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How To Do Distraction Free Blogging?

Blogging is never as easy as it seems to normal people. It requires concentration, dedication, hard work and patience. Blogging doesn’t requires you to sit next to your computer or laptop, But it needs few productive hours of yours.

Yes, if you are spending too much time in checking your social media notifications, analytics, adsense earnings then you are doing something wrong. Even I think I started doing few one mistake from these and that is being too much active on social media which kills a lot of time, I admit my mistake and hence I decided to use it a little less now.

I am not saying that to completely leave it. NO! but when you have to do your blogging tasks just don’t get to involved in social media. What actually happens is that someone comes to chat and you know once the chat started it goes longer.

I realized that for better blogging we should avoid things which distracts you much. I have few things in my list which I think are the biggest distractions for me and I am working on it to avoid.

Here are they:-

Social Media:

Yes, Social media proved to be the biggest distraction for me. What my daily schedule is after returning from my full time day job, is to log into my Gmail and Facebook first. Once I login, I get too much involved in Facebook which lets not me do any serious work. However, I managed to do small tasks such as liking other’s post, sharing own posts, a little bit of reading and commenting on fellow blogger’s post but still I feel Something is missing. If I start chatting with someone then it goes long and I end up with nothing.
The most important thing of blogging is the Content creation which cannot be done if you are using any social media side wise  It needs concentration.

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Hence I have decided not to log into Facebook just after I turn on my laptop. First I will do my blogging stuffs with full concentration and dedication then after if there is time, I will login and share my posts there, interact with my friends. Especially it’s very important for a part time blogger because he has limited time to complete the work.

!Too much attachment or involvement is not good!

I am trying to do it and hope I will get success here. Are you also doing something like I am doing? If yes then do try to focus on work first. Avoid distraction while doing anything important such as writing article, writing comments. Writing always should be done in peace and without any distractions.


I am not a big fond of TV but It became my hobby to switch on the TV when I am in the room, Not matter I am actually watching or not. It is the second most distraction because it attracts my mind on regular intervals. I am making an habit not to start TV while working.

My experience says that you cannot concentrate if TV is running. So just switch off if you are working. I am not recommending you to stop watching TV, Do watch your favorite shows because at times it refreshes your mind but make ita balance. When you are working then do work only, If you are watching TV then just watch it and enjoy it at the fullest.

!Don’t do multiple things at once!

Cell Phone

Cell phone became one of the most important part of our life but at the same time it is one of the biggest distraction. I know we cannot live without our mobile phones but in order to become more productive we should have to either switch off the phone or keep it at silent.

Ofcourse we cannot keep the phone switched off for long because there can be emergency at times but atleast we can keep it on silent mode while creating the content for our blog.

If you are already not getting too many calls then its fine no need to switch off but if you are getting a lot of calls which distract you from blogging then I would advise you to keep it on silent mode and a little away from yourself.

!Work First then Talk!


Do everything but don’t do everything at once. Fix time for everything and maintain that for better productivity in blogging.

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  • Hi Atish Ranjan ,

    Very Well Written 🙂 These are top most distractions which don’t allows to do our freely. Iam the one Facing this problem. Hope i will overcome it as soon as possible 🙂 Thanks For sharing this Info brother 🙂

  • Hello Atish very well said. Not only you, I and almost every blogger are facing the same problem. To fix this issue we all should fix our blogging time.

  • Very nice post in natural language! What you are saying is absolutely right. Blogging requires attention, passion and quality time to write new posts. Yes, definitely the social media sites would deviate the bloggers and it is good to log off from there while writing.

    First I used to check my emails in gmail, new posts in G+ and then will come to the social media sites to share my posts and to check the new posts from bloggers. Also while writing the post for my blogs, I never log in to any of these sites, as it would distract me from writing.

    Yeah, once I started writing, will turn off the TV and will keep the mobile in silent mode.

