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Email Marketing

Email Marketing: How to Increase the Number of Your Contacts

Email marketing is an important strategy to generate new leads, widely used since many years.

The purpose of this strategy is to “convert” contacts, interested in your business, in potential customers who are going to increase your mailing list database.

This operation is called lead generation, as an action that allows precisely to generate a list of people who show interest in your products or services.

Email marketing is probably one of the most effective weapons available to expand your business.

Promoting products and services and providing relevant information through an adequate newsletter service, is just one of the steps in the process of email marketing.


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Users should consciously choose to sign up for your mailing list, as interested in receiving more information about your business.

Therefore, your newsletter becomes a direct channel of communication with your audience.

For the success of your email marketing campaign, you should aim not only at the quantity of your subscribers, but also the quality. For this, you must be sure to gather contacts of value, in compliance with the privacy regulations.

This process begins with understanding how to “attract” good contacts for your business, then continue with trying to increase your package of “potential” customers.

Here are some ideas to help you achieve this mission:

1. Make the Opt-in Visible

If your business is online, then making your newsletter opt-in clearly visible on your website is an important step towards the growth of your contacts.

Be sure to set up a simple and intuitive module of registration and place it on the homepage and in most parts of your site.

Good visibility is crucial. Your users must, in fact, easily find the form of subscription to your mailing list.

And to make it even more effective, have you ever tried “pop-ups“?

The “pop-ups” are small windows that appear automatically after a certain time the user navigates within your website, in order to attract his attention.

But do not abuse this sytem, because it could become annoying and go against your purpose of increasing the contacts in your mailing list.

Even a simple: “Sign up for our newsletter” may be useful, but it surely would be more effective if this invitation was made more attractive offering a benefit for those who decide to subscribe (a discount, a gift card, free resources as an eBook or free shipping costs on products).

The purpose is to invite your readers to leave their email address, almost as a bargaining chip.

In return you will offer them benefits, but above all a service: quality information from the business to which they are showing interest.

2. Create a Clean Landing Page

Building a simple and clear landing page is part of the mission to increase the number of your contacts.

Your design should be clear, in this way your readers will navigate easily within your landing pages.

It’s important to consider appropriate colors and add your logo in these pages.

Do you need help to create a nice layout for your landing page? Try the landing page tool from GetResponse to create a minimalistic design within minutes. A great landing page creator you can use to make a flawless lead machine. Keep in mind to add the call to action above the fold, which is the area that most converts.

Also, remember that usually a single column design is much better than a multi-column one.

Finally, be sure to optimize for users landing from tablets or smart phones, as the future of marketing will be mobile.

2. Finding Contacts in the “Real” World

In the “virtual” world we often forget the importance of interaction with people.

We think that every click is valid source of contact, but this is not the only way. In fact, it is just one of the points of interaction with your users.

So take advantage of direct marketing initiatives (during fairs, stands, workshops and other events) for inviting to subscribe to your mailing list to receive your information and offers.

Also, it might be helpful to include your email address in the documents intended for customers, such as brochures, receipts or any other document.

Tip : Do you need a customizable email signature tool? I suggest you WiseStamp, which gives you the option to add, among other things, your address, job, phone number and social media profiles. Use it to create a dandy email signature to help you be more professional.

3. Word of Mouth

Who better than your current customer or newsletter subscriber can be a good testimonial of your business and become a source of enrichment for your database?

We obviously give for granted that they should be totally satisfied with your products or services. The card to play is therefore the “trust“.

Existing customers who recommend your company to their friends is a very effective way to get new quality leads.

It’s advisable, therefore, to add in the notes of your newsletter, the invitation to share the content with their circles or invite other users in exchange of benefits.

The stimulation of requesting action to your users is a valid strategy for expanding your business.

4. Use of Social Media

Social networks have great potential of expanding your business through targeted marketing strategies.

Visibility and shareability are the two major strengths of these channels.

