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5 Ways to Enhance Your Business Computers

Today, virtually every employee working a nonlabor-intensive job relies on their business computer. Even contractors will need to resort to their machine for invoicing, communication, and so forth. Yet, few of us are what you could consider techy, and often our workstations (computers) need some tender love and care. We understand that the idea of fixing or treating your computer can be overwhelming. Thankfully, there are a ton of easy procedures that can turn a slow, bogged-down unit into what it was upon the initial purchase. Additionally, you can enhance them by upgrading your software and hardware, succeeding their initial buildout.

1. Performance Isn’t Mutually Exclusive to New Hardware

It’s convenient but expensive to replace things in life. When it comes to enhancing your computer, you may default to dropping it in the shop and having it overhauled. But computers are typically weighed down by maximized storage and a cluttered registry; similar to the homestead, over time stuff accumulates. In the worst-case scenario, you have a virus. It’s probably more likely that your files, applications, and programs you’ve downloaded need to be cleaned up. Most users fail to recognize that storage is more than just the frontend—it’s also the backend (registry).

2. Rid of the Junk

Junk files are temporary files that will clutter your system and in turn bog it down. You may not realize how much of your storage space is squandered by these pesky, ghostlike, and invasive pieces of software. Thus, it’s paramount when enhancing your business computer to run a disk utility (there are versions available for any operating system) to identify places where they may exist. While a gamer might want to improve multiple facets of their machine, for most us it’s simply about optimizing processing speed.

3. Storage, is it Maximized?

Your computer, dependent on its hardware, is going to have a set file capacity. Simply put: computers are not endless reservoirs of storage space (unless you’re pulling from a cloud), they’re devices with set dimensions. It’s imperative to know exactly where your files are being stored and what’s taking up the most space. Most times, simply adding more space or offloading files onto an external drive is a fantastic way to enhance your computer and optimize speed. Consider the Intel Optane, for example, which works to accomplish this exact feat.

4. Updates, They’re Important

There’s a reason why operating systems provide updates and why, today, most computers come with a default setting of ‘auto update.’ That’s because Microsoft, Apple, and Chrome, are all working tirelessly to patch bugs, improve the software, and rectify issues coding flaws created. Updating your computer ensures that you’re operating with the latest version of your specific operating system, which can solve a lot of problems. Sometimes, certain file types, games, applications, and programs won’t load because they were coded to communicate with the latest version of a given operating system.

5. Delete Applications

As a rule of thumb, there are two file types that fill up the most space on your computer: applications or programs (these are clumped together these days) and then videos. Videos and movies are massive files that eat through space. Programs like Adobe Photoshop can be even larger, depending on the type. It’s recommended that when enhancing your computer, before you throw money at the problem, you look through all your large programs and files to see which files you can delete. Do you really need all those movies? Are you actually using your graphic design application? By reducing these space-swallowing files, you open storage space and optimize your computer’s speed.

Enhancing Your Computers

Most of the times, enhancing your computers for optimal business performance has little to do with replacing hardware. Quick and easy DIY fixes can improve speed, storage space, and your processing power. Your device needs constant upkeep throughout the years; by following these tips, you can at least rule out that nothing, regarding your computer setup, is what’s hindering its performance. However, there are times where you just need to either replace the unit or upgrade its hardware, and which time you should choose your next investment wisely.


Your business computer is the backbone of your business, and thus it must be in the state that it processes the tasks quickly. Since the computer is a machine; it is you who needs to take care of it for its well being. In this blog post, we have discussed how you can enhance your computer in various ways.

Always, keep only important software and files on your business computer. Don’t clog it with your personal pictures, videos, games, etc.

Keep the computer healthy and get the work done quickly.

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  • Yes, you are absolutely right. Getting rid of junk and deleting un-used applications can really improve the performance level of our computers. Although updating is good to get rid of bugs but sometimes updating takes a lot of time 🙁

  • Hi,
    It’s a good idea to remove unnecessary applications and it will help in improving computer’s performance. Junk files can really harm your computer if you don’t remove it on a regular basis. All these tips will surely help us in enhancing performance of business computers as well our personal computer too.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Right, but it is very difficult and boring to remove all junk file can you please share some tricks to do it faster or any type of shortcuts, Please share an article related to this.
    Beside great article thanks for sharing this information

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