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Gateron Switches Vs Cherry Switches: Which One to Choose?

The comparison between different switches is often regarded as a burning debate matter in the mechanical keyword community. Whenever there is such discussion, people frequently bring out the comparison between two of the most hyped mechanical switches that are Gateron switches and cherry switches. 

The comparison between Gateron switches and Cherry switches is often a widely-discussed concern in the mechanical keyboard community. While they both have their own perks, some focus on a particular aspect of a switch for considering them.

On one hand, while people consider Gateron switches for their smoother click feel, they are also included in the cherry switches because of their durability. In this article, we will be thoroughly discussing each aspect of Gateron switches and cherry switches to make it easier for you to choose between the two based on your favorite aspect. 

But first, let’s take a closer look at the brand history of both Gateron Switches and Cherry Switches. 

History Overview

Gateron Switches

Gateron Switches are developed by Huizhou Gateron Electronic Technology Co., Ltd located in Southern China. The company was established in the year 2000 and specializes in making a variety of products such as batteries, keycaps, etc. The company is not very focused on the marketing of their products but even then they are gaining an increasingly large customer base due to their amazing product quality.

Earlier when Gateron started making switches, they were trying to clone the Cherry switches but now as the company is expanding and developing, they are taking a more innovative approach in the market.

Cherry Switches

Cherry Switches have been around since 1953 and they are a product of a company founded by Walter Kirsch. During the initial stage, the company ran its operations in a basement in Illinois but later they moved their company to Germany and still run their operations there to this date. 

Later in 1980, they introduced a variety of Cherry Switches called, MX switches. It quickly became famous in the market and became the industry standard. 

Now that you are familiar with how the company started, it’s time to take a deeper look into how both these switches compare to each other in various aspects.

The Great Comparison Between Gateron Switches and Cherry Switches

1. Smoothness of Switches

Gateron Switches are especially known for providing a smoother feel while using the switches and it is one of the aspects that make people prefer Gateron switches more over the Cherry Red switches. It provides an enhanced experience for those who are looking for switches specifically for gaming or typing. 

Conclusively in terms of the feel or the smoothness of the switches, Gateron Switches take the lead by beating the cherry red switches. 

Verdict: Gateron Switches are better than Cherry Switches in smoothness 

2. Sound or Noise Level

When it comes to the noise level of switches, Gateron again takes the lead. The smoothness factor is directly associated with the noise of the switch while working and if you are into typing a lot then you may want to consider Gateron Switches over Cherry ones as they are smoother, offers less friction, and produces less noise.

However, some of us also prefer the sound of the switches over having more quiet ones, so here you can choose according to yourself. 

Verdict: Gateron Switches are quieter than the Cherry Switches

3. Availability

On the basis of the availability of the switches, you can prefer the cherry ones as they are more widely available and can be brought easily. They are extensively available in mid-level and high-level stores. 

Finding a Gateron switch on shops like this may be a little more complicated than that. And even if you find a Gateron switch in a store, it would still be harder to get one. 

Verdict: Cherry Max keyboards are more easily available as compared to the Gateron Switches.

4. Price Point

If you are looking at both the switches from the perspective of affordability, then you may want to consider Gateron switches more. They have a significant difference in their price point and also compared to their Cherry switches counterparts, Gateron Switches are much cheaper.

But if you also want to consider the aspect of quality here, then let us mention that Cherry red switches are also more durable in nature that makes the price difference justified. It is been publically known that the Cherry switches are made under strict quality and stress testing ways to ensure their durability. 

Verdict: Gateron Switches are cheaper than Cherry Switches

5. Key Travel Efficiency

Key Travel and Space Travel efficiency is one of the most important features to consider while choosing between Gateron Switches and Cherry Switches. It is very helpful while getting an effortless typing experience. 

But surprisingly, the key travel efficiency of both the switches has found to be equal and offers the same degree of performance. However, the smooth and lighter feel of the Gateron Switches makes them have a slight lead ahead. 

One of the major reasons to not prefer Cherry Switches has always been the scratchy feel that it comes with and that aspect is worth considering here as well.

Verdict: Both offer the same degree of performance in Key Travel Efficiency but as Gateron Switches are way smoother, they take a slight lead.

6. Variety and Choice of Switches

Both the switches, Gateron and Cherry Switches offer a plethora of choices to choose from. Both the companies present you with various types of switches to choose from, such as silent switches, normal switches, speed switches, and many other different kinds. 

However, the Gateron Switches take a slight lead on this aspect as well, as they provide better variations of the silent switch and are a great fit for that. But on the other hand, Cherry switches are considered better if your choice is the speed switches.

They offer different variations of the speed switches that are preferred more by the gamers. Other than this, Gateron Switches are also worth considering because of their Gateron Ink Range series was quite impressive. 

Verdict: Gateron Switches have a great variety of silent switches, while Cherry Switches have a great variety of speedy switches.

7. Durability of the Switches

Cherry Switches have created quite a standard for themselves in the aspect of durability. It is widely known that they are made with much focus on the quality and the durability of the product, through various quality assurances and stress testings. 

But this is not regarded as one of the strong pursuits of Gateron switches as their origin is China and there hasn’t been much talk about their testing and quality assurances. 

While the lifespan of Gateron Switches offer 50 million key presses, on the other hand, Cherry switches offer 100 million key presses.

Verdict: Cherry Switches are more durable than the Gateron Switches

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cherry Switches and Gateron Switches

Cherry Switches:

Advantages of Using Cherry Switches:

  • They offer sturdy quality and increased durability of the switches
  • They have greater varieties of speed switches and also offer faster actuation
  • They have better life-space and are more quality-focused

Disadvantages of Using Cherry Switches:

  • They generally offer a scratchy feel while using the switches
  • They produce more sound while typing

Gateron Switches:

Advantages of Using Gateron Switches:

  • A smoother experience of typing as it provides a better feel of the switches
  • Quieter experience of typing due to less friction produced during typing
  • They offer a huge variety of normal and silent switches to choose from
  • They are better looking and offer better aesthetics in terms of appearance

Disadvantages of Using Gateron Switches:

  • They are less durable as compared to the Cherry Switches
  • They are hard to find in stores

The Ultimate Comparison Chart: Gateron Switches Vs Cherry Switches

After going through the deep evaluation and comparison here’s how you can compare them directly on the basis of different aspects with a comparison table:

Features  Gateron Switches  Cherry Switches
Affordability Cheaper  Expensive 
Noise level  Quieter sound levels  Quiet 
Click Feel  Higher actuation point  Lower actuation point 
Key travel  Smoother and free from resistance  A scratchy feel 
Clicks  Lighter clicks  Consistent clicks 
Variety of switches  More variety of options  Lesser variety 
Lifespan  50 million keypresses  100 Million keypresses 
Availability  Hard to find  Easy to find 
Durability  Budget-friendly  Expensive 

Final Thoughts

While the discussion still continues on what kind of switch is better among Gateron Switches or Cherry Switches, it is hard to give a one-word answer, because people compare them on the basis of different aspects and then choose the suitable option for themselves.

In new areas, Gaterone Switches take the lead while on other, Cherry Switches shine like a star but both of them are a great option and I hope with the help of this article, you will also be able to select one for yourself based on different aspects.

You can also ask us about any other questions that you may have regarding this article by commenting down below. And you can also let us know about any other feedback or suggestions in the comment section. 

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