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Full Time Blogging Vs Part Time Blogging

There are 2 ways people do blogging namely Full time and part time blogging.  Full-time blogging means that you are giving the full day to it and this is the only earning source of yours. On the other hand, part-time blogging is something in which you basically do it when you have the time or after returning back from your day job (which you do for your living).


So basically in part-time blogging, it is not your main earning source but in full-time blogging, it is the main earning source of yours.

The topic I have chosen today to write is about the comparison of Full time and part time blogging. Many part-time bloggers including me are striving to get into full-time blogging but is it worth?

In some cases the answer is “Yes” but in some cases, the answer is “NO”. You might be shocked as I just said that at times it is not worth even I am a big supporter of full-time blogging.  Let me show you a detailed list of pros and cons of these two:

Full-Time Blogging


  • You no longer need to wake up early in the morning and get ready to go to your day job. You can wake up as per your ease and start working from your bed only.
  • It can make your dreams come true which you never thought of while doing the day job.
  • You can spend more time with your family.
  • You can go on holidays whenever you want as you are now your own boss.
  • You can work from anywhere in this world (where electricity & Internet are available). There is no restriction to sit in office and work.
  • You get complete freedom.


  • As you work alone at home, you start feeling bored even you are making good money.
  • Earning from blogging is not consistent especially in the Google’s zoo era i.e. panda, penguin, hummingbird and other algorithm updates. So you have to brainstorm and work very hard to keep your earning consistent.
  • You become lazy to do other offline activities as you become addicted to computers more than ever.
  • You become less productive as you have a lot of time which makes you think that you will do the task in some time. You keep on delaying the work and it gets delayed (Not necessarily but it happens with many).

Part Time Blogging


  • You do have a day job to support you financially hence no earning pressure. You can blog peacefully.
  • Having a day job keeps you confident as you don’t have to worry about money for your living.
  • It reduces your work stress which you get while doing work at the office.
  • It makes you earn good amount of money which is extra earning for you though it is not the main earning source of yours.
  • As you have very less time to blog you perform better and become more productive.


  • You have to work on your blog after your day job which becomes hectic at times as you might not feel like working every day.
  • You get very less time to research for content creation that might result in stale or outdated content on your blog.
  • If you are living in a joint family plus you are married then it is too tough to work on your blogs after returning from the day job.
  • You always suffer from time crisis.
  • You don’t get much time to interact with other bloggers which is important.

So here you have read pros and cons of both part-time and full-time blogging. Which you think is better? If you ask me, I say that both are fine for different circumstances.

Part-time blogging is a little better because while doing it you can do a full-time day job which earns you enough money for maintaining your family. Even your blog gets caught in any Google’s algorithm which ruins your blog earning; you don’t have to upset much as you have a job at least which keeps your financial condition stable.

In case of full-time blogging, Google’s algorithms are the nightmare because if it hits you hard then it can shake your financial condition badly and the condition can be worse as in this type your main earning source is your blog only.

Still, I would like to suggest that if you are very passionate about full-time blogging then start doing it as part-time and keep growing gradually. Save enough money and build a blog which starts giving you somehow consistent earning then think to leave your day job and jump into full-time blogging.

One important Suggestion: When you do full-time blogging, don’t just focus on one monetization way rather try all the ways of monetization so that if one way is not working sometimes then other can support you financially.

What is your take on this topic? Share in comments!

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  • hello Atish Sir
    this is Really Great article, i do Part time blogging, and this is Truth Some time due to lack of time i can’t do full Research on a Article i am looking for. but im brief i am happy with this part time blogging. no burden to fix earning issue. mean while i give me some online friends, and Now they become my best friends. 😀

  • Hi Bhaiyaa,
    Agree with all your points Part tym and Full tym blogging.

    Don’t know about Full tym blogging yet. but yes, Part tym blogging I can face the situations as m living with my family and Clg student as well so sometimes I don’t feel like blogging and Instead start using facebook or listning Music.

    Well Thanks as I was thinking to became Full time blogger in future and Now I have pro’s and con’s as well so I can think accordingly.

    And with these cons, I should better go with Part tym.. as sometyms These Google Updates can work as Biggest Disasters in one’s life.


    • Thanks Sugandha for reading my post and sharing your own thoughts. everything has its pros and cons but we have to see what is the best for us and to choose we need to think from both perspective i.e. the Good and the bad. Just like a business, when a businessman starts a business or invest somewhere he always thinks for the good and the bad both.

