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Easy Tricks To Maintain Your Mac

It is very fortunate that Apple was able to release Mac, a sleek suite of computers that lasts for years as long as you take care of it properly. However, similar to other gadgets and devices, your Mac may also be prone to normal wear and tear in terms of computers. Nevertheless, you will never go wrong with the decision of purchasing a Mac computer, but to ensure its utmost longevity, here are some easy tricks to maintain your Mac.

Perform a data backup regularly

Mac, along with several other computers, is also prone to slowdowns or hard drive problems. This may result in data loss and other issues that may put your data at risk. Thereby, the first step in ensuring that your Mac is performing according to its specifications is to perform a regular backup of your data. There are several means on how to back up your data nowadays and perhaps the easiest one would be to directly plug in an external hard drive and save your files in it. You can also opt to use a cloud-based service in order to back up your data. The best thing about this is that if you already have a copy of your data from several other sources, you can delete your files from your Mac computer, freeing up some of its memory to enhance its performance.

You can also use apps to ensure that files and programs on your Mac that are not used for a certain period of time are either archived or cleaned up. There is a great chance that these apps may slow your system down. The article “CleanMyMac X Review (2019): Still the Best Mac Cleaning App?” probes down into the details of a range of apps that ensures that your Mac is in its top shape. The apps included in the CleanMyMac X suite include those for hard drive management, an uninstaller, and a wizard to archive unused applications among others. Leverage on this software suite to optimize the usage of your Mac.


Cleaning up your old files is another great way to ensure that your Mac is performing at its best. This is especially true when you own a slicker Mac with a limited space on the hard disc. The more files that are built up in your Mac, the slower your system will get. A good rule of thumb is to always leave at least 10% of your disc space always free and even more if possible to ensure that your system will not be sluggish. Thus, archive your old files or zip them up to save on your Mac’s memory space.  

Minimize services running in the background

Apart from backing up your data and cleaning up your files, it is also best to minimize the services running in the background to ensure that your Mac is on its top speed. Several background programs may likewise slow down your system. Your printers, Bluetooth capabilities, cloud-based services, and other applications that are dependent on your internet connectivity all run in the background of your computer. More programs running means a slower processing speed for your Mac. Thereby, it is best to close applications that are currently not in use to ensure that your computer is running with optimum processing speed.

More often than not, simply clicking the ‘X’ button in the upper right hand of the program screen is insufficient in totally shutting down the program. This may result in more programs running in the background, without you being aware. It is best to close the programs that you are done through their menu, usually at the upper left hand of the program’s screen. As a result of a properly terminated program, you will be able to free up some of the system resources that will eventually lead to a better system performance.

Declutter your desktop

Along with minimizing all the utilities running in the background of your computer, it is also best to declutter your desktop and leave just a few icons of programs that you frequently use. This is because the more icons there are on your desktop, the greater the chance that your computer will be slow and sluggish. Every icon on your desktop needs some space in your computer’s RAM, or random access memory. Thereby, keeping several icons on your desktop will use up a certain portion of your Mac’s RAM, which can eventually lead to a system slowdown for your computer.

Run your Mac’s disc utility

Every Mac computer has a built-in disc utility program. It is best to run this software a couple of times a year to ensure the health of your computer’s hard disk. The disc utility program is installed in your computer as a means of repairing your disc permissions, and even as a means of repairing the disc itself. More often than not, this program is only run when a user has already encountered a corrupt hard disk, but it is best to run your Mac’s disc utility for health and maintenance checks.

Leverage on anti-virus and anti-malware software

Just like with any other computers, Macs are also prone to be infected by viruses and bugs that can corrupt your data, or worse, entail the need for a reformat of your computer. In order to prevent this scenario from happening, it is best to install an antivirus or anti-malware software from a reputable company. While there are software programs that are open source and readily available for you to download, there are also those that come with a price. However, the price you pay is very well worth it because the latter boast of premium features that guarantees your Mac’s security from hackers, spammers, and all other individuals with malicious intentions.

A Mac is a great computer that can last for several years after you take it out of its box. However, this entails the need for you to ensure that your Mac is well maintained to enjoy using it for a longer time. Nonetheless, a Mac is often considered as a good purchase.


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  • This is a wonderful article Shelly, and a quick read too! My favourite tip is to Declutter the desktop. Lesser icons mean less confusion as to which application has to be used. I’d also like to add that opting for app-less services for productivity and collaboration saves so much space and time. Thank you for the amazing post.

  • I own a window 10 laptop but reading this article, it’s quite understandable to maintain whatsoever device you use. For me, on all my laptops, both past and present, I make sure to always have an anti-virus install to help protect me online.

  • Maintaining a macbook or an iMac is such a tedious task. Since the file-system is not that easy to manage in comparison with windows, you may get confused on what to keep and what to trash. However, I like your idea of using the disc utility software that will keep it clean and clutter-free.

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