    Thanks for sharing the nice n useful blogging post Atish! Keep writing!

    • NIrmala – Thanks for giving time to read the post and writing comment here. Appreciate it. Social media is not bad, every blogger should use but only at the right time.

  • Hey Bro,

    While reading this.. I thought you have just wrote this for me 😛

    I don’t have much interest on TV n same with the cells.. Nothing use of cell..but still i keep it silent lolz..
    But yes.. Social Networking Site 😛 Specially ‘Facebook’ This is the biggest distraction in every Bloggers life 😛 Not only bloggers I think for every Student and every guy.. I’m not a blogger yet but yea..as a Student as a Newbie in Blogging world..This is really a biggest distraction. The Biggest one is “Chat”. I admit I used to chat for long but from 2-3 weeks I won’t chat anymore if there is necessary then only i reply otherwise i won’t do that too! 😛
    Well, Thanks for Sharing your Experience !!

  • I’m doing these mistakes ,,, but trying to avoid it …:)
    It often happens, we open multiple social site and tabs and do multiple thing.. This distracts so much…
    Nicely written.. 🙂

  • hello Atish bro,
    you are right that Blogging needs hardworking and dedication. My biggest distraction is the social media i.e. Facebook and twitter.
    From the past week whenever i have to write posts for my blog i just switch off my social media profiles which makes me more productive.
    i am not a big fond of tv like you, so it’s not distracting my mind while working.
    And the #Last one is cell phones, yeah it is also a big distraction for me. We can’t switch it off because there is a chance to miss the important phone call.
    thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Hi Atish – this is a blog post after my own heart!

    I think time management is something we have to continually grapple with and it’s certainly high on my agenda.

    I’ve recently made a pledge to spend at least an hour or two on high value activities, such as researching and writing, when I first switch my computer on, before I go anywhere near emails, twitter or facebook – as you say, once you get buried in social media and commenting on other blogs, there’s a danger you never re-surface – those activities just gobble up your time.

    I watch very little TV – no time! Don’t use my phone much, either.

    Totally agree with you about avoiding multi-tasking, too.

    Great post on an important topic – thanks!


    • Sue – Was just waiting for your views. I appreciate your valuable comments.
      you are right we need to do strict time management to be productive. I have decided not to open any social media until I finish my tasks. Creating content should be done in a peaceful place without any distractions.

      Thank you

      ~ Atish

  • Ohh have I been there. I am now using tools to prevent distractions. The plugin LeechBlock is able to block time consumers as Facebook, twitter, and news media.

    A more radical approach is to close of the wireless connection on the laptop.

    My recipe for effective blogging is this:
    – find an isolated spot at the local library, at a museum or isolate myself at home.
    – turn off the cell phone.
    – close down the wireless internet connection or at least turn on LeechBlock
    – get cracking.

  • Real tips atish. Hehe i stopped being online on facebook chat
    Long ago. Commenting in groups is still on though.

    I would say stay away from tv and youtube. Those are the worst time killerss

  • Yes, distractions! distractions! My time management skills are lacking for sure and I don’t even use a cell phone! (Just have one for emergencies). I run a home-based business apart from this, (that pays; this doesn’t – yet), so that takes precedence, including phone calls. My downfall is also social media; especially Facebook, Google and HootSuit. Great advice not to even log in there until you’re finished writing! Will definitely try that. I can live without TV, but music helps me be more productive. Nice to meet you, Atish. 🙂

  • Movies in Laptops are another Great distraction. I do not know how to avoid it so I just put sticky notes on my Desktop screen.

    • I am using computer since 2006 and I never had a single movie in my computer or in laptop. Even if its there I never watched as I love to watch movies in theater not on laptop or TV :(. So I am safe from this distraction.

  • Hi Atish,

    Great Post!

