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How to Disable Private Browsing in Firefox, Chrome and IE

Peek a boo into the Tech World:

The 21st century is characterized as the ultimate technological era. Even though technology has been successful in bringing to light a well defined set of pros, on the other hand, unfortunately a large array of cons have also been exposed. We can easily come across a number of black activities including cyber crime, which is on the rise of late. One of the options that tends to play a central role towards increasing the dominance of these activities is none other than the “Private Browsing” alternative.

What is Private Browsing?

Let me first make the concept of Private Browsing clear to you. At a very basic level, Private Browsing is considered to be one such option that can allow you to browse the Internet without highlighting the websites that have been visited by you. Moreover, if you put this option into action, then in that case all details regarding your browsing history will automatically be hidden from any other user who tends to operate your computer or laptop. Moreover, this particular option is believed to come out as the best saviour for all those people who tend to visit objectionable websites and like to keep the information associated with the same under the veil.

Need for disabling Private Browsing:

This has become an area of major concern not only for parents of young children who happen to operate the Internet, but also for all the socially responsible civilians who wish to operate in a virtually secure environment. The good news here is that you can now easily contain this limitation by simply going ahead and disabling the Private Browsing option available floating on a number of browsers such as the likes of Firefox, Chrome as well as the Internet Explorer.

How to Disable Private Browsing on Chrome & Internet Explorer:

How to disable private browsing

Let us now move our discussion towards uninstalling Private Browser in Google Chrome and the Internet Explorer. The best way to disable Private Browsing in Chrome and Internet Explorer is to go ahead and simply launch InCognitoGone. One outstanding feature associated with this tool is that it is made available absolutely free of cost. This tool is known to allow you to permanently delete the Private Browsing option. In short, once deleted you cannot re-install this option again in future. If you decide to run this tool on Chrome or Internet Explorer, as soon as you hit on this tool a small box will be displayed that would put two options in front on you, one each for the above mentioned two browsers. Before proceeding with the final action a warning will flash on the screen alarming you regarding the permanent exclusive of this option from your respective browser. All you need to do is click on the “Yes” option and Private Browsing will be gone forever.

Incompatibility of InCognitoGone with other browsers:

Initially, this tool was also capable of initiating a similar action on Firefox. However, it was noted that even after disabling the Private Browser in Firefox using this tool, users were able to re-install the same in no time. This rendered InCognitoGone completely unfruitful for Firefox. A similar fate was witnessed even in the case of Safari.

How to Disable Private Browsing on Firefox:

As far as Firefox is concerned, you can easily get your hands onto this popular add-on namely “Disable Private Browsing Plus”, which is believed to help you to get rid of the Private Browsing option directly from the main menu. The best part about this add on is that even if any user tries to reinstall the Private Browsing option for his or her private use, this option won’t get installed and instead will project a message stating that the “Private Browsing has been disabled”. All said and done, if this is initiated none of the users will be able to do away with the browsing history at large. The only way to reverse this installation would be to simply go ahead and run Firefox in the Safe Mode.

Before installing the add on:-

you can see “New Private Window”

Private browsing

After installing the add on:-

you will not see the option to start private browsing

no more private browsing in firefox


More about InCognitoGone:

InCognito Gone is known to be developed by this famous web and software developer William Wood. At a very primary level, InCognito Gone comes across as a free tool that tends to play a central role in helping you to permanently get rid of private browsing. The best part about this program is that it tends to sport an absolutely user friendly interface. Statistics state that this particular tool has been downloaded from Wood’s personal website around 3000 times coupled with umpteen number of downloads from other file sharing websites as well. All in all, this tool has come to become every worried parent’s best friend. Though this program has been successfully working in association with Chrome and Internet Explorer, it has failed to achieve a similar fate in case of Mozilla Firefox because of a new update that was unveiled by this particular web browser.

!Young guys will be angry with this post but parents will be happy to see this! 😛 Hope you have learnt how to disable private browsing in chrome, firefox and IE.

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