Start Your Search Engines: Seven Ways Your Business Can Get On Board The Video Marketing Train

You’re probably no stranger to video. It’s everywhere on the Internet. What you might not know is that more and more businesses are jumping onto the bandwagon because it’s about to become one of the best ways to market to target markets. Sure, video can be used to educate and entertain, but it’s also a commercial force to be reckoned with. Here’s how to cash in.

 Make A Lot of Room To Grow

Multimedia tends to take up a lot of space. Even if you compress the video, it can still take up to 2GB or more, depending on the quality and the length. Keep that in mind when you create your website. Also, check with your web host to make sure you have enough bandwidth for your users.

The last thing you want is fore users to show up and not be able to see the awesome content you created due to bandwidth overruns. If you can’t afford massive amounts of bandwidth, and you expect frequent traffic spikes, consider hosting your video on a shared site like YouTube.

Another benefit of this approach is that you can allow people to download your video right from the YouTube site using a Youtube converter program. That way, people can watch it whenever they want – regardless of whether they have an Internet connection or not.

Remember to respect IP:   TeachingCopyright.org.

Do Your Research

Don’t just shoot from the hip. Have an outline for your video. What do you want to say? Come up with a basic concept and message you want to convey to your target audience. Have a target audience. For example, if your products or services are ideal for small business owners, orient your video so it speaks specifically to them. If you’re selling something that only females would benefit from, make sure your video speaks to them, specifically.

Content Is Still THE King

Just because you’re doing a video, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t focus on content. Content is still king. In fact, with video, you have to be even more thorough with your content. Why? Because you’re asking people to sit and watch the whole video. They can’t really skim it like they can with text. Your opening has to be compelling, the message has to be simple to understand, and the offer or “close” has to be even stronger.

Content Is The King

Consider Your Users’ Viewing Preferences

Not all users use Internet Explorer. A great deal of users now use Firefox. Even still, users often use more than one browser, so they may use Chrome one day, Firefox another, and Safari the next. Some users use different browsers for different tasks. Some users might, for example, use Firefox to do web surfing, but use Internet Explorer or Safari to watch videos. Keep this in mind when designing and uploading your videos. Make sure they will play in all browsers.

Know Your Limits

If you don’t know how to create a video, don’t try to do it alone. Hire a professional. A reputable multimedia company will save you a lot of time and frustration. Your video doesn’t have to have all the whiz-bang stuff that everyone else is including in their video. It just has to convey your company’s message simply and clearly. But, it has to be watchable. It has to be professional.

Be Considerate

In the same vein as considering your users’ browser preferences, consider that not everyone who wants to watch your video will have the same accessibility. Consider users who might be hearing-impaired, for example. How will they know what your video is about? Think about how you might be able to include captions or text that accompanies the video.

Give Users A Choice

Avoid forcing auto-play on your video. Let users choose to watch your video instead. Some companies believe that making people watch their video is always the best move – that it somehow increases views and this is good. Well, it might increase views, but those views are forced. It usually just annoys viewers though and they never watch the entire video. No one likes to be forced to do something.

Steven Young understands how marketing videos can help a business. He likes to share what he has experienced in business to help others starting out.

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    A very useful article about how to do the marketing through video. Actually in the today world, video marketing is getting popular continuously. One more points that I want to include in this list is that tell people more visually so that they aware about a product and try to buy it.
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