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Google Announces the Features of Google Messenger!

Search giant, Google Inc is allegedly in the process of making its own messaging app to compete the trendy message app, WhatsApp. It is being announced that the company is in the earlier stages of the app development and likely to be launched by next year (2015). 🙂 There is no official announcement about the features of Google messenger till now. Thus it made me land into the dream world of Google Messenger, and having all the imaginations of the app! 😎

The Fanciful Features of Google Messenger

Before describing my fanciful features of mysterious Google’s instant message app, which I consider that Google would indeed announce, let’s have a look at the impressive stats of existing mobile messaging apps.

features of Google Messenger

Stunning Summary of Mobile Messaging Apps

Gartner has estimated that India will have 815 million mobile connections at the end of this year (2014) and hence it is expected that our country would become the largest smartphone marketer in the world next to China by 2019.  As the mobile phone usage has tremendous growth, there is a fierce competition between several instant messaging apps. Yes! Currently, WhatsApp has 600 million customers and out of which 65 million are Indian users. Likewise, WeChat has 438 million global monthly active users whereas Line has more than 18 million users. Even the Viber, Skype and Hike messaging apps have also created an extensive user base. Google does have its own messenger through Hangouts which has been recently enhanced with new features and the users could use it without their G+ profile. But, the fresh features seem to be pointless and would be difficult to beat its rivals like Skype and Facebook Messenger.

Having all the above matters in mind, the Google might be decided to launch its simple, no-fuss messaging app soon.

Features of Google Messenger

It is a fact that the Google’s strategy is feeble in instant messaging service! 😎 To take on WhatsApp, Line, WeChat and other messaging apps, the software giant will insert some extraordinary features in its instant messaging service for mobile devices. Reports say that the Google messaging application will be free to use (WhatsApp users have to pay a little fee after a year of usage) and it will not force the users to login to their Google account. Moreover, it will support different Indian languages to localize the mobile chat app. However, in my personal opinion, it would be upright to hear Google announcing the following features in Google Messenger to battle with its rivals.

Video Calling – GMessenger vs Skype

Few days back, Whatsapp announced that the voice calling feature will be introduced in the app soon. But there is no word on video-call feature over 3G or Wi-Fi networks. Hence here comes my first dream of using video chat in the Google Messenger! 🙂 As Google has decided to fight with WhatsApp, it is indeed a dream to get video-calling feature in its messaging app. I could see in my mind’s eye that the Google would link the Hangouts in the new messenger.

Voice-To-Text Messaging

features of GMessenger

Another, one of the best features of Google Messenger that I can dream of is, converting voice to text! 😎 At times it becomes boring to type, especially when the entire day we keep our fingers dancing on the giant keyboard, and then the petty smartphone screen appears! 😛 So, to enhance the user experience, speed-up and ease messaging, Google should launch this app with voice-to-text messaging feature and thus “Ok, Google” feature might tweak in it.

Immense File Sharing

What better features of Google Messenger can we expect than immense file shairng!?!?!

WhatsApp has the file sharing limit of 16 MB music, images or videos. Moreover, it is not possible to send PDF, APK, EXE, ZIP and RAR files on WhatsApp. To do so, I have to install Dropbox, GDrive, CloudSend etc. Thus to begin the battle with this largest messaging platform, Google might offer an excellent file sharing feature with more than 16 MB limit in its instant messaging app, or rather consider connecting GDrive to GMessenger.

Managing Group Admin at Google Messenger

group sidebar

Currently at WhatsApp, you cannot manage the group admins, the once who has created the group, remains the group admin until the person exists the group. This is a troublesome feature as if the group admin becomes inactive after a while, then none other members of the group can manage the admin features. Thus Google Messenger should consider adding a good admin management feature, and should allow multiple admins in the groups, swapping of admins without leaving the group, etc.

