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Grab These Excellent E-Books for FREE!

There were the days when we used to read the traditional printed book when we didn’t have the option to read online. Now, we have digitally printed books that we can read either online or using document reader software such as PDF readers, MS Word, etc. However, many of us still read paperback printed books too. Like a traditional printed book, eBooks have an author, editor, illustrator, text, logo design and also typography to give them the appearance of efficiency. Just the difference is the way of reading!

Since I sit most of the time in front of my laptop for my blogging jobs, I prefer reading e-books over the traditional paperback. Moreover, there are many e-books we can find online for FREE. I found more than 100 of informative e-books free of cost on the internet, and I read them one by one. Reading e-books gives me latest information on particular topics, and that too without spending a single penny. If I buy those books in paper format, I will have to pay for each and every book which is not a big problem for me or many of us. But, why spend money if we get the same stuff for FREE?

In the profession of a developer, designer, SEO, or blogger you need always be fully up to date in the best practice of the industry you are working in because the trends of these industries keep on changing and evolving. The best example is SEO which was quite different in the past, but now the whole meaning of SEO has been changed a lot. The strategies that used to work 6-7 years ago may or may not work in today’s SEO world.

That is the reason we all need to keep reading the latest e-books time to time. And, why should we miss to read if we are getting quality e-books free of cost?

A compact form of eBooks usually offers sufficient knowledge and information. That way they take less of your time and what is more important is they are free of cost as I talked above (Paid ones are also available, though).

You might have heard people saying that free e-books are not that good. But, don’t get fooled by these talks because not all FREE things are bad and not all paid things are good. You must choose the books wisely before you start reading them whether paid or free.

I have read many free e-books which are superb and offer endless valuable knowledge and efficient tips to level up the skills quickly. In this blog post, I am going to share 5 informative e-books that I have completed reading recently. They are FREE of cost, and you just need to enter your email address and get the download link to your Email.

Note: Many times, you get the download link of the e-book in your Gmail’s “Promotion” tab, so when you enter your email address, don’t forget to check this tab of your Gmail.

5 E-Books You Can Keep on Your List to Read

  1. 10 Ways to Earn Money and Become Rich on the Internet

10 Ways to Earn Money and Become Rich on the Internet

The eBook offers you to find answers to many questions you are interested in, besides how to choose one or another way of earning money on the Internet. The possibilities are really endless, and only you will decide which way to go. Professional blogging, YouTube video blogging, teaching and translating online, filling online surveys, these are only some possible ways to start with. So, keep on reading and find it valuable for your further success on the web market.

  1. How to Attract the First 1000 Visitors to My New Website?

How to Attract the First 1000 Visitors to My New Website Copy

Lack of traffic is one of the main challenges you face as soon as your website is created. So, what’s next? How do you targeting audience will get acquainted with you and your products? What are the main clever ways of attracting more potential customers? All these and many other questions are rose here to help you to increase traffic to your website.

  1. SEO Foundations for Small Business Owners

SEO foundations for small business owners

Learn some important ways to improving your site’s search engine optimization to come up on the first page, to attracting more links and land more sales. Get some tips on what SEO factors and trends you need to pay your attention to improve your site’s rankings. However, there are some things you should never be doing succeed in your business.

  1. Starting a Website in 2016: What Options Do You Have?

Starting a Website in 2016 What Options Do You Have

You are thinking of another business project and looking for tips for the better start, aren’t you? Do you really feel the difference between CMS platforms? Each of them has its pros and cons and meets the requirements of cutting-edge web design technologies. Find tons of practical advice and recommendations on how to build up your new business project successfully and expand your knowledge of website creation.

  1. Little Blue Link Building Book by ahrefs.com

Little Blue Link Building Book - Best Link Building Practices from Ahrefs

Link building has been the backbone of any SEO strategies for more than a decade. It is still valuable, but the way of doing it has been upgraded. You must know the new ways of building links, and this book from ahrefs.com is one of the best books on link building. Get it now!

Final Words

Reading e-books is fun and full of knowledge. Every one of us must read 2-3 e-books every month to stay updated with latest techs and trends.

Since these are FREE, I thought to share with our readers so that they can also make most of these free e-books.

Enjoy reading! 🙂

Comments (37)

  • Hi Atish bro,
    This is anice collection of free eBooks to take online businesses a notch higher. I downloaded the link building book by ahrefs and even the others are nice downloadables.

    Keep bringing more such collections that can help others get much value all at one place.
    Swadhin Agrawal recently posted…Semrush Review: Most Powerful Keyword Research ToolMy Profile

    • Author

      Hello Swadhin,

      I love free stuff! Nothing to loose, if you love it, that’s great. If not, nothing you lose.

      Thanks for coming by. Hope you will enjoy these books.

  • Hello Atish,

    That is a nice collection of e-books, and I am glad they are free. I will surely read them. Thanks for sharing.
    Praveen rajarao recently posted…The Awesome Tree House by Neha PraveenMy Profile

  • Hello Atish,

    The Book is one of the important sources of knowledge. In this hi-tech world, many people like to download e-books. The most advantage of this e-book is you can read it via your phone or tablet, you don’t need to carry a book with you while you are traveling or out of from home.

    In blogging, we need to read more especially on blogging tricks and SEO. Here you have added some excellent e-books on SEO and blogging. I have downloaded all. Thanks for sharing these sources of knowledge.


    Moumita Ghosh
    Moumita Ghosh recently posted…10 Best Power Banks in India 2017My Profile

    • Author

      Hello Moumita,

      Thanks for words! Hope you have downloaded these books already, and reading them. Enjoy the free stuff!

