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Dashlane – Robust Password Manager Review

Being an SEO and a blogger I have to sign up on multiple websites on daily basis. Whenever I sign up to any website I need to choose a password for each of them, I can keep just one password for all but for security concern I don’t do that and used to keep different passwords for each. Initially I was able to manage them easily as in infant period I had to deal with lesser number of sites but gradually my area of work grown up and I started using a lot of website then I thought there would be some app or software which can remember all of my passwords. On the very basic level browser’s save password option did well but that is not safe as when someone else use your system then he might get to know the passwords by using some simple hacks.


Later, I came to know from many of my online friends about password managers and I did give them try and they were pretty fine but recently I came to know about a robust password manager, Dashlane which I think the best. When I used this at the very first time I became its fan. Today while using it I got an idea to write about it and give my opinion as well so that those TTW readers who are still not aware about this awesome software, would come to know today.

About Dashlane Password Manager

As I said above Dashlane is a password manager which relaxes you by remembering all of your passwords and use it to log in when you open a particular website.

It has options for saving your Personal info, passwords, various Ids, credit cards, Paypal and other payment methods, receipts and notes.

The best things of this password manager, which lets it stand alone from its competitors, are its beautiful design and user friendly easy to use interface.

Another best part of this tool is its security Dashboard which analyzes all the saved password and gives its recommendations like this(See Screenshot below)


I already mentioned 2 best things of it and there is one more which is about its set up. Yes, setting up Dashlane is exceptionally easy that even a non techie guy can use without any hassle.

Why Should you use Dashlane?

  1. Easy to set up and use.
  2. It helps you avoid remembering a lot of passwords and also every time you open a website, it automatically logs you in.
  3. It has very neat and beautiful interface.
  4. Passwords are encrypted with AES-256. You have the Master password to run Dashlane. So every information of yours is secure.
  5. It has option to autofill the online forms as well which can speed up your work and also saves your time & effort.
  6. Cloud and syncing features are for premium account which enables you to use Dashlane on any computer anywhere in the world so if you want this feature then you can get premium account which costs $20 per year    .
  7. Even if you have used any other password manager in the past and want to use Dashlane now then you can easily import old database into it with no hassle.
  8. It also permits you to generate strong password which you can store into password vault and later use the same to autofill registration forms while signing up anywhere..

How to set up Dashlane?

You don’t need to put a lot of effort for setting it up because it is so simple. All you need to do is to go to www.dashlane.com and click on “Get Dashlane – Its free” button.


When the installer is downloaded, Run it and just follow the instructions and within few minutes it will be installed on your local system. You have to choose a master password to use dashlane. You can browse through it by opening its dashboard. There are many options in it. There you can add your personal info, payment cards info, receipts, notes etc.

When it got installed on your system then it saves all the passwords which you have already saved by your browser’s save password option and for those websites’ credentials which are not yet saved in your browser, it asks if you want to save password to dashlane (see screenshot below) when you go to login to those sites.


If you save it then from next time whenever you open those sites it automatically logs you in. Wait! There is one more option here “Always require master password” master password is the password of your dashlane which helps you keep yourself more secured. If your local system gets in other person’s hand then he can easily log in with dashlane but if you did choose this option then no one can take advantage of dashlane because master password is still with you only which is being asked every time anyone tries to login to that particular site.

So, my suggestion is if you system is being used by other persons often then do check this option otherwise don’t check.

Now, what if you have multiple accounts on a single website?

No problem, Dashlane enables you to save multiple accounts for same website and whenever you want to login to the website then it gives you the list of accounts(see screenshot below) you have saved in it, from there you can easily select the desired account and it logs you in.


Final Verdict

Dashlane is the best password manager available which enables you to use the most advanced way of remembering and securing your passwords. All the above-mentioned features of this awesome and elegant software deserves attention.

If you want to get a list of Password Managers then check out here.

Please do share your views via comments!

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  • WOW it seems to be very usefull software for me . I am using chrome extension for saving my password but I did’t like it as its interface is not so good. But this seems to be really great tool to save passwords very secuarly .I am going to try this now

  • Hello Atish,

    Is really exist i never know about this type of software i always use browser save password facility but know i definitely going to try Dashline it’s some thing new and interesting too .Nice review and thanks for sharing.

  • I should probably give a password manager a try. I’ve been reading about them for years but have never used one. Thanks for the details about Dashlane, it seems like a good option.

  • I think encryption capability is the most vital feature when choosing a password manager. I use LastPass, it protects data using ‘miltary grade’ AES-256 encryption as that of DashLane. With so many passwords to deal with, I can’t imagine how my internet life would be without using a password manager. Great review, Atish!

  • I have used lastpass in the past and its good. I came to know about Dashlane for the very first time here. good to know the specifications in detail as well as your views on it. Nice review.

  • How is Dashlane better than 1Password? Both have similar features and 1Password is cheaper and popular than Dashlane.
    Thanks in advance.

    • I haven’t used 1password. Have use lastpass which was good now I am using Dashlane and it is working great for me. If it comes to popularity then I don’t look on it.. I just use and go with the one with which I am more comfortable. Thanks Anchit for stopping by.

  • Hello Atish,

    Remembering password is such a difficult thing and we not put all of them same so these types of software are very useful to protect. Nice review thanks for sharing .

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