Your page should be, first of all, a reference point in your niche and your know-how a means for gaining the trust of your audience.

Social media is a powerful tool to encourage users to subscribe to your newsletter, as well as a channel for sharing your content on a large scale.

Whenever you publish a message or post, it is always good to add the invitation to visit your website and maybe remember the opportunity to subscribe to your newsletter or sharing it with other contacts.

On your social media pages, as well as on your website, visibility plays a fundamental role: your visitors must find a simple registration form, clearly visible and easy to manage.

Social signals, finally, will be noticed by search engines that could increase your organic traffic, which later can be converted into qualified leads.

And more qualified leads you get, the higher the possibility of future sales.

5. Content Marketing

Last but not least, the importance of the validity of your content.

Yes, because everything moves only if you provide valuable information to your users.

Sending emails with interesting and useful content will ensure your subscribers to remain in your mailing list, as well as new users will be encouraged to opt-in.

Understanding your users needs and problems is an important part of the work. Here’s a post on MOZ website about how to get to know your audience, with a list of great resources to use.

Think of content marketing as a technique which consists in creating and distributing important and quality content in order to attract, acquire and engage your target audience of users.

Recommended Reading: Ultimate List of Content Marketing Tools

Remember to communicate with your contacts without the anxiety of the sale. This makes your strategy more effective.

The trick is not just a little and targeted promotion of products and services, but also a constant offer of information and useful content that make your contacts more aware of and maybe will reward you with more purchases and loyalty.

The interest of your potential customers and their trust to conquer are the guidelines for an effective newsletter service and weapons for a successful email marketing strategy.

Are you running a newsletter? What is your experience? Please share your views in the comments below, thanks!

About the author

Erik Emanuelli

This post is brought to you by Erik Emanuelli who is an entrepreneur, traveler and blogger. He is the founder of Nopassiveincome.


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  • Hi Erik this has been a post that has the potential to help everyone. The obvious newbies and the regular users too.

    I am a big fan of creating separate landing pages. When twitter users come to your blog show them a different landing page. When email users come they should also see a landing page tailored for them. And why not? Afterall it works and wordpress helps us to create unlimited landing pages. We can do so using leadpages too. They are more converting I guess.

    You are right we should not forget to keep them clean. Thanks for the tip for using getresponse’s landing page tool.

    Doing effective social media will also help you to gain lists that are solidly responsive. Nowadays using social media tools like twitter cards we can substantially grow our lists without our subscribers getting a chance to leave the platform.

    Word of mouth is also a strong point. I think Brian Dean uses Neils words and Neil uses tech Crunch official’s. lol
    Thanks for coming up with this post. 🙂

    • Hello Swadhin,
      glad you enjoyed the tips in this article.

      You’re doing it right.
      Having different landing pages improve your overall results.

      That’s the benefits of doing A/B testing.

      Glad you liked the mention of the GetResponse landing page builder.

      I agree that social media can help a lot for marketing your mailing list,
      and gather new subscribers.

      Word of mouth is really effective!
      Your customers are your best testimonials.

      Thanks for sharing your insights, Swadhin!

  • Hi Erik,

    These are really effective ways to increase email list. Email marketing nowadays became an essential part of digital marketing. Thanks for providing this excellent post

  • These are really effective ways to increase email list. Email marketing nowadays became an essential part of digital marketing. Thanks for providing this excellent post

  • Building a list is important if you are focusing on getting traffic and sales. Great tips Erik. I read one more post of yours here on this blog and that was awesome too. That was also related to email marketing. seems Email marketing is your favorite topic.

    Nice write up.

  • Hey Erik,

    Cool write up. When it comes to e-commerce business, email marketing is its heart and you cannot go without it. Even, email marketing is doing great with bloggers too. The important thing is to build a good targeted list and send them good emails, don’t spam them.

    I liked your post Erik. Thank you.

    • Hi Mark,
      happy to hear you enjoyed the post.

