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Facebook is the best social networking site on the World WILD Web. And since it’s the best, the evils always have an eye over it. Of course Facebook tries to secure all its data in the best possible way, but the black hat hackers are always searching for the loop holes to get access to the unrestricted data.

Facebook has a population over 950 million users; out of which a recent study said that 83 million accounts are fake. But still over 850 million users share their life on Facebook. But most of these accounts must not have enabled all the security settings on Facebook. Are you 1 of those 850 million who share their personal life on Facebook? Have you enabled your Facebook accounts security settings?

I am sure that you would have read 100’s of post on how to surf safely on the Internet or on how to maintain your online privacy etc… But many a times, these posts are just written to update the blogs & no useful information is available in these kind of posts. But I assure you that, the following 2 tips would surely help you to stay safe over Facebook! πŸ™‚

Starting with the 1st tip, you must have heard that https is more secured than http! Yes, this is true; https is a communication protocol for secure communication over a computer network. Hence it is always recommended to have an https protocol while surfing on Internet. Every Facebook account has an option of secure browsing, but it has been kept disabled. So all you need to do is enable it! J To enable this security setting, 1st click on the down arrow which is next to the home button; then click on the account settings. Now a new window will open in which you would fine several option on your left hand side; click on security. Now in the security settings, click on the very 1st option named Secure Browsing & check browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) when possible & save changes.

Account Settings -> Security -> Secure Browsing

Now onwards when you browse on Facebook you will have a secured communication! πŸ™‚ Now coming to the 2nd tip to stay safe on Facebook! Few months back, Gmail had come up with a security setting named 2 Step Verification. I personally found this setting to be the best. & now even Facebook has got a similar setting to secure your accounts. This setting helps you to stay in control of your Facebook logins. With the help of this setting, every time you login on Facebook from a different place, you will receive a notification on your cell phone/email. Hence it will be very ease for you to know the unauthorized access to your Facebook account. To activate this setting, go to account setting, then click on security. Now out of all the options, click on the 2nd option named Login Notification & add all the required data.

Account Settings -> Security -> Login Notification

I hope now you will be feeling very secured to use your Facebook account. I wish you a safe journey on Facebook! πŸ™‚

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  • Thanks for sharing these Facebook security tips Zainil. Appreciated :).

  • Hi Zainil,
    I just read your article “Facebook Security Tips” .You may not imagine i was reading your article and side by side implementing the tips you have provided. Thanks God it is miracle your tips are 100% working and https browsing is working ok..Thanks for great clue.

  • Great Security Tips Zainil, Will try to follow them as far as i can to protect my account

  • Facebook security is something that is being questioned today. A lot of Apps are faking their identities that FB users without knowing it, is already sending out their important profile information to those fake App companies. Your identity in FB now could easily be stolen…and making sure you create a right security for your page or personal profile will prevent the hacks.

  • Hi Zainil,
    The tips are really helpful if one want to surf over the internet,but i would like to know that while searching with https:/ does the search result shows the same result as http…..??

    • Hi Aditya,
      As per my knowledge, the search results wont change with the difference in http or https.. Still if I get any conformed source to this answer, I will let you know for sure! πŸ™‚

      Thank you for stopping & commenting here ! πŸ™‚

  • Hi Zainil! This is very Interesting and very Informative post. Nowadays We need to security of Facebook Really this is magic Tips for secure our account. Now i can secure my account and definitely i will use this tips.Well thanks for sharing this tips.


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