    I’m Totally Addicted to Social Media,Gadgets, and PC Games..but I am Not Distract all these things. So I am Safe.. 😛 And Yes, Music is the Best way to Relax Our Mind 🙂


  • Atish, you are absolutely right!
    Time management is of as much importance to a blogger as it is to anyone else. All of us need to prioritize things.
    Since we bloggers work online all the time (for all our working hours, at least), having the Facebook open in one of the tabs all the time is indeed one of the biggest distractions. All the same, if it was not for Facebook, I would not know about the latest posts put up by so many dear friends and bloggers. So, my secret is to turn off the Facebook chat.
    But yes, the temptation to check it even in the midst of writing a post is too great at times to resist.
    I am happy that you have made up your mind to waste lesser time on frivolous activities and am sure that will help you get even better results in future! 🙂
    All the best. Luv ya, brother. 🙂 🙂

    • Ambika Di, Thanks for reading and writing a good valuable comment. In My case turning of the chat doesn’t work. You can hardly see my status online as my chat is always off but still chat keeps on going. Its better not to login in FB until you complete your work, Specially Writing

  • Dear ,

    It’s very nice post and i think concentration and dedication is needed not just n blogging but in every work. If you don’t concentration while working I think the work will not be perfect.

    Thanks for sharing

  • Real tips Atish.I’m Totally Addicted to Social Media.But I am not distract all these things. So I am safe.

  • Hii Atish Realy Truth Words- i m making Full Useo of social media n also gets trafiic from it , thnx for sharing these usefull tips ..

  • Great post! It is true, that blogging is not an easy task it required lots of efforts, concentration, a good knowledge of words, sincerity and patience. And, lack of even one of the following can lead to failure in the field.
    Thanks for sharing such an informative article.
    Keep writing.

  • The social media stuff is so true. I too get to caught up with Facebook, and therefore lose time for Blogging.. One should first right his or her blog and then take a break. In that break we can use Facebook and other social media.

  • When we are blogging or writing an article for our blog, we need some alone time and place where nothing can distract us. It is a good idea to switch off your cellphone and choose a place without a television to sit and blog. We must strictly concentrate on blogging and not waste time on social networking sites. One should set targets for this purpose.

  • Hey Atish,

    Sounds like you have a little work to do my friend.

    I’m pretty spoiled actually, I live alone (except my dog) so I put the phone to voice-mail, I log-out of any of my social networking sites and I get to work.

    I refuse to let things distract me because when you work for yourself and you’re the sole provider, trust me, you’ll keep your eye on the prize and stop making excuses of why you weren’t able to get the things done that are important.

    Thanks for sharing this with us though because it’s a problem a lot of people have.


  • Amen to that Bro…
    I get home from work and try to add a post and rewrite articles and do links and..
    and… and…
    It’s a lot to do.
    Anything to make it easier helps – I turned off the TV sound which helps me concentrate as I am writing this…
    Good Post,

  • Hi Atish

    Great share!

    I think many of us are facing this situation and are really overawed by that. Time management skills are really important and I’m very poor in that, still learning this from everyone around.

    Thanks for sharing.


  • Awesome bro 🙂

    You collected all the points on research and it is more practical and factual one. We should not avoid this truth that we actually get distraction in blogging while using those methods.

    I must say, we should off chat in Facebook and other things, Also I might suggest to have multiple computer for different work like for writing purpose we should have a special computer that should not connected with internet and other amusing things.

    Thanks Atish 🙂

  • My cellphone is a major distraction when I sit down to blog. I prefer keeping it switched off and have made a time-table that clearly tells me the amount of time I need to concentrate only on blogging. I feel this a good way to do distraction free blogging.

  • Hi Atish,

    I just love interaction 😉 I know what you mean, ’cause time is something never comes back and we need to be productive if we have goals to work on. If we don’t have goals I think distraction is something doesn’t bug us anymore 🙂

    I don’t think we can have totally a distraction free environment 🙂 But as you implied if we can control our actions, we can take care of wasted time for sure mate.

