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Tips To Get More Comments On Your Blog

Comments on your blog posts are no less than awards. Every Blogger wants to get  huge number of good comments on their blog posts. It makes them happy as well as motivation to work even better.

Internet is full of blogs and even a particular niche has thousands of blogs which makes harder for bloggers to drag comments on their posts. You need to stand out of the crowd of those thousand blogs to get good number quality comments on your posts.

There are a lot of things and ideas which you can keep in mind in order to get a lot of comments on each of your blog posts.

Here I am sharing few of the ideas which I implement on this blog to get good readers who comment most often. Read on….

Write Useful blog Posts:

The first thing you should understand that you need readers who comment on your posts. You shouldn’t need just comments but the quality comments from readers.

When someone comes to your blog, you must have content that doesn’t let them bounce back and let them stick on the blog to read the content. This can only be done if you write well researched quality content which solves your readers’ issues.

You should analyse your Site’s Analytics and check which kind of posts are being read the most by readers on your blog. Are they staying? if yes then which kind of content they are spending more time?

Check out these details and then write content accordingly. Suppose on your blog you share blogging tips, SEO tips and money making tips. When you check analytics you come to know that the readers of SEO tips is more but you still keep on sharing money making tips then you will feel that the engagement is less.

So the conclusion is write what your readers want!

Ask Questions:

Asking questions or somehow like Poll might help you get more comments on your blog posts. But it doesn’t mean that you stuff your blog with unecessary questions and polls. Keep it natural and do at regular intervals.

For example, while writing about Google+ and Facebook you can put up a question at the end as “so what do you think who will be the winner? Facebook or Google+”?

It works great!

Answer The Comments:

Read each and every comment on your blog posts and try to reply to most of them because when a good reader of yours reads your post, then write a comment, he expects your reply on the same. If you don’t reply to them, gradually you will see number of comments is reducing thus make a habit of responding to your readers’ comments. This motivates them to read more and comment more on your blog.

Use CommentLuv Plugin

Using commentluv plugin did help me get more comments as users get chance to show up their latest post along with comment. I have experimented this by removing the plugin for 2-3 months and result was worse thus I got back to commentluv. I have written a post which tells the Benefits Of CommentLuv Plugin. do read it and you will come to know how beneficial this particular plugin is.

Top Commenter Widget:

Have top commentator widget on your blog. This will increase commentator’s interest to comment on your blog because they get more referral traffic to their blog from your blog. Readers also become happy to see their name on the home page of any blog. Its somehow psychological that everyone likes to see their name on good sites.

I had it till recent months but I removed due some issues but I will be adding some other plugin soon. It works great!

Be calm and Polite:

At times you get harsh comments from many of your readers. In such situation try be calm and reply politely.
As you are writing for people, you might get criticism many times. Just be good and handle them easily without getting angry. If you get angry you can loose many readers and commenters.

Select Easy Comment System:

I love to comment on the blogs which are using default WordPress commenting system because its simple. I have seen many sites using different comment systems which can irritate readers so I would suggest to keep your comment area as simple as possible.

These are few ways which might help you get more comments on your every blog posts. Share your ideas how you drag more comments on your blog?

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Atish Ranjan is an established and independent voice dedicated to providing you unique, well researched and original information from the field of technology, SEO, social media, and blogging.


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  • hm.. Really good one post. All points are considerable to improve commenters for your post. 2. Ask Questions point was considerable for me for blog posts. Thanks Atish….:)

  • Nice info brother and it is very important thta lots of discussions are on on the blog posts that will help you in making things more clear..!1

  • yes, I also agree with your useful information…we already need for good and useful comment…

  • The point i empahasize the most is “Be calm”.
    Many a time you get negative reviews,or criticism..It is very necessary to learn how to tackle such situations with patience..
    any ways thanks for the post Atish..

    • Yes Many a time you can get criticism, but that time you must be calm because if you are writting for public then you have to tolerate all these and handle politely. Thanks for the comment Ajay .

  • Nice article Atish, it always feels very awesome when some one appreciates your work of labor. And I have seen most comments are just “Thanks for sharing” or “Nice article” so these comments dont help the writer. The comments must be either words of appreciation or it must be critical. A critical comment helps the writer grow. I always love critics, what about you Atish?

    • I too want comments in which people discuss things with me. I don’t like the comment like “great post”, “your blog is rocking” and all that. I want those people who figure out my mistakes so that i can learn more and more.

  • Really nice Tips.Am using blogger platform and i haven’t any Comment luv plugin.Is there is any gadget to add comment luv plugin on my blog.

  • these are really great tips. I would love to consider these suggestions because i know that i need these since i have just started blogging. It’s not easy to be successful when it comes to blogging but with proper guidance and knowledge, for sure you’ll have a great experience with it.

    • Yes almost all. and its obvious that I have applied so that I am suggesting you all to apply it. remember. never afraid of critism because if you are writing for the public then it is natural.