      P.S. No words for Google’s Animals lolz

  • Hi Atish,

    A much required post, and well written as well 🙂

    Yes, there are pros and cons to being a part time and full time blogger, both. I personally feel that if you aren’t earning enough from your blog, you shouldn’t become a full time blogger. You need to keep your job till you can start earning enough from your blog to give it up, to become a full time blogger.

    I’ve heard of so many bloggers who give up their jobs because they feel that blogging is the line for them, or they see others around them earning lots (so they claim, which half the time are wrong figures) and feel they too can easily do it. But when they can’t make a steady monthly income, which was at least guaranteed in their full time job, they panic and give up blogging altogether.

    Blogging takes time, patience, dedication, will power and a commitment you make to yourself more than anything else. The results start showing after a while, not immediately. Speaking of myself, I think I would fit into a little of both. Being a part time blogger (as blogging isn’t my main source of earning) I am still spending nearly my full time into it nowadays. Sometimes it becomes overwhelming with the number of comments that come in.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Thanks Harleena for your comment. I have once read of someone’s blog that he was earning good amount from his part time blogging and later he thought if he gives it full time he can double his earning but when he left the job and started it for full time, earning remained same.

      So, sometimes it looks like if we give more time we can make more but it doesn’t happen in all cases.

      However, I still want to go for full time blogging but it seems tough for me to leave my job. Thanks for your thoughts here as well Harleena. Keep coming and sharing your thoughts always.

  • Hi Atish bro,
    Again a Awesome post indeed here . I am a part time blogger and most of the points are related to me and learnt many things in detailed of pro blogger’s life and part time blogger.

    Thanks to Share 🙂

  • Part time blogging is not good b’z you won’t get new ideas about your blog.
    b’z full day you think about your work then how you can stop thinking about it and start thinking about yor blog and new ideas.
    so its good to do in leisure time.

    Thanks ankit.

    • Whats your name by the way? You wrote in the name field as “wasim” and in signature “Ankit”. I am confused. 😛

      Coming to post, yes you are right and that what I have mentioned as the cons of part time blogging in the post. Keep visiting.

  • Hi Aatish…
    i want to make a full time blogger but have some problem that is my parents
    Since i am study at 12th So they do not allow me as a full time blogger
    awesome article bro

    • I think you should focus on your studies for now as you can do blogging later but you cannot study later because study should be done on the time. Good luck.

  • Hi Atish ,

    Apt blog read for me 🙂 A part time blogger who is all set to plunge into full time blogging. As you mentioned the less productivity hours during full time blogging has to be dealt with carefully or else many would be frustrated and end up giving up blogging which is a total failure. Hope things work better for me 🙂

  • Hi Atish,

    You came with an interesting topic and I’ve enjoyed reading your post. I accept pros and cons of both types of blogging and I prefer to do part-time blogging.

    As search engine algorithms are constantly changing, it is safe to have a day job. During spare time, people can perform blogging. Yeah, it is really tough for the part-time bloggers to get time to do network with other bloggers and leave comment on other blogs. If everything scheduled properly, then it is possible to manage some imperative tasks simultaneously with normal blogging work.

    I used to the same. Without proper planning, nothing can be done. I finished my work at home and will do my blogging job. I am working with strategies to communicate with other bloggers, sharing other’s post, blog commenting, writing for my blog and its promotion, writing for my clients and so on.

    You always come with a beneficial topic for bloggers to do an enriched blogging Atish, thanks for sharing this nice post with us. I support part-time blogging and suggesting all the bloggers to have a permanent day job.

    • Thanks Nirmala for your detailed thought on this topic. I can see you working hard along with your family commitments. Yes proper planning is indeed necessary for any kind of business. Thanks for reading and sharing my post.

  • Hi Atish,

    Well done! I know some part time bloggers that have families and still come home from their day jobs and do well. They are key focused on blogging and marketing their business until it comes to the day that they can replace their job with their own business. Some of them do! Some part timers do it for extra income. Yes, there are pros and cons to it, but when a part time person is serious, they can be successful.

    I am a full time blogger and marketer. And yes, I am aware of those pros and cons. But I don’t put my eggs in one basket. I have a blog, I have an up and coming WordPress Membership Site and of course my email list. Also a good Facebook Page. So, if one gets pulled away, there will always be another to reach out to my followers.