    TV is out of my agenda as I just watch cartoons there when I have my meals some days and Social Media is one thing I spend more time and I do schedule more now. I’ve used to spend even more time there and was busy doing nothing. Gladly now I have some control over it.

    The thing is I can’t ignore Social Media completely ’cause it’s a source where I get client requests 🙂 So I’m trying to prioritize my activities there now instead of ignoring for some time Atish. But I make sure to engage with people who help spread the word for me online, ’cause responding to ’em is really matters to grow the trust. It’s like responding to each comment at our blog. Integrity is on top of all. Else it’s just a journey to go alone in the end for sure. That’s why I trust my community always and gives priority 🙂

    Mobile devices are something to aware of too. When I get calls I had to take but gladly I don’t get calls much as many know I’m online all the day 😉

    My aim is not to spend all my day for work Atish 🙂 It includes family time and being away from my PC to be more healthy and so on. But when it comes to work, distraction needs to be minimized for sure to have productive hours 🙂 Never easy but it will be easier when it becomes a habit.


    • Thanks Mayura for your views. I understand that we have life other than online stuffs too. and ofcourse health is more important than work but in the post I have just tried to say that avoid these distraction when you are working. Even I don’t say that we should leave social media. NO! Social media is indeed very important but what my perspective is that while working we should avoid a bit for more productivity.:)

  • You are right here. Facebook and cell phone are the biggest distraction for me. I am also working on it to improve my working however I am not a blogger but its important to avoid these during any work.

  • If a so called blogger just think that he/she started this just to make money,than it is wrong even if they are getting so. A blogger or any other person of any field just wants to makes money instead of loving their work of interested, the probability of getting acheive some thing would be quiet low

    • Dipesh, Money making is not a bad thing. Everyone needs money and everyone i making money from blogging and there is nothing bad in it but yes you should use the ethical ways.

  • Yes you are right, SOcial media is the culprit, infact we are culprit if we use social media while working. For me Facebook is the biggest distraction. Nice post. Thanks for sharing.

  • Yes, very true points you have mentioned, whenever I watch television while blogging, if any intersting scene comes in the movie, I forgot that I’m a blogger. And if any nice comment comes on my status I end up wasting some more time over there. You have shared some really good points, will try it.

    • Ha ha ha. thats funny! Yea movies and TV shows are very addictive at times. you are right about comment on our FB statues hold us for long time. thanks for sharing your views.

    • Infact we are culprit, not the facebook :P. Just don’t open any social media when you are working. just open it when you finish your work. It surely improves the productivity.

  • Yeah Seriously, Cellphone is the most disturbing. I am not having that much mania of Facebook but this small device really takes a lot of time.
    BTW, helpful advice.. will try to implement.

    • Thanks Saurabh for sharing your views. Mobile phones are the biggest distraction. specially when you are into middle of something and you friend calls you and have long talk, then your flow of work breaks and after that you feel like nothing done..

  • Hi atish,
    The point u shared here distract every blogger in freemind blogging and how to deal with these distractions is a big deal. But i try to avoid them and just concentrate on a single job, a proper scheduling is essential to manage them.

  • Yes you are right. While working if I use anything like TV, Mobile or social media I just go deeper in them which makes me less productive in my work. Very nice post in this context. Good 1 Atish.

  • For me the biggest distraction is Facebook and stumbleupon. The rest of the things, I have managed to exclude myself. I put my phone to silent, doesn’t sit in a room with TV.

  • Hi Atish,

    Brilliant Post, and i am totally agree with you but in my opinion Blogging is not a easy task. i think concentration and dedication is needed for everyone. but if you are doing concentrate of your task. than you would not be distraction with any others things …like social media sites. thanks alot for sharing your view about the Ditraction free blogging.

  • Thanks for your valuable post.. I read only one post(This one) in your blog but I’m going to read your blog posts fully.. 😉

    Once again thanks!!!

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