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How Dropbox Can Find Your Stolen Computer

About Dropbox

Dropbox is a file hosting service that is operated by Dropbox, inc. and it provides the amenities of cloud storage space, folder organization and customer software. This service permits users to make a particular folder on each of their computers, which is then synchronized by Dropbox, and that folder becomes the same folder with the same matter irrespective of which device is used to see it.

The contents of this folder become accessible by website and mobile apps also. Dropbox renders customer software for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, IOS, Blackberry OS, and Android etc.

Uses of Dropbox

  1. Transferring files to Dropbox through Gmail
  2. Syncing instant conversation chat logs using Dropbox
  3. Management of Bit Torrent
  4. Management of password
  5. Remote application launching
  6. Monitoring of the system
  7. Free web hosting facility

Benefits of using Dropbox

  1. There is no need to install any anti theft softwares like Prey, which can unnecessarily add to your expenditures.

  2. The method to find your stolen computer is simply using Dropbox. It is available for free absolutely. There are no secretive charges to shock you. Initially there is 2-giga byte of free storage space provided to you.

  3. It lets you create backup files, which are used for storing your crucial documents very safely. So, in case your main storage device is not working then you can smoothly retrieve it. Just open your Dropbox and you will find all your content there.

  4. For utilizing the full potential of Dropbox, you need to get the Dropbox app by which you get to make a Dropbox folder in your system in which you can sync all your files with the Internet connection.

  5. The removed files are not dumped permanently; Dropbox does keep them for 30 days before they are removed forever. Also, if you copy files from one Dropbox folder to another then you do not need to upload those files again. Hence, you will be able to save a lot of time from uploading matter.

  6. The files availability is almost universal. You just need an Internet connection to access files at any place.
    Dropbox Can Find Your Stolen Computer

Used to find your stolen computer

Now you know that Dropbox is used primarily for locking up your digital content and files that you reckon very crucial and significant, but one thing that you would have never imagined it doing is that it can actually help you find your stolen computer.

The process to track your lost device is not only simple but also soothing because it is a very innovative way to find your stolen computer.

You are required to have a Dropbox account first of all. Secondly, you need to run the program of Dropbox constantly on you computer. So we first recommend you to take notice of these things and prepare them to be in handy.

Once you come to know that your computer system has been stolen, you can just log into your Dropbox account and make your way to the settings panel where you will find security tab. After you have reached at that point, you will be able to see all the devices that are connected to your account from this menu.

You can simply search for the missing device in the list so obtained, the moment you get it and recognize it, just hover above the blue information icon. From there, you will be provided with the IP address of your lost computer system that can help in finding out the location at which the thief is using your stolen computer.

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  • I know little bit about dropbox but this post helps me to know more about dropbox. I think dropbox will helps us to find our stolen computer.Thanks for this great information.

  • Hmm… Nice method. Just like a techie detective!

    How interesting it is that sometimes those small security measures used by our computer itself can help us find a lost computer again 😀

    I will remember this tip from you Atish bhaiya!

    Thanks for sharing..

  • Wow that was simply amazing!
    Apart from laptop and desktop, I also use dropbox on my smartphone.
    Now, desktop – I am sure no one can/will steal 😀
    but this trick would really be handy for smartphone and laptop.
    thanks Atish for sharing this.

  • Hi Atish,

    Wowww Informative post, actually I have not ever heard about Dropbox and really i never thought the drop box. but really its very helpful for everyone ..and sure it will be help me to find the stolen computer. i will tell to my friends….

  • A Cool Trick there @Atish but i was wondering if I could this to find my phone too? And i’m getting addicted to this blog. LOL. I read about 15 psts of yours. The tricks you post are cool.

  • Am sure that am gonna tech expert soon as am expanding my knowledge with TTW posts!

    Really awesome post and I never heard about Dropbox.

    Nice post in your simple language, quite interesting to read its uses and benefits.

    Thanks for sharing the useful information Atish 🙂

  • Hello Atish Ranjan,

    It is a great tricks. I am not regular user of Dropbox. But by reading your content, I am in love with dropbox. Now I started saving everything in Dropbox

  • Hi atish, you have really found gems 🙂

    In one word this is “technology simplified”, a person can track about his computer without having additional softwares and that too without any price.

    Nice share.

  • Really nice trick, already using Dropbox for sharing the stuff now it’s nice to use it for security purpose. Thanks for sharing such awesome trick.

  • This is an awesome tip which is quite unknown. Never knew Dropbox could act as a detective too 🙂 Thanks for sharing !

  • Wow. That’s pretty awesome. I use dropbox already for a lot of my photography and catalogues. Especially syncing my iphone pictures to my computer. But it would be so cool to catch a criminal that stole my laptop.

  • Dropbox is hands down my favorite app, I’ve replaced my My Documents folder with it so now everything syncs automatically.

  • Drop box software has been making rave reviews ever since it has hit the digital market. Apart from its other interesting features (uses), its use in finding a stolen computer is indeed very fascinating.

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