    I started slowly coaching one person at a time to create a blog for their business. Because I can’t find the hours in the day to coach one on one to everyone that is coming in, I offered an alternative on my membership site.

    It is a tricky business. Especially for a full time blogger. But as long as we don’t depend on just one platform, I’m sure we will be OK.


    • Thank you very very much Donna for sharing your thought as well as your business model. Its always a great idea not to put all the eggs in one basket. I do read your blog posts so I am aware of the things you are doing. Great going!

      I too want to plunge into full time blogging but still waiting for the right time. Hope it would come very soon! 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting.

  • Hi Atish,

    I am doing a day job, so i am a part time blogger. pros and cons you mention above are very true. It seems you have done both, full time blogging and part time blogging. I want to be my own boss but this point of time i am not earning that much so i have to wait for sometime.

    • Yes man it comes all gradually.

      Do you see those Full Time Blogger? They are neither different nor special.

      They have just spent more time in Blogging as compare to you.

      Also you should not worry about the money at this stage of your Blogging.Career.Otherwise you will lose interest soon.

      Good Luck 🙂

  • Excellent and interesting one! Well, completely agree with your points, especially the cons of full time blogging. Thanks for sharing and tweeted 🙂

  • Hey Atish,

    I think the only ones that are doing this full-time that are able to wake up when they want are the ones that have been working online for quite some time and have built up their business so that a good bit of it runs on autopilot. I work from home full-time and I can’t sleep in. There is too much work to be done. Sure, it gives me the luxury of not having to ask my boss for time off but you also have to realize that if you’re not making an income then you better not take off.

    There remains this big misconception about blogging that people still to this day just don’t understand. Very few people will ever make a full-time living from their blogs. The blogs are the tools they use to get in front of the right people to point them in the direction of what they offer. Whether that’s affiliate products, their own products or something like consulting. That’s their business, not their blog.

    I do love blogging though and it’s the way I do get in front of the right people. I think everyone who wants to have a business should have a blog only because people aren’t as trusting today as they were in the past so this is where you can build those relationships with your audience. That can only lead to bigger things.

    Hope everyone will eventually want to go full-time online and use their blog as their tools to get them there. It’s a great way to meet some awesome people.


    • I agree with what you have said in the comment. blogging is one of the best ways to build relationships online. You are right that if it is giving you luxury of not having a boss then you have think for passive income as well.
      All you need is to write the best content and expose them to the targeted and right audience, It will get great success to you. Thanks Adrienne for stopping by. Keep coming.

  • Hello Atish,

    Nice topic, choice of blogging is depend on interest according to me both sides are good and their facts and benefits you explained well here.Thanks to share your views.

  • I think full time blogging is better … If you want good earnings from websites you need to spend time.

  • “Full Time Blogging Vs Part Time Blogging” is Topic for a Great Discussion. Atish Both are valuable in their own ways. If we talk about Full Time Blogging so it’s best such like “Amit Agarwal” & if we come to part time Blogging so there are many uncountable Bloggers those are new & do Blogging as part time Blogging. It all depends on person that how does he hands & put his passion & desire toward Blogging.

    • Yea right! It depends on you as how you manage but still if someone who has so much of family responsibility can start full time blogging only when he is making more than enough because earning is very inconsistent in this business!

      Thanks for your views Maneesha.

  • As we can see, both these approaches have their pros and cons. Combining part-time blogging with a day job gives you more stability, confidence and opportunity to slowly develop your blog. In full-time blogging you can develop your blog very fast but overall monetary gain remains unpredictable. So, the best approach is to begin blogging on part-time basis and when you see yourself as established enough then make a switch to full-time blogging.

  • I think it’s a better idea to start with part-time blogging, and then if you like it and see that it brings you some income – come to full-time blogging, at least if you have a family or any financial obligations. When you see that your blogging brings you at least minimum income, you can make this wonderful hobby your job without fear

  • I would go with the part time blogging, Full time blogging will waste your whole day of work. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Atish,

    Thanks for this wonderful post, this is my first time of visit to your blog and am not disappointed with the quality of articles on it.

    But i disagree with some of your point. Depending in your niche, not all full-time blogger will have time for family. WHY? Because the pressure is always high for them to generate more income because there is no other source of income offline, it is this pressure that leads to spending over 10hours daily on the internet/PC.

