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Digital Signage Technology: Why and Where to Use?

Digital Signage Technology has to be one of the most pertinent advertising streams to popularize your product, spread a message, and display any commercial relevant material. Rather than using your traditional and physical hoardings, Digital Signage uses interactive hoardings. This develops a consumer’s intrigue and since it’s all-flashy and colorful and you can optimize or make it interactive, it catches the attention span of more people. 

Digital Signage is used in most public offices, museums, commercial gatherings, investor summits, etc to catch the intrigue of people. Digital screens have logos, moving images, and customized fonts as opposed to the still fonts we see in solid hoardings, which makes them more appealing. To manipulate and run the screens you have different types of Digital Signage Software in place that assist execution and branding of your product through screens.

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What Are the Advantages of Using Digital Signage Technology?

Many businesses when they advertise prior to the digital revolution wanted to convey a message. Throughout history, advertisement has existed as a sole industry and it could take many forms. It can advertise a King for political reasons and sometimes even pitch a product in the market. 

The history of advertisements starts with the NewsPaper. You could have seen the Paper was in vogue at that time as advertising built business prospects. Then in mid 20th century came broadcast media like Radio and TV. Advertising became more prominent through visual interaction to persuade people. That does not mean paper and hoardings disappeared they were there but had very little impact on the mind.

In my point of view, ads have a far better chance of gaining more mileage on the Digital Signage Technology as it provides an open field for refined messaging, updates, themes, interactive objects on its surface, etc. If you ever want to build a product and run ads prefer Digital Signage over traditional and outdated physical hoardings.

Now comes Digital Signage Technology which has in a way provided a new dimension to advertising effectively through voice, and media in a very convenient space in outer places. Some of its breakneck advantages are its ability to maintain continuity in influence. To know about this, let’s discuss some of the pointers:

Ads, Messages become more appealing 

Digital Signage Technology is also an interactive digital technology. It combines the features of both TV and physical hoarding. A hoarding made with the intention of building its relevance through being in sight as always, but also the fun aspects of any product, a device with eye-catching visuals is always a sight to see. From Chengdu, China there is an entire video of digital signage that has gone viral and has been quite popular. We see a lion jumping towards you with 3D real-time effects and it seems like auditory appeasement. 

Ability to restructure imagery

We both have to understand How Digital Signage plays a critical role in attracting an audience, but there is also a messaging refinement that requires time to time. Objectives and services of any product do not depreciate so quickly. But its services can. Digital signage sources provide that sense of image and theme reconstruction as the message will be out and executed through Digital Signage visual editing software.

One time investment

Another lucrative benefit that you can achieve is being able to save money. A physical hoarding can get worse due to a multitude of reasons, it depends upon the weather, rusting, or any natural calamity. That is true with Digital Hoardings too, but so much of the weight and work scientifically has gone to the sector of Digital Signage that products have become resistant to very intense forms of wear and tear.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Signage

Advantages Disadvantage
Flexibility in adjusting the visual effects of LED placed on the Signage  The initial costs put up will be high comparatively, in a shorter time span it’s very costly, but it covers the cost in long term.
Advertisements through other electronic and digital mediums are bound by time, not like the signage where you have complete control over the advertisement.  Requires assistance from skilled personnel to handle software expertise. That’s why some outsource the source interface work to cloud-based services such as SAAS.
More specifically as a physical advertising agent, it does a great job of being centered on a very focused form of advertising. Prone to hardware damage and malfunction if installed outside.
It improves appeal and audience eye-catching factor because of the bright luster and shines. If not outsourced, the product requires a 24 x 7 running high-end system and non lagging PC that will work as a backbone of the signage.
Potent on shifting to any other product’s advertisement of the same company. Bad in terms of reach, if you are located in a small part of a town. It means the views won’t convert to sales.

Various Components of Digital Signage

Components of Digital Signage are requirements and arrangements that are needed to run your campaign. This list includes.

Digital Signage Component Its importance
Hardware Hardware refers to the destination object which is the source of the ads and messaging. Different types of hardware exist such as Wall signs, Pylon signs (pole signs)
Software Software will help you with the establishment of the contents of your ad/message. This includes software specifically designed to make Digital Signage ads.  Such as Yodneck
Connectivity Connectivity means from where the screen will be displayed where shall be the connected source that transfers the displayed material. It can be cable, wifi, or a shared computer connection, nowadays cloud computing helps in the process.
Installation This is finding yourself a safe space to install the product. The site needs to protect your hoarding but also needs to be visually accessible.
Content This refers to the entire displayed file, which will be visually appealing.
Procurement This is the process of getting the displayed file beforehand for review.

