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Ed-Tech Tools For Learning: RobotDon


Commercially speaking, education holds an immense industry potential. According to statistics, each year, more than $5 trillion is invested in education on a global scale. The technological progress that is rapidly taking over virtually every aspect of our lives is not avoiding the academic sphere anywhere in the world.

The commercialization of mobile devices, availability of Wi-Fi internet access, and affordability of tech products enabled the use of various software and hardware solutions in schools. As a result, the Ed-Tech industry was born, providing a versatile choice of products and services that facilitate the learning process for students but also provide simpler and more effective means of interaction with the students for the teachers. With more than $8 billion currently estimated market value of Ed-Tech industry is expecting to keep its upward-trending and see it bringing the overall value of $252 billion until the year 2025. There certainly has to be a reason for this substantial growth, the most notable is the value that the industry holds for the entire academic community. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the most impressive Ed-Tech tools, and try to explain how and why each of these solutions benefits education.

Personalization of the learning experience – Apple Schoolwork

Not all of us learn at the same pace, nor is our enthusiasm for particular subjects at the same level. Teachers often have issues reaching out to all the kids in the classroom in the same measure, this also includes dedicating enough time to each kid to make sure the lecture is clear with everyone in the same extent. Public schools that often include overcrowded classrooms are the most obvious examples of the teachers’ inability to spend the right amount of time to make sure everyone in the classroom understands the matter.

With Ed-Tech solutions like Apple’s Schoolwork, teachers can send out individual assignments to each kid and follow their progress on a more personal level. The fact that the teacher communicates with students individually makes it easier to adjust assignment complexity according to the kid’s personal requirements, making sure the student progresses in its own pace. Furthermore, the app allows kids to collaborate on projects, which gives them the chance to help each other which is also a valuable source of information on students’ potential to work as a team. In an attempt to popularize the use of this solution in schools, Apple even launched a series of devices that run Schoolwork software at discounted prices for schools and other educational facilities.

Improvement of writing skills – RobotDon

The ability to read and write is the basic academic skill that gives a person the ability to further expand interests and knowledge. As a fundamental skill, writing encompasses the largest part of our education, from the very beginning and all the way through. Anything from homework to essays, research papers, term papers, college applications, and all sorts of scientific work require well-written textual content to express our ideas and findings. There is also the fact that many students aren’t native speakers of the language in which they currently perform their studies, which makes writing even more of an issue.

Digital technology made our lives easier in so many ways, however, little of the provided benefits like spellchecking tools, especially the ones that utilize Artificial Intelligence as it’s the case check punctuation with RobotDon. Primarily devised to automatically repair any writing issues like spelling, grammar, punctuation, misuse of certain words, this piece of software also includes additional features like readability improvement, which is important for any text. As a browser-based web app, RobotDon allows the student to use it in the classroom, as well as anywhere else they can get an internet connection sufficient to paste their text into the software and wait a few seconds to get the results on their device.

Improvement of student performance – Duolingo

Among a number of studies that investigated the correlation between gamified eLearning tools and the academic performance of those who participated in testing, there is little difference in terms of overall conclusions each of these studies made. According to research conducted by Swinburne University of Technology professors, gamified mobile device learning apps provide better retention rate, and simply the absorption of new information, among other benefits. Most importantly, the students that participated in the research also showed improvement in academic performance in terms of achieving higher scores in tests that were related to subjects provided in the undisclosed app used during the research process.

A fine example of gamified Ed-Tech learning tool that’s available on the market for a long time and helps people with adopting foreign language for a time now is Duolingo, which managed to implement gamification into a language learning process that provides most astonishing results. According to studies, one hour spent with Duolingo allows 8.1 points advancement on average. The reason why apps like these allow better performance, as the study suggests, is in the fact that students are allowed to move at their own pace. Since the lectures and levels are designed to give the user a quiz-like feel, in order to move on to the next level, the student must complete the current level first. Various pictures and animations allow users to feel comfortable and amused, thus taking in the lessons more easily.


Apart from being a great industry development opportunity, Ed-Tech tools actually do some good for the future of our world. It’s important to develop a mindset that technology is not made only so that we wouldn’t have to manage some daunting task that can’t be avoided, it can help us build upon a personal and global level. The tools that we can use to get reliable information faster, learn foreign languages easier, improve our personal and academic skills, are not just a trend that should be followed while it’s on the rise. Ed-Tech is the opportunity that we should take and use it to further enhance our educational potential, make it easier for people with learning disabilities to learn, bring knowledge to places that lack the resources, and make the world a better place.

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