website is on WP or not I have seen a site with arthemia theme but it still cannot identify it. Anyway Great Work you are missing TC

  • Does prove that WordPress is great and makes great corporate websites when designed well, and some of these are designed very well, I really like the Creative Spaces website its very imaginative.

  • nice list some of the website is big name in business. like sony music,MP3 etc. great work thanks for sharing.

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