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As of late, PDF files are in lot of use. Every document is 1st being converted into a PDF file & then it is being uploaded on the Internet. The creator of the file 1st converts his document into a PDF file assuming that his content would be protected & no one would be able to edit it. Thus for the benefit of PDF readers, the software developers came up with a new program, PDF converter! 😀

Editing PDF files is not possible but the PDF converter converts the PDF file into editable Word files. There are many such converter available in the market, but only handful of them are available for free. So taking this opportunity in hand, Wondershare has come up with an online PDF converter.

Wondershare have recently announced Free Online PDF to Word converter, providing users a new, fast and a free service to convert PDF to Word 100% online. They have said that this online PDF converter enables users to convert native and encrypted PDF files to Microsoft Word 2003/2007 and RTF (i.e. .doc, .docx and .rtf) while preserving 100% of original formatting and layout. Wondershare Free PDF to Word Online will help those who need to edit or convert PDFs to work more efficiently and freely.

1 good thing about this service is that, after the file is been uploaded on their server to get converted, instead of waiting till the file gets converted, the user can give his email id, so that the converted file would be mailed to him. On the other hand, 1 limitation of this service is that, a maximum file size of 10 MB can only be converted. I hope Wondershare would increase this limit soon.


Last week, Catherine Lee, an executive at Wondershare, wrote me about this new online service of theirs. Thus I tested few files and I found some errors over there while converting a PDF file of mine, but these bugs were then fixed and now the converter is functioning very smoothly. Still if you guys find any other problem about this service, then do comment below, Wondershare would be following this post! 🙂

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