    Making our blog Authority is the challenges most bloggers do face and having more time for family will be quite difficult, Until a blog start earning enough income will a blogger feel relax and have time for friends & family.

    The more you write article, the better you become, so I disagree with your if you say full-time blogger will become less productive.

    I agree will other points you talk about in this article and have a nice weekend.

    • Thanks Olamosh for your visit and comment. All full time bloggers don’t become less productive but it is one of the case which happens with the people who get so much time. When they get so much of time they keep on pushing the work to next hour, next day or next week hence that work gets delayed.

      Thanks for sharing your views Mate. Keep coming.

  • There are pros and cons for both full time and part time blogging. However, one can still succeed in either depending on the level of motivation and commitment.

    Full time bloggers are those who see it as full time business.

    They commit their all and all to ensure they make a living there in. There are more sacrifices to make with full time blogging but the rewards are more attractive.

    I agree with you, people should start with part time blogging before committing to full time because there things to learn on the way. More so, blogging needs someone who is ready to pay the full price.

    Search engine is an issue but a blogger should always expect the inevitable and dynamism that characterize every business!

    I have left this comment in kingged.com – the content syndication and social marketing platform for Internet marketers, where this post was shared.

    Sunday – kingged.com contributor


    • Starting with part time blogging and then gradually putting legs into full time blogging is the right way to plunge into this blogging business. Thanks sunday for your comment. Keep visiting.

    • Thats great Ryan. I can see you working hard. All the full timers should learn from you. When I will be doing for full time. I would be needing tips from you for better productivity. Thanks for coming by bro.

    • LOL

      you were used to earn money just by standing as a Security Guard.
      Now you earn money by writing as a Blogger.

      In other words , your job was to stand before and now it is sitting on the chair typing. xD

  • Hi Atish, I agree with your pros and cons on full time blogging and part-time blogging. Being a part-time blogger I am able to manage 3 posts a week on my blogs when ever there is more pressure of my other works, I could even publish single post on my blog which really harms my blog traffic.

    Now I’ve managed co-workers for my blog so that on my absence they can manage my blog and keep it active.

    I’ve not concentrated that much on making money from my blogs but if I my business is not giving me a lot, there is an option to switch to full-time blogging.

    Real hard work really pays.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful and informative post.:)

    I found this post shared on kingged.com and posted this comment.

    • Thanks Ankit for reading my post and sharing your comment here and kingged as well. Yes there are pros and cons for both kind of blogging.

      If you are doing for full time then you have to think like a businessman and try hard to make money online.

    • But make sure that you have other streams of money too .( other than Blogging)

      Becoming a Full Time Blogger is not as easy as it may seem to someone .Just like we used to think in the start that earning money is like money is growing on trees.You just have to snatch it 🙂

      We were totally wrong.

  • Hi Atish,
    I think you laid out the pros and cons very well. For any newbie starting, I think your article will be helpful.

    I am a part-time blogger and you summarized it quite well:
    – Hetic. Sometimes crazy busy.

    – Less time for research. Oh how true. I really enjoy researching and writing. But promotion takes time, which takes time about from writing.

    – Family. This is so true. I had to scale back quite a bit towards the end of April and in to May because my kids had so much going on during the end of the school year. One activity included me preparing a talk for my girl’s class 🙂

    – Time Priorities. I think this is the hardest thing. We want to research, write, promote . . . and everything takes time. If someone is part-time and they have another job or family obligations then it is much more difficult to get everything done in blogging. Blogging can’t be my first priority. Getting up and going to my consulting job and getting my kids has to come first.

    What helps me is — I read this somewhere a while ago — is to think of this as a marathon and not a sprint.

    P.S. I read this on kingged.com

    • Thanks Brady for the detailed comment. I love the way you have relate yourself with the points I have mentioned in the post. Yes, when you do a job then blogging might not be the first priority because you are committed to the job as well. Thanks for coming by Brady. Keep coming.

  • If you are a full time blogger, then try to have multiple Blogs. One blog will never be able to eliminate your hunger for money xD.

    One more Con of a Full Time Blogging is , people think you are unemployed and useless. They think that you are surfing facebook or watching any movie while you are doing very serious work (blogging) instead.

