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In today’s tech world we have an abundance of useful data which we want to keep along and use it frequently as per our own requirements. Our personal laptops and external hard drives are filled with those data as a backup of all that stuff which we don’t want to lose.

We trust that if anything happens to our computer or laptop, we still have data on our hard drives, but have you thought of what will happen if something unwanted happens to your hard drive. In that case, you will be at a complete loss as you might lose the backup itself.

Is there anything you can perform to get your device running smooth again or at least able to extract the data again from the corrupted drive?

The answer is “Yes”. Yeah, we have a data recovery utility software program which can be a great savior when you suffer from the data loss in any form. That can help us to recover the logical chunk of the data putting a smile on our face. We are talking about EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard which is an excellent data recovery software. EaseUS has constantly been developing the great software programs for years, and this one is the latest one from them.

In this blog post, we will be covering it in detail, what it is and how useful it is for us?

EaseUS data recovery Wizard is the one stop solution for your deleted, formatted, inaccessible and corrupted files. With easy to follow steps, you can recover all your deleted or lost photos, videos, emails and media files. The software is available to use for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Here are few of the key features of the software package:

  • Software supports all windows file formats i.e. FAT, FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS
  • Data can be recovered from various media storage devices i.e. hard drives, floppy disks, camera storage, etc.
  • It ensures you safe and accurate recovery of the data being lost or deleted.
  • You can import or export the recovery configuration.
  • Intuitive interface makes the software easy to use and handle tasks.

How to use EaseUS data recovery wizard?

Once you have lost your data caused by some issues or being mistakenly deleted, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard comes handy as it is the first step in restoring back your data. We hope that you have previously downloaded and successfully installed the EaseUS us data recovery so that you can accordingly follow the steps ahead.

1. Launch the program: Launch the software by double clicking on the icon or StartàAll ProgramsàEase Us Data Recovery.

2. Select type of data: To make the scan process more prominent and efficient, the program gives you options to choose the appropriate type of data which have categories like Graphics/Audio/Document/Video/Email/Other.

easeus data recover wizard 1

3. Select the location to start data searching: You can guide the program as where to look for the deleted files. The program will then read the location table and figure out the last deleted operation so that it can get the details of the data deleted.

easeus data recover wizard 2

As you start the scan, you will see the options to pause/stop the ongoing scan process. Pause gives you the accessibility to take a pause and resume it later on. You will also see the expected time to finish the scan process. In the very first attempt, it will be looking into the recycle bin folder.

easeus data recover wizard 3

4. Preview and Recover the Files: Once your files are found, they are available for preview so that you can once again confirm whether the search files are the one you are looking for or not. Search results window is divided into three portions, of which the left most is the tree structure of the folder system, keeping all the searched files in the middle of the screen and on the right-hand side you will see the thumbnail detail of the file selected.

easeus data recover wizard 4

5. Once your files are found you can perform the recovery i.e. you can save the file again to your computer or any place you wish to.

easeus data recover wizard 5

6. The tool also gives you the access to import or export the scan criteria so that if you need to do all the same again, you can just start so quickly rather than starting from the very first point.

easeus data recover wizard 6

How to recover deleted files from SD Card?

What can be more painful than you have returned from a family outing taking a lot many images and video recording and someone accidently deleted all those without your concern? All your memories have been wiped out. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can save you in that situation as well, and you perform the same recovery option by just setting the file search location to the SD card. Then the usual process will follow, and once you see your files for preview in the search results, you can restore them.

How to recover files from formatted Hard Drive?

If you have mistakenly formatted your hard drive and now cursing yourself for the act, you should better do the data recovery using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. It gives you the option to take back the file from the formatted hard drive as well. As formatting the hard drive does not erase the data, it just changes the data addresses which make it possible for the EaseUS to recover all those lost files. Follow the same steps as mentioned above by just changing the search location the drive and you will be able to get your files back.


I liked EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard very much because of its great feature of getting your files back from any type of storage be it the hard disk drive, External HDD, SD card, or other.

Though you don’t get all the advanced features in the free version, it’s still a good one. You can go for pro if you need advanced features. Overall performance is good, and results are pleasing to use as I was able to recover 80% percent of the lost files and results are pretty quick so don’t have to wait hours to finish the scan and let you know about the files.

Share your thoughts about this Software in comments if you have ever used it?

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