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10 Tips to get Instant Traffic to your Blog

Getting huge traffic is a dream for every blog. Not all can achieve this easily. Although it is said that content of the blog decides the traffic range, one has to put in more efforts with regard to other SEO aspects also. Getting instant traffic is not any science rocket if you follow the below mentioned tips:

1. Make use of WordPress: It is one of the most popular and most successful blogging platforms. By default, WP is provided with many SEO advantages. If you take proper care you can get good range of SEO advantage by using this blogging platform.

2. Use SEO Plugins: You can supercharge your WordPress blog and get some good benefits in search engine rankings only when you are using SEO plugins. These plugins will be free to use, in most cases. They can help you in lot ways. In one word, your WordPress can’t give good results without these plugins.

3. Fast Loading Theme :You need to use a professional looking theme. Even though you are using a free theme, you can check that the design is very professional looking. Lot of themes for WordPress are available on the net. Both premium and free themes are present in large numbers. You have to select the theme which can load at faster speeds.

4. Customize Error Pages: When there is any error in retrieving the data from the server by WordPress, it will show an error page. In order to make your visitors to have good impression on your site, even when they are visiting such error pages, you have to customize the 404 error pages.

5. Add Share Buttons to Blog:At the end of each blog post, users should be able to see ‘Share’ buttons. Nowadays, there is lot of importance for social media marketing. You can’t expect your blog to get good traffic without social media support. When users share your blog posts on Facebook or Twitter, you can easily get huge traffic instantly.

6. Google Analytics for Tracking: Only when you know where from your visitors are coming and what they are looking for, you can be able to give best suitable content for your readers. Hence it is always necessary to install Google Analytics and to track your blog traffic. It is also possible to know the demographics of the visitors through this tracking system. It will allow you to serve targeted audience in a better way.

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7. Don’t Neglect Content: Even when you are following all the SEO points, you might not get desired results if the content is not of good quality. For this, you have to create extraordinary content and blog posts. This is the main thing which can attract visitors for your blog. Quality of the content matters the most. It is the most important thing that makes a good impression on the visitor.

8. Keyword Research: Only pro bloggers might be aware of the exact procedures how to perform keyword research. Many newbie bloggers are not aware of the ways to perform this task and hence they are still struggling to get instant traffic. In order to be successful in getting instant traffic, you should know what are the topics trending in your niche. Also, you should be able to find out the keywords people are using to search online. These keywords can help in getting instant traffic since they can give some SEO advantages as well.

9. Guest Posting: Posting good content on fellow blogs is a good idea to get visitors. This will not only provide opportunity to get new visitors, but will also be useful to get quality backlinks. By this method, you can also be able to gain new contacts in your niche. Also, you can be able to get brand exposure for your name or your company name.

10. Blog Commenting: Comment on other blogs of your niche. But make sure that your comments are not artificial but are genuine. Participate actively in the discussion boards and have your say on the topics related to your niche. Try to establish good relations with your contacts through genuine and encouraging comments.

Amit Shaw is a young Online Entrepreneur, Founder of iTechCode.com and Technoinsta.com. Want to  Take Your Blogging To Another Level In 2013 ? Visit His Blog iTechCode.

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  • Great Job Amit…all these tips are valid for generating good traffic to your blog. I would have expected more ways of retaining that traffic on your blog. You did mention about great content, which i think should be the Top 1 method of getting and retaining traffic without much bounce rates.

    Thanks for sharing the info.

    • Glad That you liked my post Praveen 🙂
      Thanks for your comment…..Yeah after Panda, penguin we should write for readers not for SERP ;). For that we need quality and unique article. That is why great content is must things for all bloggers.

  • Sab kar lia bro sab kar lia. Nai ho raha kuch progress. Pushing my limits still nai ho raha.
    People who dont post regularly get more traffic then me publishing almost everyday that too awesome content.

    • See Anchit,

      Blogging and Getting Traffic is not an easy job specially from last 1 Year, Reason : Panda and Penguine. . .. . Rathar than concentraing on Keyword Density, Main Keyword, Suggestive keyword you should provide Quality and Obsly Unique article. Don’t try to rewrite an article which is already written on Web.

      Example : Top 10 Mobile, Its already writen now if you will write with changing some keyword, sentence then it would be treated as Reharshed article. So try to provide unique article.

      Everyone following this steps and out of 100, 100 guys got success.
      You must be doing something wrong, Or i will suggest you to hire some SEO Consultant for your blog to check your Sites SEO Structure.

      • Writing the same article again and again was never a good idea. You have given a better example in this case. But for blogging, i think almost has been said earlier, but it is our unique pitch that our readers want to read, so sometimes, i do write pre-written articles. Do you think this is a Good idea ?

  • These are all good ideas, but some take time. Like keyword research and ranking for that term. Another way for instant traffic could be through search advertising like PPC. You can get cheap clicks, just make sure it’s targeted traffic. Thanks.

