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Effective Ways To Keep Your House Clean Daily

Keeping your home clean is not an easy task. It’s hard work, especially if you’re always busy. Often, you overlook and set cleaning aside, which can lead to a messy house. Nevertheless, it’s not fun living in a dirty space.

While managing everything seems impossible at times, there are simple and quick ways to organize your home. Also, when I was reading this, it made me realize that there are innovative gadgets today that can make the entire process easier.

So if you’re looking for means on how to maintain your house with minimum effort, this article is for you.

Simple Ways To Keep Your House Clean With Minimal Effort

Find The Motivation To Start Today

Seeing all that clutter can overwhelm you. Simply thinking of what you need to tidy up is enough to tire you. As a result, you often find yourself putting cleaning off. 

So the first thing you need to do is find a way to make yourself do it. You only need that one thing to push and get you up and running. A smart way to take care of this is to set a timer. It can be 10 or 15 minutes. This will depend on you. And then see what you can accomplish with that time frame. 

Once you start cleaning with whatever time you set, you’ll see yourself needing to accomplish a little more after your timer rings. Also, you’ll realize that you can get things done even with a few minutes of cleaning. 

Utilizing this technique is a superb motivator, as it can help you combat that overwhelming feeling.

Put Things Back Where They Belong After Use

We’re all guilty of neglecting to put our belongings away where they belong after we use them. But this is actually one of the biggest reasons why your home is full of clutter. 

So as you go from one room to the next, quickly scan them to see if there are items you can take as you go. And then put them back to their proper place or storage. Likewise, ensure that all the clothes you use or wear will end up in the laundry bin.

Leaving your shirt lying on your bedroom floor is easy. It’s also tempting to just leave the dishes in your sink until the next day. But keep in mind that before you know it, these little piles have turned into massive messes.


Having a lot of stuff means you need to spend more time caring for it. The solution you can consider is to declutter and keep only the things you truly need. This will eliminate your need to clean or put things away constantly. 

Try rummaging through your closet. If you see a jacket or jeans that you haven’t used for some time, consider donating it. At the end of the day, having less stuff cluttering your house means it’ll stay clean and orderly just a tad longer.

Get A Robot Mop

Mopping up messes with your conventional mop can be quite tiresome, not to mention boring. Luckily, household cleaning tools have evolved. There are innovative devices for your house, such as mopping robots and robovacs, which is a vacuum and mop in one. 

These smart home gadgets can make your home life easier. They’re great at removing stains, dirt, spills, and grime on your hardwood floorings like stone, tile, and wood. Moreover, it’ll save you both time and energy since this cleaning method is hands-off. This means that it’ll handle your surfaces with almost no effort on your part. Simply plug the unit, program it, and see it do its magic.

If you’re new to robotic cleaners, here’s a helpful article on how to choose the best robot mop + vacuum 2-in-1.

Schedule A Day For Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning your humble abode is probably one of the most challenging things to accomplish. It’s never fun to scrub your toilets. So what you do is choose a day or two in a week, depending on how frequently you’re home. 

Furthermore, the extent of your deep cleaning will also depend on the lifestyle you have. But regardless, make sure to be sensible on how much time you’ll put into it. 

Keep Your Cleaning Supplies Where You Need Them The Most

It can be pretty tempting to delay your cleaning task if the things you need are in a different area of your house. So rather than keeping your cleaning tools in one storage, place them strategically where you’ll use them the most. Doing so will not only save you time and effort, but you’ll have no excuse of not going right ahead with tidying up.

A Guide On How You Can Effectively Clean The Entire Home

The ideal way to clean is to do it from top to bottom. For every task, begin at the room’s highest spot. And then move across your room from left to right. This ensures that you will not miss a single thing. Also, it will prevent you from accidentally showering your already clean lower furniture with dust.

With that in mind, here are the steps on how to clean your home more effectively:

  1. Dust your home first

Start by dusting every room in your house. Make sure to dust everything, such as the undersides of your shelves, furniture topsides, handrails, TV screens, etc. If there are fingerprints, you can get rid of them by using a damp microfiber cloth to wipe them away.

  1. Clean the fabric of your furniture

Go around your home, strip beds of dirty bedding, and remake them. Arrange furniture blankets and pillows. Also, brush the surfaces of your furniture using a vacuum if necessary.

  1. Make those windows and mirrors sparkle

Do not forget to wipe down all the windows and mirrors throughout your home. Worried about leaving streaks behind? Using one dry and one wet microfiber cloth will do the trick.

  1. Take care of the surfaces

Wipe all the counters and surfaces in your house clean and disinfect if there’s a need to. Furthermore, wipe anything that the fingers touch, including phones, remote controls, light switches, and door handles. Homeowners tend to forget these things, which carry germs.

  1. Tackle your kitchen and bathroom

Spray your toilets, sinks, and tubs with a spray cleaner, and them scrub the dirt away. In your kitchen, clean the insides of your microwave, appliance doors, and cabinet.

  1. Keep your flooring clean

Sweep your floors first, and then set your robot mop to work. Also, scrub bathroom floors if needed.

  1. Vacuum time

Start vacuuming in the bedrooms, down to your stairs, into your living area, and out of your house. If you have a robot vacuum, set it to do this task. However, these gadgets do not work well on stairs, so it’s best to clean it using an upright vacuum.

Final Words

Cleanliness is a good habit, and it keeps various infections and diseases away. So, keeping your house clean should be your first priority. Hope you got the idea of how you can clean your house without putting much effort.

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  • Hey,

    Thank you so much for sharing all the effective ways to clean house on daily basis. I generally use mop for cleaning my house and trust me I cleaned my house more good than my maid. It’s really good to clean house on daily basis, just we have to manage 10-15 minutes from our busy schedule.

    Again big Thanks!!

  • I scheduled the last Saturday of every month for a thorough cleansing of the entire house.

    But don’t even know if that is a good karma or not. Lol

    Because at the beginning of each month, the surrounding is extraordinary neat, like someone who just packed in new. But man, come and see everywhere by month end.

    We spend almost half of the day putting thing together. You might not believe this. But we really spend a lot of time putting the house together.

    We will consider incorporating these methods.

    Thanks for sharing

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