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Enjoy Better & Real Connectivity On The Go With Google Glass

It is interesting to notice that how the futuristic technology and gadgets that we see in sci-fi movies gradually become a part of reality and we become so accustomed to those technologies and devices in due course. As could be said about head-mounted wearable computer displays, Google Glass, one of the most recent and talked about projects from Google, which is being developed by Google X lab.

Google Glass

What is Google Glass?

Basically with the help of Google Glass, Google enables you to use all your Smartphone functions and features, without the need of holding a smart phone or a laptop. It is a head-mounted device, which looks like a regular glass frame. The touchpad for the device extends from the temple to your ear. You can use this touchpad to wake up your device, browse through and share different files and content on your display. You can control the device with voice controlled instructions and view the information right in front of your eyes. The display is visible just above your line of sight, and it is adjustable to accommodate your view and range.

This HMD (Head Mounted Display) is equipped with microphone, GPS, inbuilt camera and a tone initiation for sounds. The device can understand your voice commands starting with “ok glass” and then execute those instructions with ease.

Some people might complain that they might be able to use Google glass because of their existing spectacles, but Google is planning to tie up with sunglass retailers like Ray-Ban and Warby Parker, to come up with a version that will contain not just the outer technical frame, but the viewing glasses too.

This article will list down a few of the attractive features offered by Google Glass

How To Capture Video and Pictures @ Google Glass

You can record high quality videos and take pictures of 720p HD quality. And the good part is you don’t have to take out your phone, turn on the camera, focus and then click to take a video or a photo. All you have to do is say commands like, “ok, glass, record a video” or “ok, glass, take a picture” and your .JPG or video file will be stored. While the video is being made, a small recording light is displayed over the eye, which is unnoticeable and not inconvenient to the user.

Standard Google Applications

Since the glass project is backed by Google, so all the standard Google apps like; Google Maps, Gmail, Google Now and Google+ are easily accessible through Google Glass. And as glass runs on Google Android OS, so a regular smart phone user will have no difficulty in accessing and using the apps supported by Android.

Connectivity & Storage

Basically the utility of glass is projected to be in areas where you can’t carry digital devices or would not like to occupy your hands by holding devices, but would still like connectivity. Which is why Google glasses are equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, so that you can always be on the grid while on the move, especially to remote and inaccessible locations. There is a 12 GB storage space available for you to record and store your files and other data.

Other Third Party Applications

Google has released a Mirror API (Application Programming Interface) on April 15, 2013 enabling developers to make applications especially for glass, known as Glassware. Some of the existing third party apps like Path, Skitch, Evernote and The New York Times are currently incorporated with glass.

Also Google has put a condition in their service agreement, not to include any advertisements for charge fee for the apps, but a Google representative mentioned that this condition may change sometime in future.

Ban on reselling & loaning

Currently under Google’s terms of service for Glass Explorer, Google prohibits its users from reselling, loaning, transferring or lending the device to any other person, even a family member. If a device is loaned or transferred to any other user, then Google reserves the right to deactivate the device, so that neither the buyer not the unauthorized person may use it. And in such case there will be no refunds, product warranty or product support provided by Google.

This is an attempt by Google to contain and track their devices and its prices. You may though gift a Google Glass to someone.

Also Google provides you with a 30 day period in which you can return the device with its packaging and all attachments intact and avail refunds, in case you don’t want to use this device.

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