Basic Guide For E-Commerce SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is a must do activity for every website because It ensures your site’s ranking in SERPs . It is the way through which you can get top positions in Search Engines like Google, Bing, yahoo etc.

I am just a bud in SEO field and I have worked with so many kinds of sites such as news site, blogs, service providing sites and I found all these are not too tough to optimize but when it comes to ecommerce site then I must say its really very challenging.

Optimizing e-commerce websites is very different from the usual sites like blogs, forums etc. It can be a tedious task to optimize an online store with thousands of products.

Reasons why its so difficult and challenging ?

1. The primary goal of an online store is to make more sales. One store can have thousands of products, means thousands of pages which means you need to optimize each and every product page separately with perfect landing in SERPS which might be a cumbersome task.

2. If you have a blog or a news site then there are possibilities that other bloggers or site owners add your link in their articles as a resource for their readers.

3. In this way you get natural links without any effort and also it boosts your site’s ranking for sure but in the case of online stores, No one wants to link out to your product for free. Either they take Money to link out to your product or link out if you are offering affiliate commissions for them.

4. Putting content on online store sites has limitation because you can write content only for promoting those products, in short you can write description or specification for the product, cannot write longer articles as you can do for your blog and other sites. So with lesser content its tough to get higher ranks in SERPS.

These were the reasons why its too challenging to do SEO for Ecommerce site But There is nothing impossible So Here are few tips from my side which you should apply while optimising your Online Store:-

1. Optimize each and every page separately in such a way that your site get perfect landing in Search Engines.

What is perfect landing and why is it so necessary?

Suppose you are having an online store on which you sale Cell phones, you must be having a Home page, a product page and category page etc. You cannot put any keywords on any page as people do with normal websites.

“Mobile phone for sale” or “Affordable Cell phones” keywords can be used in the Title or Meta description of home page but you must not use “Buy Nokia 6300” on home page.

You must use this keyword on the Product page(page for Nokia 6300) so that when a user perform this query(Buy Nokia 6300) then he would get the product page directly in the Search result not the home page.

For example, I have performed the query Buy Nokia 6300 and I got this amazon page which is going directly to the sales page of This phone. This is very good thing. If it goes to the Home page of amazon then It will not called a good Landing. So You might be knowing now that Perfect landing makes more sales for you.

2. Never use content from the manufacturer because that content might be using by others. Create your own content for description part, So that there will not be any duplicate content issue.

3. Don’t forget Internal link building, It plays an important role while optimizing an online store. Few points to remember:-

(i). Include a related product option on each product pages, It can be very useful in improving the rankings in SEs. Also Don’t forget to use proper anchor text for those related products.

(ii). Include “Write a review about the product” on each and every product  page which should be linked to a separate page where all the reviews would get saved.  Users can write their views about the product which can boost rankings in SEs because those reviews will also be the text. This page will work as an information page about the product. But remember the reviews written by users must be moderated before going live because few black hat guys are there who can write non-sense things about the product just to ruin your brand.

(iii). Homepage must be updated regularly with the newly included products or the products which are trending. This is one of the great ways to make use of home page for boosting Sales.

(iv). Make use of your sidebar and highlight your top selling products there with link to their sales page.

 4. As internal link building is important Inbound links are also Important. You need to build links for each products separately so that they can rank higher in SERPs.  Just Don’t restrict to build links for home page only. You must take every page separately and build links for them. For link building you should go for Guest Blogging, Social bookmarking and other off page optimization techniques.

5.  One of the most important aspects for an Ecommerce site is to do Competitor’s analysis and reverse engineer their links.  You must do a thorough competitor analysis and find out where they are advertising? where they are building links? What keywords they are promoting? And what other strategies they are opting to make more sales.

Now work on getting links from the nice sources where your competitors are getting links and also see what keywords they are promoting which are also beneficial for you, then you should also start promoting your site with those keywords to stand in the competition.

6.  If you haven’t implemented a blog section( as then go for it and update it regularly with the new product updates.

Why Blog Section?

Because blog posts have greater chances to get good rankings in Search Engines and also through the blog you can keep updating the users with latest happening  and product updates on the store.
You may also put product page link in the blog post to redirect users to the sales page.

7. I Just missed it in the start So Here I want to remind that you must have user friendly urls on your site.

8. While adding products you must be adding Images for the same, At the time of uploading images don’t forget to give alt text for them. You may use a targeted keyword for that product or product name itself in the alt tag.

These are few tips for ecommerce site’s SEO. I want you to share your tips So that I can learn more about it from you guys. Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome at TechTricksWorld.Com

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