  • Ha, outstanding post!! Whatever you wrote here about the way to get comments on blog post seems to me really splendid. As a blogger I know that how it is significant to get good comments on to the blog. Thanks mate 🙂

  • Perfect! I like this Tips as I read..LOL!. I do the same thing as you post…Thanks for sharing this:):)keep up the good work:)

  • Very nice tips for getting valuable comments! I have tried to implement them to get more comments. I think many of the bloggers delete or do not approve the comment when constructive criticism is given. I think this must change and such a comment must be valued!

  • Great stuff. thanks for your valuable time to share with us as this story.Very nice tips for getting valuable comments! I have tried to implement them to get more comments.

  • Hey Atish! As I am going through your blog I am finding more and more interesting information. I have three blogs and they are not having much visits off late. sigh!. I hope to use your valuable tips to attract more visits and comments. I also went through Benefits of CommentLuv Plugin and found it to be very useful! Thanks for the wonderful blog.

  • Hey bro…
    As I am going through your blog I am finding more and more interesting information. I have three blogs and they are not having much visits off late. sigh!. I hope to use your valuable tips to attract more visits and comments.Thanks for the wonderful Post

  • CommentLuv , Top Commenter and KeywordLuv plugin can surely get the attention of the readers to give comments. Personally, I only put comments to post with CommentLuv, KeywordLuv and Top commenter enabled plugin. I don’t like to comment to all wordpress blog because they are very strict. Eventhough we put sincere comments, akismet plugin treat it as spam.

  • Hi Atish,

    Thank you for the heads up! Nice article and very useful content.

    Excellent tips. I have several blogs also and these tips would be a great help also to increase my blog traffic. Thank you for taking the time in sharing this information.



  • Exactly! Getting more comments in your blog is very vital in web campaigns! Thanks for sharing some tips in gaining blog comments, I did learned a lot!

  • You have nice tips to get more comments … I’m very much agree with the last point, even I hate commenting on sites that requires me to login.

  • yeah seems the commentluv works on my tech blog.. many people love to comment and they never spamming it.. im suggest using commentluv for any type of blog if you want to get the readers.. comments makes new visitors see that your blog are many readers and feedback.

  • I have one more Idea for getting more blog comments and that is “Writing Controversial topics”. Writing controversial topics no doubt can give you ample comments but then you have to gracefully defend your post and that’s the biggest challenge.

    • It affects if you are giving so many outbound links to other sites.. Google can be consider you as “Link Farm”. try to give link back to the sites in the same niche or a bit different niche. but according to me don’t give do-follow links to totaly different niche sites. for example if you have a tech blog then you must not give too many links for love and romance blog(just example).

  • These are very very nice tips. And i think if we can control some spam on our blogs then getting comments is also the best way to get decent traffic.

    Thanks again for the nice tips.

  • its a difficult task to increase page rank. huh. but you do comment , and one day your rank will be increase.

  • Hmm, just about to pull the trigger and install commentluv on my weight loss blog! It seems like a great way to build community and it seems the bots can’t get through easily 🙂

    And I gotta agree, logging in just to comment is annoying…

  • Atish .. WOW this is incredible. As I always say “I learn everyday” and do not consider myself a novice but this post put things in perspective. In your opinion if the site has a pagerank of let’s say a 5 and the specific article has a 0 can you still benefit from the link juice. Look forward to you response. Thanx again.

  • Thank you for your sharing, You provide good tips to me. I learn it. So I think the content with a good quality is very important to attract traffic.

  • it’s kinda ironic some wanted lots of comments on their post, mine is different i want comments but not as huge as other ask; my sites’ memory is suffering.

  • Atish – you’ve laid out a no-nonsense blueprint for success here, as evident by the great comments you’ve stirred up. Besides traffic, does it seem that your page pagerank improves as you get more comments..? I tend to leave more comments in others’ blogs more than I collect them for my own… I should consider a different approach… 😉

    • You are right that this will not increase Page rank But buddy Page rank is not everything. traffic is everything and let me tell you how you get more traffic if you get more comments.
      as you know comments are also the texts which are also crawled and indexed by search engines. They are addictions to the posts, It might be possible that the comments can have few keywords with which you may rank well. But I suggest always moderate comments and don’t approve those comments which are copied or duplicated. Approve only those commented which are really worth.

      Thanks Allie for your comment here.

  • These are great tips Atish! I think Commentluv plugin is a great “invention”, it does work wonders. I like to try writing controversial posts to attract some debates and discussions. Never tried before but I think I should. Do you think that’s a good idea?

  • Hey Atish

    Great tips for getting a lot of comments in a blog.

    I like the idea of having easy form of comment sections, this will make blog commenting easier because the commenters don’t need to login or register.

    Awesome post man, keep it up


  • Hey Atish thanks to share some awesome tips to us. I always appreciate your writing because it is surely helpful to your readers. Here mentioned tips can be very beneficial to one who wants to get more comment on his blog. In my opinion, you can also use different media in your post that create some creativity on your blog and it attracts commentators to comment on it.

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