    • Thanks Steve for dropping your comment.
      Yeah agree with you, Keyword research and Ranking is not an easy job, we have to test everytime with new planning. . . We should test each and every part. . .
      Then only we can get success in this new SEO Era 🙂
      Yeah i wrote this article for newbie blogger so i haven’t discussed about PPC.

  • Hi Amit and Atish,

    I’m relieved to see that I follow most of these tips already – I haven’t got around to guest posting yet (no time!) but hope to do so in future, and I also know I need to make better use of analytics.

    Also, I must admit I’m probably not that hot at keyword research and should probably pay more attention to it than I do – so thanks for the prompt on that one!

    I’ve just spotted Sagar’s tip about publishing your post at the right time – have you any advice about that. Aren’t some days better than others too?

    I think another good strategy is to promote your posts on social media sites – again, timing’s probably important there to get the best results.

    Thanks for these great tips.


    • Thank you so much for stopping by Sue. Yes posting your article during the busy period of traffic can give you better hits. Most probably I would suggest don’t publish post on saturday and sunday because you can notice that on weekends there is less traffic flow to your site.

    • Thanks for dropping your comment on my GP Sue 🙂
      Yeah agree with Atish Bro that posting your article during the busy period of traffic can give you better hits. But if you are good enough to research a keyword and you always write for SERP then i don’t think you should consider Timing :). If you are getting more visitors from Social Media then we should consider the timing.
      BTW Thanks for dropping your comment.

  • Of the list above I would say the best way to get fast traffic to your blog is by commenting. This is because the blogger himself often looks at your blog, particularly if the comment is good. And sometimes he’ll return the favour.

    If it’s a popular blog and you get in early with your comment then you’ll often get some of the readers of the post clicking through as well.

    • Thanks Matt for dropping your comment on my Guest Post 🙂
      Yeah Really Commenting is what i say all in one Package :).

  • Using social media is a powerful way to get instant traffic since it is the best way to reach more number of readers people in a no time…:)

  • The primary thing is that one should be able to use wordpress upto the optimum level. A lots of people just Click on New Post, Create and just publish. Even when I was at beginer level, was doing same.
    Further, the interlinking of article matters a lot. Interlinks within an article sometime provide the answers to the rising questions of the reader,, Also perform a great job in indexing of main post in search engines. and results more traffic on the blog.
    These are great tips Amit. Gr8 work.

  • Great points! I’ve found guest blog posting and commenting on other blogs brings in a good amount of traffic for the amount time it takes to do these. Keyword research for metadata is extremely important, as well as topics that are trending – timing is everything!

  • Including a facility for the readers to let their friends know about it is a great idea! 🙂
    Its time I must add a sharing widget ! 🙂
    Thanks Atish .

  • Thank you for article but here I see just small parts of information. I think you should write more about one of these steps.

    I use Drupal for blog development and there are also many interesting modules to make really good blog. To optimize performance use Boost module and your website will work faster then any WP websites.

    • Hi Sergii! Amit wrote about the basic tips. If you want to see more information, you can use Google Search, there are a lot of information 🙂 I’m using Drupal as well, but I think WordPress is better for blogs.

  • Thanks Atish Ranjan, all the tricks you covered above to boost up blog traffic are good and are very useful for new blogger. I will apply all of these traffic techniques on my blog.

  • He Amit I really impressed by your tips. This is not only the tips to get instant traffics but also to get lots of traffic. Thanks again for shearing this valuable tips..

  • Great tips, but I think one that should mention is submitting articles to article directories. I’ve had as much success in this regard as I have had with guest posting, and sometimes the rankings in search engines is significantly better as well. Granted you don’t have the relationship aspect that you have when connecting with a fellow blogger in your niche, but I still think there are advantages to at least sending several articles to directories every month.

  • Nice Article Amit, thanks for sharing these tips. I’ll keep them in mind when starting my next blog. Thanks 🙂

  • Very nice and informative post. These 10 tips are the best way to get the instant traffic to your blog. i full satisfied with your your points. Because i am already following or your tips. if you have any more tips about it so please share with us.


  • Great tips to drive instant traffic to blog sir.But i think you missed up Social media for instant traffic.I think social media is the best way to drive good traffic for your site,specially when you are a new blogger.I don’t say above methods are not good but social media can you more than these.After writing post every blogger should follow Social sites like stumbleupon,facebook,digg,Reddit,Tweeter.Anyway great post.Keep it up

  • Very nice post containing the instant traffic tips!

    Hope am following all to improve my new blog.

    Thanks to Amit for writing and sharing 😛 !

  • Thanks for the post. The most tricky part seems to be “keyword research”.

    I’m still trying to figure out how to do that best. May be that comes with practice.

    Setting the LMS range is the most confusing thing for me.

  • All mentioned points are the best way to get traffic.. Other than this, you may submit to article directories or place your article link on sites like scoop.it

  • These things are really very effective to get instant traffic for any website, website should have unique and fast loading theme and it has unique content also, content is still king it’s the reason for getting more traffic and an effective content can turn visitors into customers, guest post is helpful. You have shared a useful article for traffic, keep it up.

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