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CWA – Interview With Durgesh Chaudhary, A Software Engineer

Hello Friend! Atish here, this is time for the Fourth interview of “Coffee With Atish”, This time we have interviewed Mr. Durgesh Chaudhary, A very talented Software Engineer and the owner of Techphernalia.com. He also blogs at techphernalia.com/blog. Durgesh is not only a good programmer, he is a very nice person too. He is my friend and I always get inspiration from his hard work. He is my Idol, So I thought to interview my Idol.

So Here goes the Interview:-

Atish: Hello durgesh, Welcome TechTricksWorld.com. Tell a little about yourself ?

Durgesh: Hello Atish. First of all I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to present myself on this platform. I am a Software Engineer and currently engaged as System Development Associate at Affiliated Computer Services of India Pvt. Ltd (ACS a Xerox Company) Noida. I am working here from last 10 months.

Atish: When you first put your hands into programming and how you had started?

Durgesh: I started my programming when I was in class 6th and the language was GWBASIC. It was a procedure oriented command script language. It was really fun to work on GWBASIC and later I developed interest in HTML, Javascript, ActionScript, Visual Basic, Java and Now I love working in C#, ASP, Java and PHP. I designed websites and was also involved in project development at College.

Atish: Which is your favorite programming language and which ones do you hate and    Why?

Durgesh: Well this is somewhat tricky question. I first of all love all the programming languages since they are all same at the core only the way of representation changes. Let me give you an example, recently I received a Java code which needs to be converted in C# and I was given two days time. You will be amazed it took only 10 minutes! I simply replaced System.out.println with Console.WriteLine and System.out.print with Console.Write. That’s it.
So it is just which language you like more and which less. I love C# more than Java because I have worked less in Java.

Atish: If you could add any feature to the programming language you use. the most, what would it be?

Durgesh: Rather than adding a feature in a programming language I would love to have a common methodology and syntaxes for all the language. This way the fight between different languages will siege.
Atish: Please show our reader a project you’ve worked on and tell us how did you do it?

Durgesh: Well I am providing you one of the latest project I have done which is available at http://techphernalia.com/question/ . Here you can browse multiple choice questions from different subjects like Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Electronics engineering, Aptitude, Vocabulary, Finance, Fundamentals of Computer, OOPS all for free. Later I received a call from one of the users and he told me if a windows application would be made available it would be more useful. Since the web design was also a XML based approach It took me only a day to design the same and it is available for free download from http://techphernalia.com/download/download.php?file=BrowseMCQ.msi

Atish: Tell a story about something you did that ended in a catastrophe.

Durgesh: Well you must be knowing about that. I downloaded a wiki script from one of the site and without testing on the local domain I decided to install it on the site and you know it was having a drop database and create database command in the installation script. All my database was gone. I was really mad how to get all those valuable data but my hosting service provider provided me the complete database script and that catastrophe come to an end in a week only.

Atish: If you want then can you please tell us a short journey of your programming life from the start?

Durgesh: Well I told you I started programming in GWBASIC but my mental knowledge about other computer parts was zero until class XIth. New systems were installed in the lab and they were missing all the softwares. I decided to install MS Word and you will laugh, I copied MS Word icon from desktop from my father’s computer and pasted that on School’s computer but that did not worked. Then our teacher told what the problem was. After that I learnt VB 6.0, Oracle, PL/SQL, HTML, and JavaScript. In the college I learnt Action Script (Flash), Java, PHP and Dot net. Recently I have started working on Ajax. This learning life is never going to end.

Atish: You are required to work with a huge chunk of code and you have no idea how it works and there’s no documentation and no tests. What do you do?

Durgesh: It all depends on what you need to do on the code and weather it is a web, windows or console application. Depending on the different scenarios you start debugging line by line (sometime skipping function) and you know what is the flow of program and then it is easy to work with a foreign code as well. Yes sometime it is really difficult to trace out the error in other’s code.

Atish: As much I know you have worked on so many projests while you were pursuing your B.tech, can you tell us about your live projects and offline projects?

Durgesh: Some of the live projects are http://sarojhydraulics.com , rs-contractors.com and http://arunjhaandcompany.com . Some are fully developed while some are in development phase. During the college I designed IP Result Analyser(VB 6.0) which is still in use by college examination department, Betting Portal(C#,MSSQL,ASP.Net), MultiDomain Mail Checker(PHP,MySQL), Flash Game(AS), IT Solution Application(C#,MSSQL,ASP.Net), BPO World Simulator(C#,MSSQL), School Fee Management(C#,MSSQL), Telephone Directory(C++), MLM web application(PHP, MySQL).

Atish: Recently you have programed an application which is available in your forums for download. would you please tell us about that application?

Durgesh: Yes that I designed on request of one of my site’s user and this application is available for free download. Using this application you can practice Objective Questions from different subjects which you will certainly encounter in Placement exams. It has a database of more than 3000 questions. You also get answer to the question and if you want you can also provide the answer to different questions which can be viewed by different users.

Atish: Which websites do you love?

Durgesh: As such I am rarely free to browse the internet but I love google.com the most because of its simplicity.

Which books would you recommend to Novice programmers?

Durgesh: I would recommend Lipson for DS, Cormen for ADA and you must learn one of the languages by heart for which you can refer Balagurusamy for C++, The complete reference for Java2, Schuam’s 24 hours PHP and Black Book for C#. These are really good books for novice programmers. I have read all of the above mentioned books.

Atish: You have started blogging too, is it just a hobby or you want to make money online too?

Durgesh: Yes I have started blogging too and it is because I have developed interest in it. There are many things which I search and I am unable to get in the format I want. Whenever that happens there is a post on my blog.

Atish: What do you want to tell newbie programmers for their better career?
Durgesh: I would like to tell them rather than reading lots of books they should take a lot of projects. By working on project they will come across real life problems and they will know how to solve them. This will make them tough for interview.

Thanks Durgesh for giving time from your busy schedule for this interview. TechTricksWorld.com Wishes you all the success in your life.

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  • Wow another interview its great to see. You’re growing fastly best of luck 🙂

  • hi atish,
    its good to see interviews on ur blog..something new in blogging i thinl

    as a begineer programmer its a good article for me.

    i have a question for durgesg ig he can answer.

    i want to devlop ineterst in C .i would appriciate ur guidelines

    • Developing interest is all up to you. You should practice for more and more programs to be friendly with the language. I you will not speak hindi for two months you will start forgetting it, same is with programming languages.

      I would advice you to go with Kanetkar’s Let us C and design programs. You can take program on your own eg. design a blog using C and txt file. 🙂

  • This was a very interesting interview. I am not a programmer but as most website owner I too have to use html and css every now and then. That code is already difficult enough for me haha.
    It is very interesting to read about someone who knows.

    And when you said you like google . com for it’s simplicity, I just realized that google is also a site.
    It doesn’t feel like it, because it is so integrated.

    BTW. is Xerox not the company where the (computer’s) “pointing device” comes from? and lots of other things. Really impressive company.

  • Hello Atish..
    Very good interview…
    i visited your blog first time.. Nice to read your posts and after reading the interview I can say that Durgesh is a very intelligent and a very hardworking boy 🙂
    thanks for sharing a great information with us 🙂

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