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8 Digital Marketing Tips to Outperform Your Competitors

If you get the feeling your competitors are overtaking you with your marketing efforts, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Its natural to feel this way, especially if you’re a small business owner, often because the budget is not available in comparison to larger businesses with colossal marketing teams.

That’s not to say you can’t become a one-man/woman marketing machine! There is a range of marketing tactics that can make you successful, many that your competitors might not even know about. our article is here to help with some of the most practical marketing tips, and we’ve included them because they work, that is, as long as you know, how and when to use them.

8 Digital Marketing Tips to Outperform Your Competitors

  1. Understand common marketing problems for the best resolution

With any marketing activity, whether its social media, implementing SEO, or compiling engaging content, there’s always room for improvement when you come across any problem areas.  Here are some examples which provide some of the most common problems encountered with email marketing, and you’ll find a wealth of viable ways to solve those problems. Understanding the issues that can arise and how to resolve them early can save heaps of time to spend on other marketing activities.

  1. Position yourself on Social Media

Many businesses already know they need to have a social media presence, being that social media is here to stay and keeps getting bigger all the time.

The problem is, those starting out go from being non-existent to appearing on every platform on the internet. For many, this spells out disaster from the get-go.

Small business owners should instead focus on ideal positioning in social media. What we mean is only focus on a handful of social media channels, to begin with, mainly those you are comfortable using.

Keep tabs on the reactions you’re getting from marketing on these channels, and if you aren’t getting any engagement from a platform, for example, Pinterest, divert your attention to a platform that does instead.

  1. Influencer Marketing

Next up is influencer marketing, we included this as it’s still a fairly new concept and many businesses are not yet using it. Use influencer marketing correctly, and you can expect BIG results. The tactic involves paying an influential person in your niche to inspire your audience, rather than marketing to them yourself. Influencers are one of the strongest referrals you can get within digital marketing. Influencer marketing platforms such as Humanz, Grin and Upfluence let businesses connect with the right influencer for promoting their product. Depending on your market size your choice can vary from nano-influencers to macro-influencers. For instance, you can find micro-influencers for including them in your local marketing campaigns thanks to these platforms’ huge databases.

  1. Email lists are still hot!

Emails lists are often regarded as one of the most valuable assets a business can have; in fact, QuickSprout says the likelihood of email subscribers sharing content to social media is 3x more successful.

You are the owner of your email list, which cannot be said for your fans and followers on social media. 

Surprisingly though, many businesses you might regard as competitors might not even have an email list, and instead, they simply build a social media following thinking that email marketing is dead.

  1. Use the 80/20 Content Rule

By 80/20, we mean 20% of your efforts will generate 80% of your success and vice versa. You can use this tactic for almost anything, which also covers your content. You can create content using a variety of mediums such as infographics, videos, blog posts, graphics, and more.

Putting the 80/20 rule into perspective, you might communicate value to your audience through 80% of your content, whereas the remaining 20% should be reserved for promotions (selling to your customers). Valuable, interesting and entertaining content equates to relevant, fresh, timely and unique content that solves a problem for your audience.

You can generate 20% success from the effort you put in, but you’ll need to drive it using that 80%!

  1. Using SEO at the RIGHT time

There are not many new businesses in the digital marketing realm who have never heard of SEO, but many of those businesses steer clear of SEO because of how complicated they think it is.

SEO can be time-consuming and complex but remains THE best way to drive users to your website.

SEO basics such as your business name could impact where you appear within a search engine. The business ‘Local SEO Guide’ explains that businesses using powerful keywords in their name rank 1.5 higher than those without a keyword in their company name. Businesses starting out blow their marketing budget on paid ads rather than focusing on small SEO tweaks and a long-term strategy, which just isn’t necessary. 

  1. Use PPC sparingly

As mentioned previously, paid ads eat into a small business budget pretty quickly, and although the idea is correct, i.e. driving traffic to their site as the beginning, they soon become reliant on paid advertising to generate their sales, rather than a long-term SEO strategy. PPC alone is not a sustainable digital marketing tactic.

The problem is that businesses confuse more sales with more traffic, and although that sounds great, it ends up generating cold prospects rather than actual sales. PPC can get very expensive as you are paying per link click, especially if it doesn’t generate any sales as a result.

Extra traffic is awesome, but with no sales funnel, results may not be as great as desired.

  1. A great user experience is crucial

The glue holding your digital marketing together relies on an enhanced UX or user experience.

Here are some of the ways you can do this as a part of your overall marketing strategy. There are also a wealth of tools available that deliver reports and useful metrics so you can pinpoint areas to improve on.

  • The written, video, and image content of your website.
  • The communication channels you use.
  • Ensure you have a user-friendly interface.
  • Improve website loading times.
  • Menu navigation should be straightforward.
  • Streamline communication with chatbots.
  • Use a simple tone in your content.



We hope you have found our article useful in discovering ways in which you can get ahead of your competitors using our tried and tested digital marketing methods correctly. The businesses you compete against will continue to make the same mistakes time and time again, while you can focus on how to make these tactics work for you and grow your business and achieve your goals as a result.

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