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Did Snapchat Remove Ghost Trails In 2023

Yes, Snapchat has removed Ghost Trails Features. Let’s talk more about it in detail…

If you are a Snapchat+ subscriber, you must be wondering why don’t I see Ghost Trails on the Map. Snapchat ghost trails was a premium feature accessible only by Snapchat+ subscribers. Using this feature one may see the location of friends on the app in the past 24 hours. However recently, Snapchatters are continuously reporting on various online forums and social media that Snapchat ghost trails not Working.

Meanwhile, rumors have circulated that Snapchat removed the ghost trails feature in 2023. In this article, I am unveiling the truth behind this claim and will find out the exact reasons for such a decision. So read the full article to find out why did Snapchat remove ghost trails?

Rumors Surrounding The Removal of Snapchat Ghost Trials

In the past few months, Snapchat users began questioning the absence of the “Ghost Trails” feature in the app. Only a few months ago, Snapchat had taken away Snap Games and Minis from the app. Now speculation quickly spread across online forums and social media platforms, fueling rumors that Snapchat had indeed removed such an amazing feature of Ghost Trails.

The Ghost Trails feature is loved by all Snapchat users. This feature lets the users see the live location of their friends (If they have enabled the location access on the Snap map). Thus this exclusive feature ensures the 100% privacy and safety of users. Users quite liked it and found the feature very useful to trace their friends. Withdrawal of this feature disappointed a lot of users.

Snapchat+ is a premium version of the basic Snapchat app with loads of fun and exclusive features such as a story rewatch indicator, custom app icons, post-view emojis, a friend solar system, priority story replies, and many more. All the pre-released, cool, and new features are also accessible to Plus subscribers.

Official Confirmation By Snapchat

Snapchat has officially confirmed the removal of the “Ghost Trails” feature on its official support page. To end all the rumors, Snapchat announced on its website support page that Ghost Trails is no longer available. However, Snapchat is silent on whether a similar feature will be introduced again in the future.

It seems that the app has taken this decision for good. To make up for the loss and disappointment of users, Snapchat has introduced a new feature called “Share My Live Location“. Using this feature, Snapchatters everywhere now can share their live location even without using the Snapchat app. Read on for more details on it.

Introducing the New “Share My Live Location” Feature

Snapchat is always inspired to bring more fun features to its users? As of now, the popular social media app has clarified the reason behind taking this action. The official support page has mentioned that Snapchat has rolled out a new feature “Share My Live Location” sharing. Snapchatters everywhere now can share their live location even without using the Snapchat app. This feature could be a more practical option that shares the current live location of users with your friends. 

Here I am guiding you on how you can use this feature along with the real-time screenshots of the app.

  • Open the Snapchat app. Go to, the ‘Chats‘ section.

  • Next, tap on the Bitmoji Avatar of your friend with whom you want to share your location.

  • Scroll and then go to Snap Map. Tap on the option of ‘Share My Live Location‘.

  • Then you will see 3 options viz, Always, 8 hours, and 1 hour, on your phone screen. Select the time during which you want to share your live location. 

  • After that, Snapchat pops up a confirmation message on your screen. Tap on ‘Allow‘ to enable the feature. Once you allow it, your friend will be able to see your live location anywhere.

  • If later on at any point in time, you want to stop sharing your location. Simply go back and tap on ‘Stop’ as shown in the screenshot. 

Important : 

Please note that, 

  • This feature is available for all Snapchat users and not only for Snapchat+ subscribers. So, anyone from anywhere can use this feature.
  • When you enable this feature, Snapchat demands for the location access permission to be set as ‘Always’ rather than ‘While using the app’, or ‘Never’ on your device (Android or iOS).
  • When you enable this feature, your location will be shared even when you are not using Snapchat.
  • Snapchat uses your precise location for features like filters, search, Snap Map, advertising, and more. So think twice before you go for it.

Possible Reasons Why Snapchat Ghost Trails Not Working

I am listing out some of the possible reasons that you must know why did Snapchat remove ghost trails? 

User Privacy Concerns 

Snapchat users, social media experts, and professionals are giving mixed reactions to the fact that Snapchat has discontinued the Ghost Trails feature. However, this step highlights a legitimate privacy concern. To display the location of its users, Snapchat keeps records of user movements and routes. Furthermore, such information is made available to other Snapchat users also. Although the app sets privacy filters and users can choose to not share their location, not all users are vigilant about social media privacy.

Creative Evolution 

Snapchat is known for its constant innovation and introduction of new features. While ghost trails have been a staple effect for many years, Snapchat is committed to evolving and introducing fresh concepts to keep its user base engaged. That is why we are evidencing a whole new idea of the “Share My Live Location” feature. 

By removing the ghost trails effect, Snapchat opens up space for new creative possibilities, encouraging users to explore other innovative features and effects.

Accessible To Snapchat+ Subscribers Only 

For those who missed the Ghost Trails feature, Snapchat offers a new alternative option to let your friends know your whereabouts. This time, the feature is not within the vicinity of Plus subscribers only. The new feature ‘Share My Live Location’ is available to all. Additionally, Snapchat continues to introduce new features regularly, ensuring there is always something exciting for users to experiment with.

User Experience and Performance Optimization

One of the primary reasons speculated by Snapchatters for removing ghost trails was to enhance user experience and optimize the performance of the app. Snapchat strives to provide a smooth and seamless experience for its users. Hence after careful consideration, they might have concluded that the ghost trails effect was impacting the overall performance of the app.

By removing this feature, Snapchat aims to improve the stability and speed of the platform, allowing users to enjoy a more efficient and reliable experience.

Design Simplification

Snapchat has always emphasized simplicity and user-friendliness in its interface. With the removal of ghost trails, it is possible that Snapchat intends to streamline its design and user interface further. By reducing the multiple features, Snapchat seeks to provide a more intuitive and focused experience for its users.


Snapchat’s decision to remove the ghost trails effect in 2023 may have disappointed some users who enjoyed it. But on the other hand, it is important to recognize that Snapchat comes with a better and more advanced location-sharing feature. And this time for all. 

While the removal of ghost trails may be a bittersweet development, it opens up avenues for new features that will undoubtedly captivate and inspire Snapchat’s vast user community. As Snapchat continues to evolve, users can look forward to new possibilities for expressing their creativity and connecting with others through the platform.

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