Google For Kids Is On The Way

Reports say that Google is planning to start its web services exclusively for kids under 13 years old to use them in a safe way.  It is believed that this rumored Google for kids version will welcome by parents as they would have ultimate control over their kids while using these new Google features. Let’s have a detailed discussion on this recent tech news in this post.

Kids and Technology

According to a recent authoritative new report, average 6 years old kid understands the digital technology well than a 45-year-old adult. Now a days, children are spending time with media technology and show keen interest in learning the latest technological developments. I would say that the new technology advancements help the kids to develop socially and emotionally, but it is essential that their parents should closely track the tech habits and teach them to lead a balanced life between indoor and outdoor activities. Yes, if the adolescents overuse the technology, they might not interest to interact with the real world and experience lack of time for creative thoughts.

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Google for kids – Expected new Google service for kids

The search giant, Google is planning to start its services like Gmail, YouTube, Drive etc. that would legally allow the kids under 13 years old to sign-up. As of now, these services are not officially offered to the persons for the age below 13 years and thus Google is setting up a new system that would include a dashboard for parents to watch over the activities of their kids. Moreover, it is supposed that the search giant is working on a suite of tools for kids which would include “child-safe version of YouTube”.

It is clearly understood from the report notes that the Google open its digital doors for pre-teens to maintain their privacy and the company works to ensure that this new service comply with COPPA, the Child Online Privacy Protection Act which would protect the collected information from kids.

 Reason for launching the new service for kids

The following might be the reason for the launch of “Google for Kids

  1. Some parents show interest in creating Gmail account for their children and want to stay in compliance with COPPA.
  2. School students have started using low-cost Chromebooks for their academic purpose and its products based on Google services.


Google initiates to organize a “Child safe” version of Google services like Gmail and YouTube specifically for kids.  This account includes a custom dashboard for parents to give control and access their browsing habits on the above specified services. But yet, the company didn’t include any details of privacy settings of this new feature but there will be some sort of security elements when signing up for “Child safe” Google account. This change may affect the regular users to reveal their age while signing up of Google services.

I estimate that the internet giant have decided to expand its user base and hence providing this big opportunity for pre-teens since they are adopting technology at their young age.  I agree that these types of kid-friendly products/services could help the parents, but it would be good if the kids use technology in moderation and opportunities should give to wander their mind to grow with communication and thinking capabilities.

So, the kids need not to give any fake age while signing up the Google services.  I read the tech news “Google For Kids” in the morning and just shared this information and opinions with you. What do you say? What is your thought about this child-friendly web service by Google? Would it be helpful for kids? Express your views in comment section.

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  • Hi Atish,

    This is indeed good news 🙂

    Yes, you are right about the young kids being much more net-savvy as compared to the older lots, and if they can be guided in the right direction by their parents about the usage of Google, YouTube, and everything related, besides managing their Gmail account, nothing like it.

    I think this would be a very welcome initiative by Google, something that most parents would welcome. It’s certainly better to give your children a web-friendly and safe environment than allow them to surf online and worry about their safety.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

  • you are right atish.child learn fast and more.because new mind is always think new and start good service for kids.thanks for sharing this great post bro.

  • Google for kids is great idea by google.

    In many country google website are getting band because many time its shows irrelevant ads. For a child not everything is compulsory to keep an eye on web. They can get to learn as their ages increases.

    >SK Lohar

  • Hi Atish,
    Google’s new service (Safe Search For Children) will allow Guardian to control the interaction of their children with Google’s products. But time will tell what will be the role of google, as a Search Engine.

    karan Rawat

  • Hi Atish,

    As Google is thinking new terms for kids and making the new age to get Gmail accounts for kids under this age it should also take notice that there are still kids below this age that have a Gmail account. My point is no one can restrict the registration process as one can fill false information and no one can have a proper check that its true or not. And in schools also, kids have their own Email ID’s where they are supposed to get assignments. So, basically its not the age bar that is the matter of concern. Its something else.

  • Thanks Atish for sharing this information with us. This new feature Google for kids really seems helpful and also allow parents to control. I really like this new feature.

  • Hi Atish,

    This is one of the best ever initiative taken by Google. As new to internet the children are more attracted to dark side of the internet which ultimately effects their education and career.

    Now parent would also need not to worry about installing differetn site blocking software in their computer as Google would make it for them.
    I welcome this step from Google.

  • Hi Atish,

    Nice to read this recent tech news on TTW. You’ve provided a great information in a comprehensive way 🙂

    This type of service from Google is really needed as the kids show interest in learning digital technology. As you told, they should be encouraged to give priority to perform outdoor activities too.

    Good to hear that parents can track the activities of their chlidern while using the Google for kids through a customizable dashboard, this feature will be loved by most of the parents.

    Thanks for writing about this tech information, keep sharing such stuffs 🙂

  • it is really good news…. and I really like it… it is google’s brilliant idea… google gives something new for develop creativity of child..

  • That’s a good one.. Learning Under 13 is a great for a kick start. for newbies and they can easily grab much knowledge about each tech and powerful career.. while they reach upto 18.. Learning under 12 and building their our career is a great inspiration and i really thankful to Google..

  • I guess this is something most parents will be grateful for. If everything should go according to plan from the end of Google, this for me will be the most innovative product from the end Google.

  • Well that’s great news.
    I think the existing Google search, when search filtering is strict, itself is Google for kids. (lol)

    Google for kids, also may contain atlas, puzzles, etc.
    In educational institutes, blocking the general Google search and allowing only Google for kids, might be effective after the release.

    Google for 13 would be Google for 21 in India. As far as intelligent is concerned.

    Thank you for the news.

  • Thanks for Sharing this Atish, Now My Little Sister Can Learn from Google. I Think It Will be Great Thing for Kids. Thanks to Google also.

  • I don’t think so there is Anything Bad & Negative Point of Google For Kids ! This is young Generation & young generation must be aware all about latest news & gossip But this is also a Big fact kids Parents need much to be aware about their kids !

  • Hey Atish ,
    You wrote very well, my daughter will be happy now and can access Google services now as she is only 8 years old 🙂
    But then i was wondering if you could help me out by answering on my doubts as I am highly concern about my kids, and who else is not!!!
    Do you think that under this law, electronic devices must to be sold or possessed by people that are at least 13 years old? Do you think that non-commercial websites or websites that do very little collection of personal information (registration form includes only username, password and CAPTCHA) should also disallow services to underage children, even with parental consent?

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