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Google inbox : A fresh Approach to email

Almost 10 years ago, Google launched an advertising-supported email service by the name Gmail, which became the most used email services in the world. Now, after the great success of Gmail, Google is back with yet another amazing service known as Google Inbox. It is a basically a mobile app and Google claims that it would be an evolution in the email world which will help users to focus on what really is important. In Google Inbox, Google has connected the email with services like web search, reminders, calendars etc. In this post, we will let you know all the detail about Google Inbox.


It’s easy to send, archive and set reminder mails.

The main feature of Google Inbox is that it allows users to archive all the emails with a quick swipe right. Swipe to the left side and a dialog box will open up which will send an email back to the inbox if it isn’t responded in a certain time limit. A user can use the reminder feature constantly to ensure that he doesn’t forget about emails. It also allows a user to schedule emails throughout the coming weeks and month. The app opens up a space at the bottom of the reply and all the replies are taken care of on a single screen.

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Place Reminders.

Another amazing feature of Google Inbox is that it sends all the messages and reminders back to the inbox when users arrive at a location. For example, if a user sets a reminder to mail him his absentee ballot on his way to metro station, then Inbox app will track the location in the background and will send the email back to his inbox. And, if he chose the option, the app will buzz him with a reminder when he gets to the exact right spot.

It works efficiently with Gmail Priority Inbox

One of the best feature about Gmail is the Gmail Priority Inbox in which it can automatically categorize which messages are important and which messages are for promotion. The Google Inbox app also works in the same way and sorts out the important emails over low-priority emails. This feature is named as Bundles and sorts out the mails in a sophisticated way.



Inbox displays important details from important emails on one single screen which offers information like upcoming event details, flight itineraries, documents from colleagues and photos from close ones. Just like you add a star in Gmail for important messages, you can highlight important messages in the app too. It makes finding information quickly and efficiently.

Other Features.

When a new email arrives just swipe it to the right and it will be dismissed completely and for snoozing it for a day, week or hours, you can just swipe it to the left.  So, you can swipe work emails when you are on your weekend and these mails will disappear till you get back into your office. Dismissed messages are automatically archived on the desktop Gmail, but mails which are snoozed remains at the same place as they were in the inbox when you go through Gmail on the desktop.

Final Conclusion

Google Inbox is a perfect combination Gmail and Google Now. This amazing app comes together with all those services that Google has been working on for many years.

Clean interface and awesome snooze feature make it an excellent app to use. It is the best app for all those who wants to be able to organize and manage his mail inbox in a perfect possible way.

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  • Google inbox is similar to Gmail
    and Best app for android phones.
    It has good features as compared to other email services.
    Thanks for sharing!.

  • When it comes to emails, my favourite is gmail and even though there has being speculation in the media that over 5 million gmail accounts has being hacked, I think it is best ti use as far as security is concern.
    And with them coming out with this innovation, I am obviously going in for it.

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