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Does Your iPhone Charge Faster On Low Power Mode?

Think about it and you will certainly realize that we are living in the ‘Fast Mode‘. We need everything quick and fast at the tip of our fingers. I feel this is the reason that Apps like YouTube and Instagram come up with short-form videos and mobile phone brands are innovating with fast-charging batteries.

Now people not only need battery longevity but batteries that can charge fast in the blink of an eye. From Android to iPhone, all brands of phone manufacturers are focusing on providing fast-charging batteries. To further speedify the battery charging, there are some tricks you can try with your phone. Especially, when you are an iPhone user, your phone charges pretty slower as compared to Android phones.

Quick Answer

When it comes to knowing whether your iPhone charges faster in low power mode, the answer may be yes for some users and some users will say No, it doesn’t impact. But, if you look at what Low Power Mode does then you will understand that it does make your phone charge faster a bit. The thing is, in low-power mode, your phone does less work because many features and background jobs are limited. Thus, battery consumption is lower which look like your phone is fast-charged.

So basically, what happens here is charging is done at the same speed even in low power mode but since the phone is doing less work, battery consumption is very low at that time. That way your phone gets charged quickly.

Exploiting some of the stock features of smartphones, it is possible to accelerate the charging speed of your phone, like the ‘Low Power Mode’ Feature. So, let us find out, how does your phone charge faster on low power mode

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What is Low Power Mode?

For smartphone users who don’t know yet, the Low Power Mode feature, when turned on, increases the battery life of the phone. By limiting some of the functionalities and background Apps, such as disabling animations, accessing web browsers, and stopping push emails, synchronization, display brightness, etc., this feature stretches battery usage and consumption. This feature is life-saving in areas where the power supply is irregular.

Now let us see, how does low power mode while charging iPhone work?

Does Your Phone Charge Faster On Low Power Mode?

Imagine yourself in the middle of a market and your phone is dead or you have to leave your house within 5 to 10 minutes but your phone is not charged. In such miserable situations, you only wish to have a magic trick to charge your phone at a lightning faster speed. So, does your phone charge faster in low-power mode? Come let us find out.  

The most important thing to notice here is Low Power Mode is a software-based implementation that has nothing to do with hardware. So, it is evident that charging an iPhone in low power mode doesn’t make any major change in the charging speed. However, a slight difference is observed. 

To validate this, I personally experience the results when I charge my iPhone 13 Pro battery. I use a USB C cable, which is lightning fast, and a 20W power adapter. I enabled the low power mode, and put my iPhone on charge when the battery percentage was 30%. After 30 minutes, I checked the charging level, it was 70%. I repeat the same thing in low power mode disabled. There is no major difference in the charging level but still, it was charged a bit quickly when it was in low-power mode.

All in all, it can be said that your phone will charge a little bit faster when in low-power mode but it can’t be possible to do hours of charging in a few minutes.

FYI, Apple launched iPhone 8 in 2017 equipped with fast charging support. Based on a survey conducted on iPhone users of varied models, it has been observed that when you charge an iPhone with a compatible adapter and cable, it can charge at first 50% in 30 minutes. The next 50% charges at a relatively slower speed, which further slows down when the battery level crosses 80%.

Conclusively, the iPhone battery charges speedily from 0 to 50% but after this point,  as the battery level increases, the charging speed gets slower. This happens generally to increase the entire lifespan of the battery.

Besides this, many other factors may affect or not affect the charging speed of a phone.

How To Make iPhone Charge Faster?

When you own an iPhone, you probably learn to compromise with the slow battery charging as compared to Android users. But I am gonna share some amazing tricks that can help you charge your iPhone up to 50% in just 30 minutes.

But before I tell you, you should know some caveats regarding fast charging any iPhone. Nowadays Apple is not providing a power adapter with the package. And lower adapters given with earlier models will also not be able to fast charge the iPhone. Also, note down that your iPhone may warm up which is although not a matter of concern. Now, look at some tips to know how to make iPhone charge faster.

Choose A Compatible Power Adapter & Cable

To fast charge, any iPhone launched later than iPhone 8, you need to have a USB C Power adapter and power delivery support. Up to iPhone 11,  a charger of 18W is required in order to fast charge the iPhone. And for iPhone 12 and 13 series, you should make use of a 20W charger.

If you own an iPhone 12 or 13 series, you can also use a wireless charger of 15W. Other iPhone models do not support wireless charging and can charge at a speed of 7.5W only.

Turn Off Your Phone 

Yes, this will work. Although it is hard to turn off your phone especially when you depend on it, for a short time you can do this. The reason is when your phone is switched off, it has no active function to supply power to, and so the battery charges up faster than usual.

Turn On Airplane Mode 

Does your phone charge faster on airplane mode? Yes! If for any reason, you can’t shut down your phone completely, you may put it on Airplane mode. FYI, our mobile phones are constantly scanning the nearest wifi network to connect. This happens even when your Wifi is not turned on. 

The reason is technical. If understood in simple language, every cell phone emits some radio waves to find the nearest network connection, and constantly analyzes the signals for better connectivity. This entire process is never-ending unless your phone connectivity is off.

When lying in Airplane mode, our mobile phones are not able to emit any radio signals. Thus battery consumption at that time is very low. Thus, charging seems to be faster. After all, when you are in a hurry, every second counts. So, Turning on Airplane mode will help charge your iPhone faster

Keep Your iPhone At Some Cool Place 

Avoid keeping your iPhone at places where it comes in contact with excessive heat from the Sun. Plus, heat generated from the iPhone itself is a hindrance to fast charging. Do not keep your phone on top of electronic appliances like the refrigerator because it also emits heat. And the most important thing is not to make use of your iPhone while charging especially apps that raise the phone temperature high. 


In this fast-paced life, everyone wants their phone to charge fast and thus people often search for answers on how to make iPhones charge faster. This is the very common question that pops into every smartphone user’s mind. I hope the tricks given here in this post will help you charge your phone fast.

Conclusively, I would like to make this clear that when in low power mode, your phone will surely charge faster than normal but the time difference is not too large.

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