      That’s right,
      a basic rule to learn is to provide interesting content for your subscribers.
      Avoid spamming, and “selling too much”.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment,
      have a great day.

  • That’s an amazing post about increasing your email list which is the most important task. Using pop ups as I have seen over this blog when I came here, list building can be easier. The important thing is to connect with your subscriber. Nice post Erik Emmanueli.

    • Hi John,
      thanks for the kind feedback.

      I’m not a big fan of pop-ups,
      they can be effective, but on the other side, you can lose some readers and visitors.

      I often leave a blog, for using too aggressive pop-ups.

      I appreciate you sharing your views.

  • Hi Erik,

    This is one valuable post and as bloggers, we all need to know about Email Marketing. It is very important to build a list and cater to it with good and valuable information. After all, they signed up for your list to get value.

    I am glad I read this post today as List Building and Email Marketing are among the tasks on my to-do-list to improve on this year.

    Thanks Erik for a great share. Enjoy the rest of your week.

    Be Blessed,


    • Hello Neamat,
      so glad to hear you liked the post.

      Hope it helps building a more effective email marketing campaign.

      Thanks for leaving your views here today,
      have a great week.

  • Hi Erik

    Really helpful tips thanks. I was late putting subscribe forms on my site and it was the biggest mistake I made when starting up.

    I’m now adding them in different places, to give as many different options as possible for people to sign up. GetResponse is a fine tool to do this with.

    The one thing I don’t like with subscribe forms is where a great big optin box appears the minute you arrive on a site – before you’ve had chance to someone’s post. I click out of those without fail. Yours was fine 🙂 I had had chance to read most of the post first.

    I’m also trying local business networking groups, with mixed success! I’ll probably be writing about my results soon.

    • Hi Joy,
      you’re right.

      The sooner you start building your mailing list, the better.

      Thanks for sharing your experience with GetResponse, glad to hear a positive feedback.

      I agree with you, I don’t like pop-ups.
      An aggressive use of them lead to lose many readers, in my opinion.
      Yes, it can be an effective way to gather subscribers, but at which cost?

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts here,
      have a great day!

  • Hi Erik,

    I think I spend more time with my email list than I do anywhere else online. It is the most important way to engage with people.

    Yes, I do on my blog and on social media, but my email list is considered gold to me. Although I do have quite a good sales funnel in place, it is not always about the sale.

    More importantly, it is about supply and demand on information needed for those on my list. I make it plain and simple for them. Like using one thing they can apply immediately. They seem to like those emails. Then I throw in a little bit of some personal stuff like my dog and how he taught me a “lesson in marketing” Little short entertaining stories.

    Following the 80/20 rule works for me! I only offer them products/services 20% of the time. These are only my digital products or an affiliate that I have used and had success with..

    I love email marketing!!!


    • Hi Donna,
      that’s a great wat to invest your time.

      You nailed it.
      Having a mailing list is not about selling to your subscribers,
      but building a long lasting relationship with them.

      Give them great information. Solve problems and needs.
      And you’ll be right on your way to create your solid base of fans.

      Thanks for sharing your insights with us today, Donna.

      Have a great rest of this week!

  • Hello Erik Emanuelli,

    Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful article. You have discussed some ways which are really effective to collect email ids. Even I collect email ids with the help of Social Media sites. An another way also helps me to collect email ids that is blog commenting. I have got to know some other way from your article. Thanks again. 🙂

    Thanks & Regards,

    Moumita Ghosh

  • Hello Erik,

    Thank you very much for this awesome write up about Email marketing. When I have started blogging, I was not aware about it even but I heard about feedburner and that I used. Also added a sign up form but gradually I came to know about email marketing tools, pop ups and all. Still, I never give importance to it though I started using mailchimp and put a tracking code there so that my email traffic become visible separately in Google Analytics.