    By the way , there is not sunday or any national holiday that can save you from working if you are a Full Time Blogger. Maybe that was another con 🙂

    • yes having more than one blog works well if your earning source is blogging only. I am a part time blogger but still I am managing many blogs to earn well and also I like to blog! Money is not the only motivation for me to blog but yes I love to learn and earn through blogging.

  • I can relate myself to a lot of things you covered in your article. I still don’t know, if i am a part time blogger or a pro.. but i just have a feeling in my heart.. that no matter we are pro or just like that,,,….. we love to read article like what you’ve written. where we can actually relate ourselves. Thank you for such a great post. …. I found your article on kingged …
    and i really loved reading your article

    • Thanks Gautam that you stopped by here and read the post and even commented as well. Being pro is nothing. I think blogging is just like speaking your own voice. Thanks for dropping by.

  • Hi Atish,
    You did a good comparison study in this post,
    I fully agree with you, though few refuted to it
    I think in an Indian context the situation may be
    different from other zones, yes, a part time job
    as blogging is not give much tension of earning
    instead if its full time and that is the only earning
    source then tension mounts and thing may go
    even out of control 🙂
    But the same time if want to create quality contents
    it needs more cross check and for that of course more
    time too is needed. Anyways its really a good comparative
    study on these two subjects,
    Thanks Atish for sharing this thought provoking piece
    Best Regards
    PS: Hey, Atish I found this post at Kingged,com and kingged it and posted this comment there
    Keep writing
    Keep inform

    • Thanks Philip for your views. I am a part time blogger along with my job but my job is also related to these stuffs so I feel connected all the time.

  • Full time blogging is great as you don’t have to go to office and all. Just sit in your arm chair and enjoy working from home. Part time can be very tiring I guess after the day job. Good write up.

  • If we will compare these two according to your needs, they both work great. Yes, there are pros and cons that will help you identify which is which. Some students nowadays adore blogging and they use it as their part time work so they go for part time blogging. However, some go full time.
    I can say that the decision lies upon us. This post just helps us to know what is good or better.

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing social site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

  • I know some part time bloggers that have families and still come home from their day jobs and do well. They are key focused on blogging and marketing their business until it comes to the day that they can replace their job with their own business. Some of them do! Some part timers do it for extra income. Yes, there are pros and cons

  • Well written points, each has their pros and cons. Full time blogging can be more profitable but it still has its certain risks. Despite part time blogging is earning low, I still have a stable day job as my financial backup and I don’t need to worry much about the money if I earn less from blogging. From financial viewpoint, part time blogger is safer than full time blogger. Anyway, it depends on our objectives 🙂

    I found your article on Kingged.com, I “kingged” it and posted this comment.

    • Yes, Thats the benefit of part time blogging. You have no worries about earning but in full time you have to make good money to sustain. Thanks Edward for stopping by.

  • Blogging has been one of the prominent and effective suggested ways to earn money online. As what is said in the article above, you can do blogging in two ways, whether full time or part time.

    Glad you write the advantages and disadvantages of full time and part time blogging. This thing would surely help your readers to decide what way they would choose to do blogging.

    I’ve read here that full time blogging can give you complete freedom. However, this freedom may cause you to become unproductive and lazy.

    On the other side, part time blogging can make you more productive, since you have lesser time here. However, you might always face time management problems due to the hectic schedule.

    As for me, the perfect way would be the one that will make you comfortable, and will help you to be an effective blogger.

    Thanks for this interesting and awesome article! 🙂


    By the way, I found this post shared on Kingged.com

  • Hey Atish,

    Nice Post… i like the information you offered through this post. Your efforts for this post are appreciable, basically the youth are is showing interest in part time blogging…

  • Thanks Atish
    for the lovely post.. This was the post i was doing research on from past few days. Actually i am completely in dialemma about to quit my day job or continue part time blogging.But yes sooner or later i am going to enter into blogosphere as a full-time blogger. I want to listen to my heart once not brain.

    • To plunge into full time blogging you must be sure that you are earning good amount from blogging. Listening to your heart is good but you cannot ignore your brain too.

      Thanks for your visit Rahul.

  • Nice explaination about the differences between full time blogging and part time blogging.Iam gonna do part time blogging as i got a nice permanent job in a bank from 9 to 5. I will analyze the cons of part time blogging and act according to it,Atish 🙂 . Explainatory Post !

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