  • Hey Atish

    Thanks for sharing amazing collections. I started collect useful e books over the month. because I gain much knowledge with e book as you say. Thanks for sharing bro.

  • Hi Atish,
    Happy to be here again.
    Yet another EPIC post!
    An information packed post.
    Though i read this today morning on my phone, i could not comment
    one book already download and read.
    All the 5 eBooks i downloaded and it looks like an amazing and information packed books
    There is a common notion that All FREE things are bad!
    But I am sure these books prove that is not fully correct!
    Yes, as you mentioned ‘ Not all FREE things are bad and not all paid things are good too!
    I just went had a glance thru the contents of these books, and I am sure It is a must read or have book to all who what to seriously work on their blog pages for a profit.
    Thanks Atish providing these information filled eBooks downloads.
    May you have a wonderful and profitable week ahead
    I thank all the writers of these books.
    Keep sharing your knowledge for the benefit of your fellow beings.
    Let us not hold it only for our benefit!
    Best Regards
    ~ Philip
    Philip V Ariel recently posted…Philipscom New Initiatives – Blogger Of The WeekMy Profile

    • Author

      Hello Philip,

      Thanks for the thoughtful comment.

      I am not sure who says the free things are bad because I have a great example, the WordPress CMS which is FREE forever, and I am sure it is the best CMS on the web which defy the saying that free things are bad.

      Thanks for coming by.

  • Hi Atish All the five books you shared with us have the great meat. Love to read no 5 first but will surely skim all the books. Thanks for posting these books for us
    rakesh kumar recently posted…Free Adsense ready WordPress theme Govind – Download ZipMy Profile

  • Hi Aatish. Though the books are valuable source of knowledge and when i tried to download last 2 books from your link they just forwarded me to the original websites and those two websites are now asking me to provide my email id. Do you think I should provide my email to get that books.

    • Author

      Hello Swarnima,

      The e-books are not written by me. I have got from these sites and thought to share. The books are from TemplateMonster and Ahrefs, so giving your email address has no problem at all since they are big brands. You can enter your email address, and you will get the download link in your email within a few seconds! 🙂

      Let me know if you get any problem! Thanks!

  • Thanks for the wonderful E-Books Ashish. In these I have already read the book from Ahrefs guys and its amazing. Will read the other ones.
    Pranay recently posted…Top Five Texting apps for AndroidMy Profile

  • Wow really this free e-books worths a lot. good job bro

  • Hey Atish,

    These are really great collection you have got here. Thanks for sharing them. Definitely gonna keep them all. I do a lot of E-book reading, that is were i learn all kind of stuffs.

    I really have the eye for the Second and Third E-Books.

  • Hi Atish,

    Thanks for listing useful books.
    I will surely check all the books. Especially the book from ahrefs seems to be more useful and premium tips.

    Thank you
    Susheel karam recently posted…How To: Protect your WhatsApp account with 2-Step VerificationMy Profile

    • Author

      Hello Susheel,

      All book are from big brands, and they are superb ones. You should not miss anyone of these. All FREE!

  • Hai Atish Bro,

    I think this was my first comment here.It is one on of the rare cases on internet if some free things had some great value.The books which are added in the post are damn good(I just completed two of them).Will read all of those stuff soon.

    Anyway for your cool collection bro 🙂

  • Who doesn’t like free stuff, especially when it comes to blogging. Thank you for the excellent suggestions.

  • Hello Atish sir,
    again you have shared some great resources for newbie bloggers like me and thousand others. Going to download all of them and read. I personally loved the “How to Attract the First 1000 Visitors to My New Website?” ebook. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Debadeep Biswas recently posted…Best Induction Cooktop Review 2017 – Handpicked Induction Cooktops!My Profile

  • Hi,
    this is cool man, I have been looking for e-learning site better to opt to this… But where i can learn about Big Data?

    waiting for your answer and thanks 🙂

    • Author

      Hello Pyare,

      There might be many free ebooks available for Big Data as well. I will try finding out one, and let you know. Meanwhile, you can just search on Google, and find lots of information about it.


  • Thanks a ton for these e-Books Atish. This is a complete guide for making money online that everyone could follow seamlessly.

  • Thank you Atish Bro for these useful books. I have downloaded 3 of them, Hope Link Building Book by ahrefs.com it will help me a lot. Because I face many problems in link building part.
    Srimanta Ghosh recently posted…Ways to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate ProgramMy Profile

  • Hi Atish

    I fully agree with you that in this age of fast competition and day to day changes in every field it is must to keep oneself updated. For this ebook is one of the best solutions as it covers the whole topic and one needs not to browse several times to get different pieces of information on one topic.

    Thanks for sharing this very valuable resources and that too completely free. Have downloaded them and will read them as they directly belong to my niche.

    Have a super nice day
    Mi Muba recently posted…12 decent ways to win friends and influence people on social mediaMy Profile

  • Hey Atish,

    In modern era, due to revolution of technology – living of human become very easy. Indeed, in past time people go for traditional book to enhance their knowledge and skills but today, internet makes quite simple.

    Ebooks are very interesting in reading as well as they are very effective to boost our knowledge. Yet, I’ve not read these 5 E-books but curious to study and hope these will very beneficial for me to boost my knowledge. Eventually, thanks for sharing your worthy thought with us.

    With best regards,

    Amar kumar

  • great resource and I’m Going to download all of them

  • Hi Atish, thanks for providing thousand dollar information in just one click..

  • All ebooks you listed are very good for newbie who wants to start their own website and also for those who wanted to expertise in SEO. Thanks mate.


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