Dreaming of Blogging Success? You Need to Understand This!

You absolutely want blogging success. Or I should say you “desperately” need it. You are committed to get there. You’ve rolled up your sleeves and have dived into action.

You do your best to make it happen. You are willing to sacrifice your sleeping hours, the time you’d spend with your family and time for yourself, ahem, forgetting the very fact that you started this blogging business so that you can

(i) spend more time with your family

(ii) work when you want to work and take breaks when you wanted

(iii) pamper and take good care of yourselves

Whoa! Wait. But what you’re doing is jut the opposite. OK I’d be more than happy for you if all of your “hard work” ended up in the success you wanted.

But hey, that’s also a dream. So what is the point? You are chasing something that you don’t catch at all. And all your time, efforts and even money are wasted.

This is pathetic. This is not supposed to be your situation.

You read success stories of the biggie bloggers. You wonder why YOU are unable to make it – something that any gal or guy like you could do easily. 

Woman is dreaming for blogging success

There’s ONE simple thing I want to put out to you today. And this is it.


Let’s face it. Can you answer this one question >> What do you want to achieve with your business?

Or in other words, what is your blog for and what you want your blog to accomplish for you? 

The answer to this question will define YOUR success.

Do you know that the word “success” has different meanings for different people?

For some, earning a specific amount of money every month could mean success. For some others creating a brand around their name and gaining fame plus earning money could mean success.

For some others, “making money” could mean success.

As you can probably guess now, the third definition of success is very vague – its very generic.

So what’s the big deal here? Why should you have a clear and specific goal to succeed? The answer is simple.

When you don’t have a clear goal, you don’t know WHAT you want to achieve, in the first place. Second you don’t know or can’t figure out if you have actually succeeded! 

Why? Because you’ve not defined your “success”.

Its THAT simple!

So instead of dreaming about blogging success, here’s what you should do in the first place.

Get clarity. Define YOUR success first. Defining your success helps you identify your goal. 

Once you’ve set yourself a goal, it will be easier for you to create an action plan to get there. You can chop your bigger goal into easily achievable steps. You can create a road map to get to your goal.

Now take responsibility and exercise your plan.

This way you can streamline your efforts towards your goal. 

So what will happen if you don’t have a blogging goal in place? You think its not a big deal?

I thought so and wasted a few years coz I couldn’t figure out on “what” I need to put my efforts on. 

I didn’t know how and where to spend my energy. I worked hard. I had 40 hour work weeks on my blogs (after having my day job). 

All that didn’t help really.

Not that I wasn’t sincere or that I didn’t work hard. I did. But I was spending my energy, time and money on stuff that were not actually important or that were not going to make any big change to my business.

Here’s what I’ve got to say: Stop often, and ask yourself this question – Am I working on stuff that will make a difference in my business?

Wait a second, don’t get to the thought that I’m talking about plain money. Money is indeed important and yes to some extent. 

But it is not all about money. However, when I said work on stuff that will make a difference in your business, I mean an impact – the bigger picture.


So I guess I made myself clear. Get clarity with your business. Know what you want to achieve with your business. That’s how you could really start working towards attaining business success.

Dreaming is good. It helps visualize things. But getting a clear picture and doing the real work will only help you achieve success!


Jane helps aspiring bloggers achieve blogging success at her blog Problogging Success. She has an awesome free e-course for killer content creation. Be sure to check it out!

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