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Email Marketing: 10 Basic Rules + Tips for a Perfect Email

Creating effective email marketing campaigns has become a complex task nowadays.

Every internet user receives a dozen emails everyday, and the number can grow to more active people.

According to a research, each web user is registered to an average of 6-7 newsletter, a factor which added to the chronic lack of time results in a reduction of the threshold of attention.

Many mails are trashed without even being opened, while others receive attention, but they are read casually.

Getting a high open/click-rate is not easy, but there are precautions that should never be underestimated when sending emails to your subscribers.


Let’s see, 10 tips to follow!

1. Personalize the Email

Sending personalized emails not only means adding just the name of the subscriber, but also making sure that he receives interesting information.

Today, both operations are possible and relatively simple thanks to software for CRM that are able to segment their audience and automate highly personalized newsletters, like for example GetResponse. They have more than 500 templates to choose from, to give your mailing list a fresh new look and make the customization with just few clicks. There is a great range of features, in particular the action based auto responder which increase the power of the platform. Also thinks like split testing are really easy to use and lets you improve your results.

2. Limit the Number

Companies and internet marketers whom are sending too many email communication will obtain as the sole result a very high rate of delisting, or, at best, that their mails are being ignored or deleted.

Depending on your niche, it is recommended a maximum of 2-3 mailings per month, which is a number of reports that will hardly disturb the receivers, but that will be enough to keep them informed.

3. Avoid Too Long Messages

Like mentioned above, the people nowadays have a limited time for reading the emails, so it is not worth to send too much information or long texts in a single message.

Rather, it is better to write a few but significant words organized in: title, subtitle, bulleted or numbered lists.

It is also possible to include links that make reference to a website.

4. Pay Attention to Design

The probability that an email will attract the attention of those who receive it, is increased if it is visually attractive, with pictures and colors.

But you should always consider not making the email too heavy, or the slow loading will deter the potential reader.

5. Know Your Target

The email is a tool to communicate, and each person, depending on their age, occupation, culture or level of education, are using different communication languages.

An email addressed to an audience of university professors will have a tone and a very different language than a message sent to housewives.

It is good to remember these variables when designing an email marketing campaign, or you run the risk of not being understood by your target.

6. Include Contacts

You should always add your contacts at the end of your emails (autoresponder software normally adds them automatically).

In fact, the receiver should have the option to contact the sender via email, Skype, phone or physical address.

This is not only useful for commercial purposes, but also serves to reassure the reader.

7. Show Unsubscribing Option

The only thing more annoying than a difficult cancellation procedure is not giving this possibility!

Each email should contain a link through which it is easy to unsubscribe from the newsletter or mailing list (again, autoresponder software adds this option).

Forcing your audience to receive your emails is pointless and counterproductive.

8. Consider the Right Timing

A great mail sent at the wrong time is useless. Every person has different habits.

For example, some people would not like to receive any communication on Monday or Friday, because in these days they could have several important emails to be answered at their job.

The middle days of the week may be the most suitable and it is best to make sure that recipients receive the message in the morning.

9. Analyze and Improve

The email marketing campaigns have the advantage of being able to be analyzed in a very precise way.

For this reason it is good to take full advantage of this opportunity, establishing metrics and monitoring them over time.

In this way, it will be possible to understand the impact of each campaign and analyze it in order to make improvements in the future.

10. Have Clear Objectives and Strategies

Do not ever forget that sending email is to be instrumental to the achievement of specific goals.

It is important that the campaigns are designed along the lines of your marketing plan or following a certain coherence with your objectives.

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Does The Perfect Email Exist?

At this point you are probably wondering, “But what are the elements that make a perfect email?”.

Here are some tips to be followed to write an effective message.

Shorten the Object

The emails with a concise object have a considerably high opening rate. It is not just a matter of reading speed, but also the completeness of the information. Since the display mode of the object in the email editor changes depending on the device used (desktop, mobile, tablet), it can be cut sometimes. It is therefore important to use just few words.

Ask Questions and Put Some Apprehension

Writing a question in the object is a very effective way to capture the reader’s interest and get him to open the email. Promotions with expiring date, countdowns and deadlines are strong incentives to action because they create in the reader the sense of being “in due course of time”.

Tell Engaging Stories

Everything makes more sense if it is accompanied by practical examples. In the email you can use case studies or you can draw up a behavior type, as well as telling a problem experienced firsthand. It is important to engage your recipient, he should well understand the context, the subject you are talking about and the reason why you write him.

Use 4 Paragraphs and Only One Topic of Discussion

It is essential to keep the email in a limit of 4, maximum 5 paragraphs. This allows you to focus on the critical point or the problem you are dealing with. And the reader will give you more attention.

Be Receptive and Reflective

When writing an email you can also take a cue from the way others handle the communication, trying to find a “middle way” to be applied to your messages, also based on the style adopted by the recipient. For example, someone sends you an email shortly with a formal language? Respond with the same style.

Do Not Say What It Is, But How and Why

The functions describe and benefits sell. To snap the emotional spring that leads to the purchase, you should not say “what” is a product, but “how” it is and “why“. In other words, you must go beyond the simple description of the characteristics and explain the benefits. Check this example : the case of the sale of an onion. If you start to describe its characteristics – texture, taste, etc. – you will not get much. If you begin to illuminate the benefits – for example the fact that it has a low caloric content in front of the ability to give much flavor – you will tickle the desire and reduce the mistrust in your audience.

Write a Clear Call to Action

Use a good call to action, well centered on benefits. Avoid using generic formulas and stereotyped words like “click here“.


I hope these tips and suggestions will help you out with your next email marketing campaign.

With practice and perseverance, you can improve a lot.

And remember to seek the advice of your audience!

Do you manage an email list? Do you have some tips to add to this post? Please share your thoughts in the comments below, thanks!

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