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The Difference Between CWNP Certification and Cisco Wireless Certification

There are currently two influential certifications in the wireless field, one is CWNP certification, and the other is Cisco wireless certification. Of course there are other wireless certifications, such as Aruba’s ACMA, ACMP, ACMX, but these certifications are not in the scope of discussion today.

What is CWNP Certification?

The CWNP Certification stands for Certified Wireless Networking Professional. It is a certification that is offered for the people who work in the wireless networking processes and technologies area. The certification is actually vendor neutral in nature and provides a powerful training, evaluating, testing and certification of improving a person’s capability in terms of different tasks in the realm of wireless networking and related areas.

CWNP certification was launched by CWNP in 2001 and is currently the only vendor-neutral certification in the wireless field. The reason why it is called vendor-neutral is that CWNP certification is not a certification launched by a specific manufacturer. It is not aimed at the operation, configuration, and maintenance of a specific manufacturer’s equipment, but a comprehensive approach to the basics, protocols, security, and applications of wireless LAN.

CWNP certification is divided into 4 levels, from low to high, CWTS, CWNA, CWSP and CWNE. There is also a CWNT (CWNP Lecturer). We won’t discuss this. You can ask Mr. Zhu about it

CWTS is a lifetime certification and does not require re-certification. CWNA and CWSP are valid for 3 years, and re-certification is required after expiration. CWNE is a lifetime certification, but after obtaining CWNE, it is necessary to publish at least one white paper on wireless LAN recognized by CWNP every year.

Wireless Networking Certification

What Does Cisco Wireless Certification Offer You?

The Cisco CCNA certification is designed to provide the network professionals with an options and ability to configure, implement and support the wireless LAN networks. The certification is designed to help in your understanding the wireless certification, monitoring, troubleshooting and also assists you in acquiring the requisite skills in achieving the optimal performance in terms of the powerful Cisco networks.

Cisco launched CCNA Wireless in June 2008, CCIE Wireless written exam in February 2009 (lab exam started in April this year), and CCNP Wireless launched in July, initially establishing Cisco’s wireless certification system. Compared with certification in other directions, wireless certification is the latest certification launched by Cisco, which also reflects the development of wireless technology. No matter what certification is, it must be determined by the market and technology. The market and technology have given birth to the emergence of certification and also determine the development direction of certification.

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CCNA Wireless and CCNP Wireless are valid for 3 years, and re-certification is required after expiration. The validity period of CCIE Wireless is two years, and it needs to be re-certified after expiration, but as long as you take a written exam, you don’t need to publish a white paper every year to maintain the valid status of certification like CWNE.

Since it is the wireless certification launched by Cisco, it must be aimed at the operation, configuration, and maintenance of Cisco wireless devices. This is the biggest difference between it and CWNP certification.

Before Cisco launched wireless certification, CWNP certification has always been the most authoritative certification in the wireless field. Many Cisco wireless experts have CWNP certifications, and many CWNEs work for Cisco. Even after the introduction of wireless certification, Cisco recommends that candidates obtain CWNP certification before preparing for CCIE Wireless.

Cisco’s wireless certification has just started. CCNP Wireless has not yet published teaching materials. CCNA Wireless currently only has one Exam Certification Guide. Therefore, Cisco believes that obtaining CWNA and CWSP is very important for preparing CCIE Wireless. As of June 26, 2009, the total number of CCIE Wireless in the world is only 6. Who can become the seventh?

Some people say that the wireless certification launched by Cisco will grab the job of CWNP certification. We also use the analogy of learning to drive. It doesn’t matter how you learn to drive, it doesn’t matter what kind of car you use. It doesn’t matter if you use BMW or Chery. You learned how to drive with Chery, and give you a BMW, you can still get started quickly. CWNP certification is equivalent to “driving technology” in the field of wireless networks. Unless Cisco acquires CWNP, the status of CWNP certification will not be shaken for a long time in the future.

CWNP certification is highly recognized in North America. As for whether it can become popular in China, it remains to be seen. After all, it has just been introduced into the country, and it is hard to say how far it can be promoted. However, because CWNE not only requires written examinations and experiments, but also has corresponding work experience and requires letters of recommendation, and at the same time has to publish white papers every year to maintain the valid status of certification, it is not possible for mass production like CCIE in the short term. Of course, if people really want to do it, nothing will be difficult for the industrious and brave Chinese people.


Concluding Thoughts

Getting both CWNA and CWSP is very important for preparing CCIE Wireless. You can get access to one of the prime experiences for achieving a huge experience in a high degree of wireless certification in almost every extent.

The advantages that you would be able to achieve with the Cisco certification and CWNP certification are indeed manifold. You would indeed be able to reap the best benefits of both the certifications in a better manner, if you can achieve the right synergy between the two techniques and certifications. Get access to one of the most prominent experiences that can perhaps provide you a one stop solution in getting access to the best. You can enjoy one of the excellent options in terms of one of the exciting experiences for a truly amazing certification ever.

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