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Marketing in today’s world is so competitive that if you can’t stand out of the crowd, it means certain death for your company. Standing out of the crowd is very difficult given that competition is everywhere and every company has its own unique selling point, and a point comes where you cannot offer more to your customer as you have already gone all in! Well, if that is the case then this article may help you in product marketing with the easy yet intuitive concept.

There are applications which allow customers to earn points as they shop from a specific brand. There are other applications which help these big brands or companies in keeping track of their consumers and also help them in the marketing of their products, but as of now, there are very few apps or services which build a bridge between these two concepts. This is when flok comes into play.

What exactly is flok?

flok is a two-way app or service which focuses on merchants and customers. They have developed their application is such a way that both the features of the application will never collide with each other. flok has some pretty amazing patented services in their application like Punch Cards, Push Notifications, Beacon, etc.

The flok business app is available for download on Apple Store as well as Google Play Store for free. flok started off as providing marketing tools and strategies to small businesses and service providers at affordable prices. Today, 70,000 businesses have joined flok in four major divisions, US, UK, Israel, Canada and Australia.

Since the day they started their operations in the year 2011, flok was very focused on catering to businesses, and today you can see they also center on helping the customers and connecting them directly to the business of their choice.

Features which help Businesses in marketing as well as Customers

1. Freedom to mold your own loyalty program

flok is a two-way app which not only benefits the merchants but also the customers as well. flok gives freedom to businesses to make or build their own loyalty program which, when finished, will be pushed out on the flok application. This loyalty program, when joined by customers, will allow them to have a sense of personalized touch as it directly connects them to the business. Not only this, but the loyalty program also helps in retaining the customers by rewarding them as they complete their punch cards, which we will talk about in the next point.

Customers, on the other hand, can download the flok app (Apple Store, Google Play Store) and instantly join the loyalty program of their favorite brand or service provider and continue receiving updates and offers from the business.

2. Punch Cards

flok helps the not only in creating a loyalty program but also the punch cards. These punch cards specify the frequency of visits for a specific brand. For example, if Dominos creates it punch card for customers, more visits will result in more rewards for customers. On the other hand, it helps in creating the buzz and increases the sales of the products at the same time.

Using Punch Card in olden days was very difficult as Punch Cards were printed on paper and if lost, customers would lose all progress so far. Well, therefore the loyalty card app has introduced virtual Punch Cards which mean you don’t have to worry about anything as this one is completely paperless. All your customers need to do is scan the QR code or connect to your phone, and that is it, they will receive a punch.

3. Push Notifications

Push Notification is another terrific way of connecting merchants to their customers. This is one of the features that makes flok the best service in its class. Push Notifications are a medium to convey a specific message to the loyalty members which means if your business is registered at flok, then all you need to do is push one message which will automatically be delivered to all the customers who have joined the loyalty program of your company at flok.

Push Notification also helps in making a customer feel special. This gives the customer a feeling that the merchant or the company is aware of the problems or is keeping an eye on their loyal customers. Companies not only push specific messages to their loyal customers but often offer and deals are pushed too. These messages can also be personalized in order to maintain and create an even better relationship between the customer and the merchant.

4. Email Marketing

flok also allows the companies and businesses to do Email Marketing right through their application. Email Marketing works almost like Push Notifications except there are emails that are being sent instead of messages. These Emails may contain various information like latest offers, exclusive offers, birthday wishes, etc.

5. Customer Management on the go!

flok comes in handy especially when we want to keep track of our customers. flok makes customer management system very easy to use as merchants can not only analyze Real-time data about the customer engagement but also mark customers as a favorite and even add notes from valuable customers. Real-time data about loyalty club members will not only reveal the actual marketing performance but also help in boosting the revenue of the business. For example, if a business did well under a certain loyalty program, then the company should focus on improving it rather than changing it from head to toe. Similarly, bad policies or steps can also be identified by poor customer engagement.

6. Beacon

Beacon is yet another brilliant feature of flok which helps in simplifying the customer participation. Beacon is basically a wireless device which not only checks in your loyalty program enrolled customers but also greets them with custom messages. This not only helps in simplifying the customer’s work but it also creates an intangible bond between the two parties.

7. Attract More Customers

flok is definitely a rewarding place when it comes to business as well as consumers. Attracting new customers is always a big problem for new companies, and this is what flok does the best. flok is a big place where thousands of users are connected to their merchants. New businesses can attract new customers of the same demographic by sending freebies or offers which flok terms as carrots, to their desired demographic so that they capture the right kind of customer.

flok Membership Plans

flok offers a lot of opportunities to grow the number of customers. flok not only helps in growing new businesses by using its perfectly structured marketing strategies but also help in retaining and attracting, even more, business to already settled companies.

flok has 3 major plan categories which will suit all types of businesses.

· Started Pack ($16.58)

This allows a company to prepare their own punch card as well as custom app design as well along with chat and customer activity management facility. The Loyalty Club Members are restricted to 250 members in the starter pack which seems okay as new businesses will opt for the starter pack.

· VIP Pack ($66.58)

The number of Club members increases from 250 to 1000 so does the Push Messages which were restricted to 500 in the starter pack whereas the number of push messages is doubled in the VIP Pack. To great things that VIP Pack offers merchants are Beacon and auto detection facility as well as in-app purchases.

· Ultimate Pack ($99.91)

If VIP pack doesn’t suit you, then you can definitely go for the Ultimate pack which offers up to 5,000 Club members which is an insane number of customers. The restriction on Push Messages also gets loose in the Ultimate Pack as merchants can send up to 10,000 Push Messages to their club members.

If you have any questions regarding flok, do let us know in the comments.

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  • I am extremely happy to have some knowledge about this wonderful app. All the marketing solutions are in a single service. The ‘Punch Card’ feature is really fantastic, it makes a customer to do a repeat business. Thanks for helping me in knowing by sharing.

  • Flok is an incredible way to market your business and to get more customers. Now everybody is expecting some sort of reward for doing business with you and this is a fantastic way to reward them.
    Thanks for sharing this useful app.

  • Hi Atish Ranjan,

    That’s a polished write up loved it.

    After reading your blog i have a clear idea of what Flok app exactly is. I love the two features email marketing and punch cards. Also i feel the cost is not that much high so even a small business can buy and use.

    Thank You

  • Hi Atish,

    Nice to know about this very promising product and its various features, indeed they seem to bring the best of social communication packed into one product, a great feat. But I have a question regarding its email marketing, is there a limit on the number of recipients to which it can send its marketing email? do they have a feature for the recipients to unsubscribe from the list?

  • The Flok product is a viable solution for brick and mortar stores, particularly those that rely on heavy foot traffic. If you’re ready to upgrade to a digital loyalty program or looking for a replacement to your current program, Flok may be a good fit.

  • Hey! Very nice Article! I learned a great source of marketing and business benefits of Flok. The great thing about Flok as you have mentioned that it also provide e-mail marketing which is great for marketing perspective.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi Atish Sir,

    Really nice to know about this app. Its a nice marketing app. Its punch card feature is awesome.Thank you for writing this post.

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