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10 Games Like Eve Online

EVE Online has been one of the most popular space-based MMORPG games and a great option for those of you who love a science fiction environment in their games. The subscription-based game has more than 500,000 active subscribers, which should speak a lot about their excellence. That should be an exciting option for a P2P based game. 

However, what if you are looking for a more advanced and enhanced experience that provides you access to the best games like EVE Online? The list of the EVE Online alternatives in this list should ideally offer you a remarkable degree of enjoyment. 

What Makes EVE Online a Popular Game?

EVE Online is a game that lets you do a lot of things apart from just being a game. The exciting options for the PVP matches and an exciting range of character advancement system ever. The gaming system offered as part of the product has been observed to be one of the perfect options ever. 

The game does come with a huge range of gaming scenarios. You would find that it provides you access to 5000 star systems and 2500 wormhole systems. This has been considered an excellent option for a wide range of options with the perfect in-game content. 

That apart, you also have access to a huge degree of options that include mining, piracy, manufacturing, trading, exploration, and high-end combat system. 

Top 10 Games like EVE Online

Having understood the impact of the EVE Online game and its efficiency, we thought of listing out a few top games like EVE Online to help you explore the space gaming world. 

  1. Perpetuum

Perpetuum is a game that closely resembles EVE Online and can be one of the great games like EVE online in 2020. The major difference between the two games is that EVE Online comes with a space ship mechanism, while Perpetuum offers you the remote-controlled mechanism. You may perhaps like the latter in a way. 

You can make use of multiple in-game professions such as mining and hunting. There are multiplayer modes as well if you prefer them to engage yourself in PVP battles with the players online. 

The game features a time-based progression, unlike the action-based one in other MMORPG games. You will gain experience points based on the time you spend on the game. You also have a sandbox element that lets you scale up in the game. The game is available as a one-time purchase model, and they have dropped the subscription model recently. 

  1. Star Conflict

This is yet another excellent option if you are looking for games like EVE online free. The free to play space-based MMORPG game has been one of the prime EVE Online alternatives focusing on combat, exploration, and progression. 

It has a multiplayer online mode and provides an open world environment to play and progress with ease. You, as a player, are assigned different roles to play in controlling the space ships. You will acquire and establish skills as the game progresses and utilize them to stay in the game. You also have access to a sandbox mode in the game as well. 

Compared to the other games like EVE Online, Star Conflict provides you with a high-end versatility. The multiple modes and missions within the game make it more exciting and unpredictable at best. 

  1. No Man’s Sky

If you are on Xbox one, the No Man’s Sky should be an exciting option for your needs in the games like EVE online for Xbox One. An excellent adventure game with a survival mode in it, the game does provide you several professions and activities such as trading, combat, exploration, and survival. The game features an open-world environment, and you, as a player, need to explore the open universe that gets generated progressively. 

The game has 14 different planets with their flora and fauna. You aim to trade the assets once you collect them. This trading brings you credits that will be used for upgrading your space crafts further. 

You can have access to both single-player and multiplayer mode to progress in the game. You can take the role of Traveller and explore the universe to progress further in the game. 

  1. Oolite

Another prime option for the space games like EVE online is that Oolite differs from most of the EVE Online alternatives in this list in being a game that supports 3 D environment. It is also free to play the game and provides you access to an enhanced open-source environment. 

However, the game offers you a single-player mode alone and can be a little annoying if you are checking out for the best games like EVE online free. The game can be viewed and played from the first-person perspective and is both open environment and open-ended. 

The game has only one inhabitable planet, and as a pilot of a spacecraft, you are expected to find the planet and explore it further. The spaceship can travel into the nearby planetary systems through the wormholes created by your spacecraft engine. The best part is that the game does not come with a definite objective and can be explored in various elements. 

  1. Black Desert Online

The game takes the form of a conflict between the two nations and thus can be a good option for the best single-player games like EVE Online. While the main activity within the game is combat, you can also indulge in other activities and professions such as cooking and fishing. There are other advanced activities, such as establishing trade and tending to your housing. 

The gameplay involves quests thrown in, which can help you earn rewards as you progress. The gameplay has a rich and incredible landscape that has been detailed to the core. The fight in the game is unique and relies more upon accuracy and agility. 

You may need to check if your region is supported before downloading the game. It is available in a free to play mode in Japan, Russia, and Korea, while the rest of the regions – if supported – need to go with a one time purchase mode. 

  1. Warframe

Warframe can be another option to fulfill your needs in a quest for games like EVE online free. The free to play third-person shooter game is set in outer space. The game provides you with advanced armor to fight against invading enemies in protecting the race facing extinction.

In case you love co-op games, this will be the right choice for most of your preferences. You can collaborate with the other four players and explore the game. You will keep earning experience points as you progress in the game. You can earn points as you finish the missions. 

The combat mechanism within the game provides you with an easy to play and simple to progress model. It can be an extremely fun-filled and exciting game for your needs in an enhanced experience. 

  1. Dark Orbit

One of the prime options for an improved experience in EVE online alternatives is that it has been rated as an excellent browser-based game you can enjoy. The game does provide you with a massively multiplayer space fighting gameplay. You are expected to control your space crafts and combat with other non-player elements. 

The game comprises a flash game format, and you find hundreds of 100 million users with whom you can play in a multiplayer module. You need to choose a company and begin playing. As soon as you pick the company, you are onto your journey to be teleported into a home map to begin your journey. 

Your aim as you play would be to gain your power and wealth. You earn them for you as a player and for your company as well. The major focus of the game is on trading and not combat. You keep playing to gain points and progress in the game. 

  1. X3: Terran Conflict

The space game is a little older. But if you are checking out the best options for the perfect and best games like EVE online in 2020, the X3: Terrain Conflict can perhaps live up to your expectations. The game also provides you a space style sandbox. You have a dynamic universe that keeps growing consistently. 

You would find a riveting story as part of the gameplay. The story does take you through the entire series before taking you to the enhancing finale. The climax, once again, is extremely dramatic, taking you to yet another riveting world ever. 

The game offers many exciting options to pick from – you can get access to a huge number of options. You can even take several roles that include a freelance pilot, rogue pirate, smuggler, or military juggernaut. You can become a trader and get access to the role of a successful merchant. 

  1. Elite: Dangerous

This is one of the unique EVE Online alternatives, Elite: Dangerous is quite similar to the EVE Online game. The game offers you MMO gameplay, and so you have plenty of options for the online players to explore the galaxy with. 

The game description states that you have as many as 400 billion star systems to choose from. As you move ahead in the game, you will gain access to more galaxies to discover. The 1:1 scale of the game and the scenes therein should provide you with a truly realistic and immersive gaming experience ever. 

One of the plus points we found with the game lies in the fact that it follows the real scientific principles. You can have access to a perfect galactic and technological simulation at its best. 

  1. FTL: Faster Than Light

If you are checking out a roguelike game among the EVE Online alternatives, you will find FTL: Faster Than Light, a unique option in itself. The game offers you a single-player mode wherein you will control the spacecraft. Remember – the rebel fleet will chase you. 

The game consists of a procedurally generated game environment. You have eight different planetary systems to choose from, and you are expected to guide your spacecraft through them. The name of the game is revealed through its capability to travel faster than the light. You need to reach the Federation Headquarters, and that would be the climax of the game. 

One of the best factors that would differentiate FTL from EVE Online is that you can control various planets and elements within the game. 

The Closing Thoughts

The space games like EVE Online can provide you access to a very enticing and enhanced gaming experience in intergalactic combat. Check out the games, and we are sure you would appreciate our efforts in putting this compilation together. 

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