Memorable Contact Wall like at FB

It will be great to see a profile wall for the contact, which is unseen in WhatsApp. My eyes would be keen to read all the status updates over the years! :-* Moreover tagging places & contact (what is there exactly in Facebook) could be seen. Therefore the current lame contact profile of WhatsApp, which displays only the current status, last seen and common groups, will be featured with many more interesting and memorable things! 🙂

Tagging Contacts at Google Messenger

Currently none of the messaging apps in belief have any tagging features. Hence I would go crazy to see my contacts to tag me! 😎 😀 I actually could imagine receiving a notification, when any of my contacts would tag me in the group! 😉 But considering the privacy feature, the tagged name should appear as it is stored in individual smartphones contact list and not by the name. If no name is stored for a particular number, then for the tags in the group, the contact number should appear, and for the tags at the wall a remark like “NA”, “hidden” etc. should appear.

Superior Security & Privacy

Recently I have been receiving several spam messages over my WhatsApp like getting Giftbox image in the message! 😛 As every time I catch these annoying images, I just think of Matt Cutts leading the spam team my messenger! 😀 But apparently now my dream will come true! 🙂 I truly believe that GMessenger will be indeed the most secured messenger on the planet Earth! 😎 Moreover with the newly updated privacy features on WhatsApp like hide “Last seen” notification, profile picture & status details etc. I am looking forward to get some enriched privacy features like full control over online status, block messages from strangers/unwanted persons, better spam filter etc. in Google messenger.

Along with the above discussed advanced features of Google Messenger, I am surely expecting some default features of Google Messenger like simple user interface, saving & sharing pictures, adding captions, wallpaper settings, creating shortcuts, availability of fun stickers, inbuilt camera and automatic adding of contact list from the supposed GMessenger app.

Final Words about my dream Features of Google Messenger

There was a buzz that Google had failed to buy WhatsApp as it had offered only $10 billion. Sundar Pichai, Google’s senior vice president has clarified at Mobile World Congress in Feb, 2014 that the company did not bid for WhatsApp but it has worked to improve the Hangout App and integrating the features of Google Talk, Voice and SMS into single app. Since Hangout misses some features like advanced group messaging, media sharing capabilities and voice notes, it has not been very popular.

So, Google is looking forward to challenge the Facebook in terms of messaging and it is estimated that its own message app will slowly gain a share in the crowded mobile messaging field. According to my point of view that the GMessenger will be the market leader within no time of its launch because of its astonishing features! 😎

What do you think about my imaginary features, will these really be announced by Google? What features of Google Messenger do you consider Google to blend in GMessenger? Do leave your voice in comment section below! 🙂

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  • Hello Zainil,

    I must say that you have immense creativity 😛

    I’ve heard the news that Google is developing its own instant messaging app but I didn’t expect these amazing features in it. I thought that it would be a normal app like Wechat and WhatsApp. But you’ve imagined well and consolidated your dreaming features of the Google messaging app here.

    To grab some exposure for your creativeness, I’ve shared your awesome post to my family members who are using WhatsApp 🙂

    Keep your creative juices flowing 😛

    • Hi NIirmala!

      I am soo glad that to hear that you have liked the post soo much ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      I am not sure that all would be the features of GMessenger, may be there could be still more astonishing features ! ! 🙂 🙂

      Thanks a million for all your support by sharing the post all over the social media & emails ! 🙂

  • Thanks Zainil for sharing this information. I have no idea of this Google messenger but this app really seems interesting if it have your dreaming features. We expect these type of app from Google. Google is giving tough competition to whatsapp now.

    • Hi Sudipto! 🙂

      Yes, for sure the news of Google launching an messaging app would sort of scandalized Jan Koum & Mark Zuckerberg! 😀 For sure Google is the market leader, however its not at the peak at social media’s; lets await for the new competition ( when Google will announce the features of Google Messenger) that Google will put over the social giant FB (the new owner of WhatsApp) ! 🙂 😎

  • This is great, I like WhatsApp but I’m pretty sure Google Messenger would have more innovative features for messaging.

  • Hi Zainil,

    I am in the waiting list for this new app by Google. I like the hangout app and i am sure that this will be the greatest app ever.


    • Hi Karan!

      I have not much used Hangouts, its only that my Gtalk chatting is now rooted though hangouts.. But I have actually not used it much for Video conferencing, I still use Skype for it! 🙂

      & indeed, even I am awaiting the new messenger from Google ! ! 😎

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