Your Stamp on the Web: Six Steps to a Crafting an Effective Web Presence

Small business owners are intimidated hearing about all the potential things they could be doing on the web, but whether due to inexperience or limited time, are not initiating online marketing. In order to craft an effective presence, entrepreneurs and owners need only heed the following advice.

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Choose and Buy a Domain Name

A domain name is an IP address the web uses to reach your specific site.  For example, Google’s home page directs to “google.com”.  An owner may choose any available domain names, yet some select the name of their business, their CEO, etc., to fuel branding.

Owners may choose to buy a domain name from a service or build their own site from a free blogging platform like WordPress.com.

Strategize Content

Next, consider the end user, the consumer.  Site owners must think like an editor in addition to a respective business owner.  Since a site is a means to an end sale, a web master must consider what varieties of information, whether directly or indirectly related to offered goods and services, consumers and web browsers desire.

Share Content and Engage in Social Media

Social media platforms, like Twitter, host a high number of users at any given time.  It’s conducive for respective businesses to listen to and engage consumers of given industries.  ‘Grass roots’ marketing takes root on social platforms.  Share content; answer questions; and, drive more traffic to your site.  Furthermore, use website promotion companies and services, vendors who help businesses attract more phone calls, sales and all-around attention.

Build Links to Pages

Sort of like intra-advertising, in addition to an altogether web presence, web masters need to drive attention to individual web pages within a site, strengthening authority and the likelihood search engines will offer pages regarding consumer queries.

Links are seen as ‘votes’ by search engines; other pages, linking to your pages, resembles a vote of authority or accommodation on their behalf.  The more links a site has, the more authority and online traffic it enjoys.

Market the Brand and Content

Once a brand-related web site is up and running, and content composed and live on the site, the job has just begun.  In addition to sharing content via social media, brands need to consider other vehicles of on and offline marketing to draw greater attention to the brand’s online presence, such as writing guest posts, hosting expert interviews, producing helpful videos, and offering industry-related data to reporters and high-profile media agents.

Back-up Files and Instate Security

Ensure all your content is saved elsewhere in case a hosting site loses your data.  Additionally, ensure hackers cannot gain access to your site by addressing security issues and firewall protection.  This could be addressed by the hosting company, yet business owners should make security a priority, especially if a given site hosts customer information.

Understand some of the steps are repeating, while others need more immediate attention at first (such as buying a domain name).  Establish a root presence with a solid domain name and a good content strategy.  Then, consider ways your targeted consumers prefer to read and share content as well as engage with chosen vendors.

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  • To establish as a successful brand in online world is really tough and you have outlined the steps in details that will help the brands to quickly build authority and presence.The brands web presence also spreads easily by word of mouth reference from their existing customers and hence the brands should focus on providing more value to their existing customers who will later become brand ambassadors for your brand.
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  • I think social media promotion is a must and the cheapest way to get the word out about your blog. Many people don’t realize the power of social media yet and instead reply on old skool techniques like link buying and then get penalized by Google.

  • Nice post

    Many small businesses are planning to build a website on internet to develop their business. Is it enough to have a site on internet ? . More than having a website on internet it is important to mark a presence on internet.

    Now the above post has explained some tips by which marking a presence on internet is truly possible for any one. From the above posts the most important points according to me are having a website , using its content and sharing it in social media and most important is market the brand and content. By making use of these points we can effectively mark a presence on internet.

    Thank you for sharing
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