    I have found that even with 100 subscribers, I was getting decent traffic to blog whenever I send a newsletter. That was the time I started thinking of it and my list started growing up gradually.

    recently I have added SumoMe pop up and It works well. I am working over the list building so that I can get maximum of my traffic from emails.

    Great post Erik.

    • Hi Atish!

      First of all thanks for letting me contribute again to your blog.
      Glad to hear you liked my post.

      There are so many tools you can use as a blogger or internet marketer,
      that at beginning, I’m sure no one is aware of most of them!

      You’re right.
      A mailing list is a great alternative traffic method.

      Your subscribers are your fans!

      Thanks again for giving me the chance to write again for your readers,
      much appreciated! 🙂

  • Hi Erik

    Just coming from Rahul’s blog where you also rock as you did here. The difference is you were featured as interviewee over there while here shared this very informative post as guest author. Nature of work is different but at both places you provided great value.

    It is widely said that money is in the list. So it should also be so common that if money is not grown on trees in same way a list can also be not build quite easily.

    In the beginning just putting an optin form after sharing quality post was sufficient to attract many visitors to suscribe the list. But now everyone can say such awesome contents are in abundance online so why do I subscribe.

    So one must have to give strong reasons and benefits a person will quickly and then consistently get after getting converted into email subscriber. Here the challenge of developing an strategy to do this task begins.

    All the tips you mentioned are very practical and widely tested. One just needs to apply them to achieve the desired results.

    Thanks for sharing and Atish thanks a lot for featuring him at your awesome blog.

    • Hello Mi Muba,
      thanks for the kind words.

      Glad you landed here from Rahul’s blog and that you enjoyed the content in this guest post.

      You’re right.
      Email marketing is a powerful weapon and every bloggers should use it.

      Appreciate your comment!

  • Very effective & informative post to grow contact list. it will surely help beginners to understand email marketing. I use some ideas to get subscribers-
    1. Smart & effective CTA on landing pages.
    2. On-site surveys for regular customers
    3. Sign up forms on relevant pages
    4. Landing page forms to collect information.

  • Hey Erik,

    Great to see you here at Atish’s blog and awesome information you shared.

    You are so right about how to get people’s attention in order to get them to your blog and interested in what you share so they’ll opt into your list.

    I know that people preach all the time that the money is in the list and it really is but you have to build that relationship with them as you very well know. I love the people on my list and I feel like they have really gotten to know me as a person too.

    We help people on our blogs but help them more if they’re on your list and you’ll more than likely have a customer for life. That’s how you can get great testimonials as well.

    Awesome share my friend, great tips for increasing the number of contacts so you can continue to grow our list.

    Hope you both are enjoying your weekend and thanks again.


    • Hi Adrienne,
      good to see you at Atish’s blog too.

      You are doing it right.
      Building relationships at first, and then everything else.
      It’s a surefire way to create a solid base of fans.

      Many bloggers want to monetize their mailing list right away,
      or they force the sales too much.
      They often risk to lose many of their subscribers.

      Thanks for leaving your valuable insights here, Adrienne.
      Do have a great beginning of this week.

  • Hi Erik Emanuelli,
    Thank you very much for sharing such an important ideas with us. Email list building is very much important and must for all successful online business. So it hope and believe it will help us.

  • Hello Erik

    you shared informative post to grow Email contact list. For every E-commerce business email marketing is most important.

    Thank you so much for this post,,,,

  • Digital marketing has become an essential part to think grow your business. I have also read blogs stating to provide subscription and opt in forms to visitors with some freebees like e-books, apps etc. But how can we then differentiate between genuine subscriber and a visitor who just subscribed for freebie.
    Great post and useful tips to follow thru. Thanks for posting.

    • Hello Zino,
      you can ask your subscribers directly for that!
      They are normal people, you can engage with them.
      Just send an email and ask who are really interested in keeping the subscription.

    • I have added it with HTML code though the text box and button are from Mailchimp.

      Moreover, try using SumoMe .. That is nice.

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