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CWA – Interview With Onibalusi Bamidele of YoungPrePro

Hi! Folks, I again came with another interview and this is the 5th interview of the series Coffee With Atish@ TechTricksWorld.com. Today I have interviewed a very young and talented blogger Mr. Onibalusi Bamidele from Nigeria. He is the founder and editor-in chief of youngprepro.com ( PR4 Blog). I Will not talk much about him because You would be feel good to read about him in his own words.

So here goes the interview with Oni.

Atish: Hi Onibalusi, Welcome to the TechTricksWorld. Most of the bloggers know about you but as a part of formality please give a short introduction of yours?

Onibalusi: Thanks so much for the interview opportunity Atish. I’m Onibalusi Bamidele from YoungPrePro.com. I’m a 16 year old blogger and entrepreneur making an average of $3000 online monthly.

Atish: When and how did you enter in blogging world?
Onibalusi: I started blogging early 2010 when I read an article by Steve Pavlina on how to make money blogging. Steve emphasizes the importance of giving value without expecting anything and since he is a really persuasive writer getting results I took him up on his word and started my blog.

Atish: You are very young, How are you managing your studies with blogging??

Onibalusi: Aha, it’s all about understanding what is presently most important to me now and focusing on it 🙂

Atish: Would you please tell about your blogs?


Onibalusi: I only have one blog which I do my best to help people as best as I can with. You can visit it at YoungPrePro.com as it is my only and main blog.

Atish: At this stage, you are making over $3000 as I saw on your blog, How did you achieve this?

Onibalusi: By focusing on what I know how to do best and by giving all I can to be the best at it!

Atish: Many bloggers find it very difficult to bring traffic to theirsite, in your opinion which is the best way for traffic generation?

Onibalusi: In my own opinion guest blogging is the best way to get free quality traffic to your blog. I have gotten as much as 1,000 visitors in just one day from my guest posts 🙂

Would you please share your successful blogging journey till now?

Onibalusi: It all started in 2009 when I first heard about the concept of making money online, I became so desperate to learn about it when I heard that I could sit down at home and be making thousands of dollars. I spent 20 hours at a stretch designing my first website and after several months of hard work I learnt that the secret to blogging success is giving value – I changed my approach and everything has since changed.

Atish: Which is the happiest moment of your blogging life?

Onibalusi: The happiest moment in my blogging career was when I got my first client. That moment marked a new beginning in my entire blogging career.

Atish: You are at a good position in blogging. How do yoou feel when some one ask you for suggestion?

Onibalusi: I feel honored that out of several others online they decided to come to me and I do my best to give answers to their questions.

Atish: Who has impacted you the most in your blogging career, and how?

Onibalusi: That is a very difficult question to answer because a lot of people have impacted and motivated me but the single most important person who motivated me in my blogging career is Steve Pavlina because his article encouraged me start blogging and also let me know the importance of giving value first.

Atish: When you got first earning online then how did you feel?

Onibalusi: Excited!

Atish: What are your dreams and future plans?

Onibalusi: Build a successful online business and start some great companies both online and offline.

Atish: Would You like to share your favorite quotation?

Onibalusi: Listen to what others have to say but always decide for yourself by Bobby Chang.

Atish: Would you like to give any message or tips to new bloggers?

Onibalusi: Focus on giving value to others and the results will come.

Atish: What do you think about TechTricksWorld?

Onibalusi: I think it is awesome 🙂

Once again thanks so much for the interview opportunity!

I know you are a very busy man oni, Thank you very very much for the time you gave for this interview. God bless you with all the success in your life.

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