What kind of Digital Signage Exists?

Digital Signage can also be sourced through many hardware. Some pertinent hardware sources include these:

  • Wall signs
  • Pylon signs (pole signs)
  • Sidewalk signs
  • Roll-up banners
  • Informational signage
  • Window and floor graphics
  • Vehicle graphics.

Digital Signage Software

The product that manages the display and what goes in for display is managed by software making it an equally important entity to advertise products and services much as the actual Digital Signage. Here this software plays a fundamental rather pertinent role in making these videos through interactive fonts, audio, images, and clips. But it also helps it in connection with a TV source, PC, or laptop. Many of these software are more like services that use Cloud-based Technology in displaying the media file on a Digital sign.

Listing of Various Digital Signage Software

Look Digital Signage

Look Digital Signage is a Content Management Tool for Digital Signage. It comes in a 4K screen enabling pixels, It has a good back end that can be contacted at any time for extra support and assistance. You need to get your connections on point, but interactive design and the latest gamification strategies help you in getting more engagement. 

One of its kickass features shall be its time scheduler and accessibility plan for displays on per day plan. As far as Pricing is concerned, it costs $15 per month, and 5GB of space to save recent cutouts and edits for display. It costs $13.50/month if you take a yearly plan.

Look Digital Signage


Yodeck is a cloud-based Digital Signage Software that helps in designing, scheduling, and displaying clips on the signage as ads, messages, and promotions in a physical location. Some of the merits of Yodeck that make it stand out have to be its extra features that include in the screens like an analog clock, live weather report, and date, day and time, etc.


In order to use Yodeck, simply you can get the software and sign up on its platform. Import your video file that needs to be displayed and add it. Set preferences and be ready to stream.

The pricing of Yodeck is along the average lines: 

  • Standard – $7.99 per month 
  • Pro – $9.99 per month 
  • Enterprise- $12.99 per month

Social Screen

Social Screen actually acts like a blend of many other platforms. It helps in the accessibility of many different types of ad templates and then you can merge them. This is a Signage software that only enhances and prepares your content. Its interface is easy to use and very fast. Let’s look at its pricing plans.

The pricing of Social Screen is affordable: 

  • Free Forever Plan Available 
  • Standard: $9/month 
  • Business: $19/month 
  • Enterprise: $29/month

If you are just starting a shop and want Digital Signage up and running, you can try Social Screen to check if it meets your needs. It’s free of cost to try. If you like it you can also upgrade it.


Novisign is a display signage software meant to assist your display needs in a multitude of spaces. It is known for the public, health, and retail sector advertisement and signage assistance. Novisign stands out because it is able to provide displays to many Signage at once. In case, you need to know about Novisgns pricing tiers you need to contact the software support center.


Telemetry TV

It is another powerful software that deals with Content management for signage and delivery. Telemetry TV actually has roped in giants in the physical store format business including companies like Starbucks. It has a range of tools that the business offers including optimizing, connectivity, regulation of time, display control, connectivity assistance, etc. It has a range of tools and visual displays that assist in casting the best available ad for you.

The pricing of Telemetry TV is a bit on the higher end

  • Starter: $54 per month
  • Standard: $280 per month
  • Plus: $700 per month


Which digital signage software is the best?

You have many actually including  Yodeck, Novisign, Telemetry TV, ScreenCloud, Optisign etc. The best will depend upon your needs. If you are a big brand you will require something such as Telemetry. If you are just starting out you can design for free in Social Screen.

Is digital signage a TV?

No, it is not actually, it is a digital board with LCD or LED screen covering meant to display as an ad board hoarding. Apart from ads, it can contain announcements and theme-based messaging, etc.

What are the disadvantages of digital signage?

There is no such profound disadvantage of any digital Signage. It can be a non-profiting move if you buy one just for the short term.


Digital signage is growing so much as a technological tool facilitated by this signage software it has revolutionized banners and hoardings. It has combined the thrill of any brand through high-quality data-driven visuals, with a special understanding of media. In this write-up, I have jotted down most of the current trends in Digital Signage.

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